“Chile Please!!”: Chad Ochocinco Is More A More Influential American Than Barack Obama…On Twitter

- By Bossip Staff

Chad Ochocinco isn’t just a two-sport athlete, playing football for the Bengals and soccer for Sporting Kansas City. He’s also the most influential American on Twitter.

This is clearly a sign that civilization as we know it is coming to an end!

David Leonhardt of the New York Times reports that the researchers at Twitalyzer rank Ochocinco second, behind only to Brazilian comedian Rafinha Bastos, in terms of worldwide Twitter influence.

Twitalyzer measures influence by how people shape the conversation on Twitter, in terms of being mentioned and having their own tweets re-tweeted, and not just how many followers a tweeter reaches. So Ochocinco, whose Twitter account features breaking stories from the Ochocinco News Network, is more influential on Twitter than celebrities like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, who have far more followers than he does.

Ochocinco checks in one spot ahead of Conan O’Brien in the Twitter influence rankings. The other Americans in the Top 10 are No. 5. Ryan Seacrest, No. 6. Snoop Dogg, No. 7. Barack Obama, No. 8. Rainn Wilson and No. 9. Kim Kardashian.

Damn Chad, how you just gonna have all these other celebrity Twitter users “kissing the baby”??? We would tell you congratulations but it’s sad that you influence the online community more than the leader of the free world. Jesus take the wheel…


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  • Nana

    Snoop Dog??????? Ahahhahahaaaàaa


    unless you’re in the media looking for stories. or under25. why would a grown person follow som1 on twitter to here every little thing that they have to say? the underlying message in this story is that we as ppl have been dumbed down to the point where we would rather hear what a mid-level football player thinks rather than the leader (overtly. who really runs things is a different story) of the free world.

    • Do more reading

      I feel ya..Its kinda like when fools were following that trick kat stacks and believing all the cum…I mean words that fell outta her mouth. Twitter is for people with alot of time on they hands or want alot of attention…IMO, incase the twits on here get mad at me 4 talking about the biggest dry-snitch invention of the century.

  • big c

    wow the world is really coming to a end .

  • E$

    Chad has wayyyy more time than Obama to post on twitter.

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    I hope these folks find a way to make money off of Twitter.

  • InLuvWitBlk

    *Nuttin but hoodies…



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  • Sally

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  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    This is why our country is going to sh*t. Twitter is for those desparate for attention and validation and the twits that follow them have too much time on thier hands. If those same people bothered to spend just 5, or even 3 minutes a day just reading about what’s going on in the world around them, our country would be in better shape.



  • ReALiSt

    Obama is irrelevant!!

  • true

    i didnt know obama had a twtter i knew about facebook i would never follow him hes so ugly and more ugly ewwwww dont date black men

  • stardust memories

    I don’t care eitheir way. i will say that obama has been more talk than anything. He also was way off base in talking about the arizonia immgration law.

  • true

    not the president i meant chad with his grizzly face ewwwww yuck gross

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