10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Going Natural

- By Bossip Staff

There’s this “new” movement amongst black women. We don’t know if you’ve heard about it. Not all, but many are abandoning the once coveted boxes of relaxers and replacing them with restorative oils and headwraps inspired by Erykah Badu. You know what it is. It’s a transition to natural. Going natural.

If you’ve made the journey yourself read these revelations and see if you agree, if you’re thinking about it, heed these warnings and if you love your bone straight tresses read what your fellow sisters are going through out here. (Continue…)

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  • Sally

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  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa...

    Most of those things do not apply to me. But the combing and the pain does. But the Tangle Teezer helps a lot and so does shear butter. My hair is so soft and manageable.

    • Ri Ri

      i knew u was gonna jump on this, from i saw the title i was like yes shes on it lool

  • http://twitter.com/dirtyluxuriee dirtyluxury

    Hmm well i’ve been “natural” for abt 9 or 10 months now & I like it ALOT I suggest other women should do it also! I jus get my hair washed , conditioned , & blowdryed & pressed sounds like alot of heat but I dont get it done all the time maybe abt every 2 to three weeks it depends tho then I wrap my hair with tgis olive oil & soy bean oil mixure its like the cooking kind of oil sounds crazy but when yu comb yur hair out it looks like silk & its also is very straight

    • God's_Angel

      If you use a sew-in to let your hair come out of the perm, make sure it gets done by someone who knows what they’re doing. Otherwise they’ll damage your hair. If they don’t put a net over top of your braids before they sew the hair in, they’re going to damage your hair.

  • http://twitter.com/dirtyluxuriee dirtyluxury


  • jay

    I’m going on a year with being natural…and everyday I’m loving it more and more..Some of those things pointed out did reflect some of the things that i went through, but now,I understand how to control my natural hair,and I’m loving it!! I agree with UK Gem, Shea butter is the best thing for my hair..

  • lilbabiphat2004

    i am currently transition also. its been 4 months now since i have had a perm. and i would never ever get another perm again! i just go to the hair dresser twice a month and wrap my hair and im good to go. the only downside is that my hair is still falling out, since it is so used to get perms all the time.

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    I love black women’s natural hair. Ladies, don’t hide it.

  • PrettyLady08

    I’ve been transitioning for 6 months and I love my hair. I’ve been wearing braids for the last 2 months. I spritz my hair with water and a I seal in the moisture with either coconut oil or olive oil. I do this twice a day. Moisturizing and wearing my hair in braids has optimized my hair growth.

  • tankreeper

    @lilbabitat2004…ur hair is still coming out pro. becos u are still sheading ur permed hair.. if u dont cut it out its gonna shead until all the perm is out

    • lilbabiphat2004

      I debated if i wanted to cut my hair off and start from the begining or just let it grow out. i cant see myself without any hair so i guess the shedding will have to do for right now

    • Qbaby

      @ lilbabyphat2004 Why don’t you do it in a series of small chops. I did mine like that & now I love the shorter length (it’s not as dramatic as it sounds) but it does make the transition a lot easier.

  • Such a Shame

    You don’t “go natural” you were born that way.

    • http://jfilez.wordpress.com Just!ne

      I second that motion!

  • Panther

    Shout out!!! to all my naturals.

    • http://jfilez.wordpress.com Just!ne

      Right back atcha! I’ve been natural and proud since ’08 😀

  • BK Chick

    I have not had a perm in over 4 years and I love it! But it’s true people will judge you for rocking natural hair and people will like you as well… To each its own.

    Check out this articlehttp://www.examiner.com/women-s-relationship-in-philadelphia/top-four-reasons-why-women-cheat

  • Natural Beauty

    I’ve been natural since 1997, just went to the salon one day and told my stylist to cut it all off!! I’ve never looked back. My hair is long, healthy, and beautiful. Of course I went through those rough periods where it was too long & too shirt to really do anything with it, but now it’s amazing. I get complimented on my hair daily. I’ve finally convinced my mom & aunts to make the transition. I just started using Karens body beautiful products and I must say I’m hooked. Their products are all natural and reasonably priced.

  • JustAshley

    I’ve been natural for about 9months now. Sometimes it is overwhelming. I did the big chop in July of 2010 and I was shocked that my hair was nothing like my mommas 3a/c curly hair. My hair is moreso 4c and insanely thick.
    When it was too short to manage I wore braids. Now I wash my hair every 2 weeks. I try to let it air dry as much as possible, because I don’t want to use to much heat, and when its dry its flat ironed. I keep it in a either a bun or braids.

  • LibraLady

    This article was on-point. I’ve been relaxer free for a year now and I must say I can relate to all these points with the exception of maybe a couple. Natural-Nazis are the only ones that took this article in negative light. I feel the points made are accurate to my perceptions and experiences. Just because it’s “natural” does not automatically make it a walk in the park. Natural Nazis, try being a bit more open-minded.

  • keebler mf elf

    I wish all black women would go natural, but like with all things it pays to have a cute face!

    That chick who looked ugly with the perm ain’t gonna look better without it!

  • Raquel

    I actually love my hair now, before I couldn’t get it to twist or anything and the texture was wierd. Now I love the way it looks and my hair is a lot thicker I’m about four inches and can’t wait for it to grow out even more.

  • Bossiphater

    THey dont tell you that natural hair will weed out all the brainwashed niglets in your dating life.

    • Harrison STL

      That’s funny…… But i know it’s true. I luv a natural sista. Most of my boyz be on that commercial BS….

  • Charlotte

    I’ve been natural since ’01 and everyone compliments my curly shoulder length hair. The big chop was scary but so worth it.

  • Name(required)

    I’m glad 2 c this article b/c I just decided 2 stop usin perms but the things is I don’t want 2 cut my hair…do I have 2 or can I let it grow out…i cut my hair once b4 but I dnt wnt 2 do it again

  • EvaBrownBaby

    Natural n loving it since 08

  • Harrison STL

    Willie Lynch really worked….. To dislike what naturally come out your own head.

  • http://anewandnaturalme.blogspot.com NaturallyMe

    I got my last perm May 22, 2010 and wore sew-ins up until Jan. On Jan 17, I cut off my permed hair and let my natural just do it’s thing. I absolutely love it!! And the many different styles are 1 in a million. I recommed going natural for anyone. It won’t kill you and it’s just hair, it will grow back. I’ve learned how to manage it better and it is so much softer than ever before! Check out my blog to see my progress anewandnaturalme.blogspot.com

  • chase

    Ladies don’t believe that bullshit…. Straighten ur hair.. Next thing u knw ull stop shaving n wearing perfume!!

  • jpnurse12

    I have been rocking my fro since I was 13 and I am 21 turning 22 this year and it is just a mixed blessing! I am mixed with Black/Native American/Spanish and I came across this wonderful product called Mixed Chicks and I love it! (Sally’s has a generic called Mixed Silk…for we who are “financially” challenged..lol. I congratulate all those people who love their natural hair! If you are looking for styles, hit up youtube! It helps sooooo much! ❤ peace and coconut oil (not hair grease!!) 🙂

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