Stop The Violence: BET/Hot 97’s DJ Megatron Shot Dead In Staten Island

- By Bossip Staff


TV and radio personality DJ Megatron was fatally shot on Staten Island early Sunday morning, authorities and a family member said.

Witnesses heard a single shot at about 2 a.m. in the Clifton section of Staten Island. Megatron was pronounced dead on the scene a short time later from a gun shot to his stomach.

Law enforcement officials would not immediately confirm his identity and said they were investigating the shooting.

Keith Robinson, who identified himself as Megatron’s father-in-law, said his family was distraught.

“He was a good person,” Robinson said, visibly upset, “Everyone’s just shocked.”

The Staten Island performer, originally from Pennsylvania, was a regular on BET’s “106th and Park,” and also was heard on HOT 97.

And it doesn’t sound like anyone has a clue why this happened. RIP, young brother.


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  • dirtyluxury

    Smh wht is this world coming to!! May yu rest in peace :/

    • Sally

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      nice experience——-

    • Smart23yroldBlackchick

      JESUS please come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seehow

    Too much violence in the world today…. Ugh. RIP

  • Kayla

    So sad, I’ll be praying for the family.

  • Courtney

    Poor guy.

  • 7lady

    So sad. And he was doing so well. Had an impressive resume going for hisself. I don’t know his background but sometimes our young black men that’s doin good for themselves got to separate themselves from the negative people they grew up with and stuff. Leave them folks alone. Get around people on what you on. You aint got to keep nothin real. Be real to yourself.

    • Vel_J

      Well said!!!


    this is why Michael Bloomberg is so pissed about guns on the streets of NY. This was either a gang initiation or Keeping it real going WRONG! A lot of these guys love to hang on the block, for what reason I don’t know. May he rest in peace-THIS IS SHAMEFUL!

  • PrettyLady08

    Shame =( RIP

  • Nana

    Yooooooooooooooooooo! R.I.P Megatron

    • ReALiSt!! ... I'm NAT TURNER ToDaY WiTh A UZI!!

      What’s wrong with you, burnt bytch???

  • Jeanine

    This is some bullsh**t, another black brother dies for apparently something dumb as HELL!!!! This boys these days are cowards, there not hard at all!!! They are so quick to pull out a gun, then to use their hands. R.I.P YOUNG BROTHER

  • kay

    so sad r.i.p. ppl eed to stop with the violence

  • KrysTheGreat

    This is sad.. Staten Island is getting out of control. Such a shame his life was lost over stupidity. He was an amazing person. Very caring and full of Life. His significant other gave birth to a baby recently. What I find crazy is is the quote : “Every death is followed by Birth.” Pops in my head. May you R.I.P

  • Pedro

    If you hanging out at 2 am with hoes tyrannies and in dens of sin its not uncommon to end up DEAD! SHOULD BEEN HOME PROTECTING YOUR WIFE AND. CHILD.MAKING THEM FEEL SECURE

    • MacMoon

      @pedro…bytch you don’t know what this man was doing-and you too will have your day! Bytch boy.

  • Mabel

    I keep saying it, in 30yrs the only place you will be able to see a black man is at the Smithsonian.

    May his family find peace through this tragedy.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Regardless of what he was doing, I highly doubt it was worth taking his life. That’s the problem nowadays, there’s no respect for life anymore, the moment some hothead feels slighted in the smallest way, he’s ready to take a life to soothe his ego.

  • Pedro

    Oh well it’s apparent that you dont get it that is generally what happens. Its not that people dont respect each other simply that is what happens when you disrespect yourself and are party to activities of hoes tyrannies and other night crawlers. He should have been at home at 2am making his family feel safe.

  • MacMoon

    You a bytch boy!

  • Pedro

    Macmoon you going to the club, doing drugs or hang with your dawgs and chasing dem tyrannies your wont make 2012…maw you can’t tell a nicca nothing. If nicca man make to 30 stats show few make 45 because they mistreat their body with drugs and humping everything. Ain’t none of them got life insurance to get buried with anyway!

  • caper

    its getting warm outside. every year since the beginning of time its gets warm and then it gets really violent…… what that man say on godfather1, put the drugs in the n***er neighborhoods their nothing but animanls let them lose their souls. makes me wanna holler.

  • Pedro

    I just had another vision….oh my goodness!

    • corey

      This man was a DJ. just because he was out at 2am doesnt mean he was doing something wrong. alot of people get off work at 2am. that doesnt mean they should die…. and whats up with you and trannys. i’m sure you’re being disrespectful on purpose. disrespecting the dead can only be handled by karma.

  • Isaywutuscared2

    When are our black/african American/negro people gonna learn to come back together and fight for each other instead of against each other. GOD is returning soon if we continue to let the devil take us over. R.I.P brother.

    S/N I’m truly shocked at the disrespectful comments posted about someone unknown to the person making them. This man’s family needs prayer not hateful comments from someone trying to put their personal endeavors on someone else just so they don’t feel alone and guilty.

  • jdmann

    That kind of nonsense can make a brotha hate the streets but hate is the problem.

  • Nubian

    RIP, why are thing like this happen in THE US???? People need to grow up…..

  • Nubian

    RIP, why are things like this happen in THE US???? People need to grow up…..

  • it's what makes a subaru a subaru

    Sometimes, you can’t go home again…..

  • bk4real

    I think all the rude DEVIL remarks should be kept in your EVIL empty head this brother is dead have respect …

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