Tom Joyner Kicks Foxy Brown Off His Cruise, Foxy Responds

- By Bossip Staff

Recently, Tom Joyner called out Foxy Brown, saying she had to be kicked off his annual Fantastic Voyage cruise this year.

On Friday, Joyner stated that he and his staff had to really put in some work to get Foxy to vacate the ship.

“We put Foxy off the cruise. Let’s just say she got put off,” Joyner said. “You had to really act a fool to get put off.”

However upon hearing about Joyner’s on-air comments, Foxy made sure to express her feelings of the situation and added that she was going somewhere where she’d be more appreciated—Belize with her “pumpkin” Shyne.

Huh??? Check out what else she had to say at

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  • Getem

    Someone is trying to get a reality television show.

  • jdmann

    He didn’t have to broadcast it to the world.

  • Nana

    Thank You @jdmann

  • RealTalk

    Tom Joyner does need to check himself. He is hyprocritical. He will call out every other media outlet in regards to how they treat and discuss black folks but he degrades them daily. The other day he was talking about bullying and how kids are cruel. Two commercials later him and J. Anthony Brown talk about Gabrielle Sideby (sp) like a dog. Isn’t that bullying…Is that the example we set…get the F out of hear with that shit

  • eliteliberal

    whatever, Rush Limbaugh and a whole slew of white folks throw shade at black folks on their show regular.

  • Divine

    I was there too! And she was TERRIBLE!
    The sound was off that night to her defense, but its funny how the other MCs did do great despite it.
    She is clearly living in her own world. SHe was TERRIBLE.

  • rene

    I didn’t know that.Thats not right either.

  • Sally

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