Diddy’s Seeds And Angela Simmons Help Lil Diggy Celebrate His 16th Birthday (Photo Gallery)

- By Bossip Staff

Awwww, how precious. Angela Simmons, along with Quincy Brown and Justin Combs, celebrated little Diggy Simmons’ 16th Birthday at Lucky Strike in NYC.

Peep pics…

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  • Sally

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  • OK

    That n*gga Diggy is so fvcking ugly. No words for that piece of shyt.

    • AndWhatElseHater

      WOW you’re sick… He’s ugly? Ok and? And what else hater? C’mon! Expose the rest of the ugly hatred inside of u! SMH

    • snapper

      You are so hating, wish it could be you? LOL!

    • kerry(i'm on a drug...it's called charlie sheen)

      Something about Angela irks me. A LOT.

  • Shanice

    And here come the haters in 5..4..3..2..1…

  • Nana

    Quincy is Everywhere…..Dang wat does he do again?

    @OK u are a fooooooooooool and am SURE Ugly as hell!

  • like really

    THESE CELEB KIDS AINT GOING TO BE NUTTIN let em work for something!!!! Everything is giving to em on a sliver platter!!! But I’m really. Proud of DIGGY HES MAKING SOMETHING OF HIS SELF! UNLIKE DIDDY KIDS

    • Shanice

      How do you know Diddy’s kids aren’t doing anything? Justin’s 17 what’s he’s suppose to be doing? From what I hear he’s on the honor roll and wants to go to college like any other normal kid.

  • u love me

    awww u guys r so mean. diggy isn’t ugly. he’s growing into himself…give him a break! i think he’s a cutie pie and very talented! GO DIGGY!!

  • LongIslandGuy

    Look at diggy wit his Spanish gf on page 7. Diggy I see you brotha,do yo thang!

  • !!!!!


  • lovely hair

    Cute Follow me on Twitter.com/kitashah

  • Virgo

    Who insults a child by questioning what kinda work they do or by calling them ugly. Smh @ you idiots.

  • Jeanine

    Happy Birthday Diggy!!!! He is so cute and well mannered, I bet you will not experience him bashing anyone and its because he raised correctly to not the hate(judge) anyone. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU!!!! I am glad his daddy and mother has raised him the way he is!!!!

  • Really?

    I don’t see how he’s ugly when some of these black men look like fat hood gorillas light or dark. Walking around looking like 50 tyson,rick ross and sisqo, and angry at the world!! Wishing they could look sweet and coco like Lance gross,diggy or Ginuwine. MMhm Keep talking lil wayne look alikes and Akons who think you look like tyrese.

  • like really

    @ Shaniece 1st of all Justin isn’t diddy child he’s just in it for the money and fame! EVERYBODY PRAISING DIDDY FOR TAKING CARE OF JUSTIN BUT HE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE of his BIOLOGICAL KIDS FIRST! DO JUSTIN go to school! U don’t never hear the kids talking bout school!

    • childish people should not be able to make comments

      @like really I feel sorry for your kids if u have any/when u do have some. How is Quincy in it for the fame these must be some young dumb people making these comments. Diddy raise Justin and did more for him then his real father. And i respect him for that when u have men out here that dont even take care of there own. When u dealing with a person with kids its a package deal real men and woman no that. Justin is in and plays football i think people should do there research before making statements.

    • childish people should not be able to make comments

      correcting my typos *meant to say Quincy
      and say Justin is in school

    • JaZzIe91

      @like really B*tch how you gonna try to call someone out and throw shade at them when you don’t even know who you’re talking about??? QUINCY is Diddy’s stepson and JUSTIN is his real son. #FAIL

  • like really

    I wonder is these celebrity kids really IS ON honor roll! TALK IS CHEAP!!

  • isaywutuscared2

    Diggy is a lil cutie with a good head on his shoulders. I like the fact that he chose something as simple as going bowling then wasting his parents money on some big ignorant party for MTV wearing a stupid crown or ridng a camel.

    @like really Justin is Diddy’s son Quincy is the freeloader.

  • Angela

    They all to exclusive prep schools and they all do well in their studies but they like to mug ghetto in front of the cameras.

  • sigh...

    Some of yall need serious help…

  • Leaveittoome

    I bet most of y’all grown as hell talkin bout them. Jus because there parents are able to give them the good life……. Pls don’t hate. Most y’all kids bogus too and I bet most of y’all is living paycheck to paycheck. I’m only 17 and I bet I got way more than u clowns!!!!!!!

  • Spicy

    DIGGY! !!!! Run the city !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DOING! Heard you been investing your money in certain accounts for stabillity. Thats smart…… Keep your head up and stay focus forget about all the haters…… Your super smart and have taken note from your parents…… Plus you have a cute girl friend. Stay focus…… Diddy aint the only one that can run the city……

  • http://soleaddiction.wordpress.com/ lilsony80

    Justin has quite a body on him. That in itself takes discipline. To say that these kids won’t turn into anything is such mindless jabber. focus on urself u sad sad hater.

    • kerry(i'm on a drug...it's called charlie sheen)

      Justin said on TV that he didn’t ever want a job that he wanted to live off of his parents forever. Most boys that age would want to be in the entertainment industry or SOMETHING.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Happy Birthday Diggy!!

  • muffin

    happy b day diggy!! and kute girlfriend

  • JaZzIe91

    LMAO!! I see a lot of hate going on in here. Don’t get mad because Diggy and the rest of these kids are privileged. Its not their fault they were born to rich successful parents. People sitting here worrying about other people’s kids, when they kids are probably some where playing hooky, selling drugs, fighting, getting STDs and being a failure in school. Worry about that sh*t first. SMH

  • chocolatedeluxe1

    Justin Combs is going to be a heart breaker when he grows up!!!!!

  • Reader

    can’t believe diggy’s growing up..still see him & russy as being little like on run’s house

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