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Cee Lo Green might look like a teddy bear on the outside, but his insides are a lil more grizzly!

Cee Lo says his rougher than tough background has helped him in the music industry, as his “skin is a little thicker” than most.

“The Forget You hitmaker’s father died when he was two years old and his mother, Sheila, was paralyzed in a car crash, dying two years after the accident when Green was just 18.

He suffered from depression as a result and has previously admitted he was “just a plain maniac” in his youth, adding: “I was enraged. I was disgruntled, without an outlet. I was aggressive and I was pretty efficient with it – I took pride in that ability.”

Green refuses to link the loss of his parents to his bad behavior – but is adamant his love of music helped change his attitude.

He tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, “I never knew my father. He could have been violent in his own right. It’s not for me to speculate. I’ve always had the same heart. The same heart that creates music is the one that made me determined to protect myself at all costs.

“Survival is a skill. I’m a soldier, a lover and a fighter. My skin is a little thicker because of where I’ve come from. I could have gone comfortably numb a long time ago, but I was saved because of my association with music. Music truly did calm a savage beast.”

Dang, we never knew Cee-Lo had it so rough! We do love it when he lets that beast loose though.




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