EFF A Thug Pervert: Somali Pirate Says He’ll Free Family If He Can Marry Their 13-Year-Old

- By Bossip Staff

What part of the game is this??

[A] Somali pirate chief has taken a fancy to his 13-year-old Danish hostage – and he is so besotted with her he’s willing to let the rest of her family go free, and even forget the $5million dollar ransom his pirate colleagues demanded.

According to The Times, the pirate made the bizarre proposal during a conversation with a Danish reporter, who visited the African nation to track down the Johansen family who were taken hostage in the Indian Ocean more than a month ago.

Jan Quist Johansen, his wife Birgit Marie Johansen, their sons Rune and Hjalte and their daughter Naja, were kidnapped along with their two crewmen.

Their yacht was hijacked in the Indian ocean 260 miles from the coast just weeks from completing the end of their two-year voyage. They have been trapped on board the previously hijacked MS Dover, along with 20 other hostages, since February 24.

The reporter, from the tabloid Ekstra Bladet, was not allowed to speak to the family, but he spoke to the chief pirate who apparently revealed his plans for a bride.

The terrifying proposal puts more pressure on the authorities and hostage negotiators to free the family.
If the Danes give me permission to marry the girl, I will free the rest without any condition,’ Kristian Kornoe quoted the pirate chief as saying.

The reporter, who assumed the offer was never going to be accepted, said: ‘The father, Jan, seemed completely exhausted, even ill.

‘The rest of the family is tired and angry. The smell is unbearable … it is hot, the water is filthy.’

Wow. These pirate n***as ain’t ISHT.


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  • big c

    bring those people home stop talking and do something.

  • itinerary

    HIRE the US Coast GUARD they will fuk up sea pirates and sank rafts boats and all that mess before it hits shore. They have several boats design to make waves big enough to sink a ship. LET THE MR. MAGOO HEADS ALONE…STAY OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY. YEA THE NICCAS GOING TALK SHIZ BUT DEMOCRACY WORKS LIKE THIS YOU HAVE TO FIGHT YOUR OPRESSOR AT HOME.

  • JayJay Growlings

    WHEN YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE PIRATES ON THE SEAS, WHY O WHY would you take ur entire family out there and now look at the sh!t yall go urselves into!!!

    • kidrebelny


    • huh

      but what kind of world is it when people can’t buy a boat and travel in peace? I mean DAMN, I’m not saying don’t be careful, but I *am* saying it’s a travesty that we have to section ourelves off for fear of criminals.

      It’s going to end up with each person getting their own 6×10 square, and no one leaves or goes anywhere outside that little jail.
      This is ridiculous.
      And sad.

  • Parent of the Year??

    I already know that they probably have already f-ucked da shiit out of that lil girl. So white people, please stop and think about this story the next time you decide you want to drag your family on a round the world excursion through the dangerous waters of the Indian Ocean. I mean there have only been several hundred well publicized pirate hijakings and millions of warnings from Governments all around the world about the dangers lurking in those parts.

    • Red Girl

      You Know?? It makes me questions their sanity! I mean, I figured everyone in the world who has a radio or television, or internet have heard about the ish going on over there! If big industrial ships are taken, what chance does a small defenseless boat have? I’m glad my parents did not insist on taking us on vacations to hostile areas!



  • Ohno

    Fyck u “Brian Taylor.” idiot.

  • kobby

    madness….where is the police? FOOLS SET THEM FREE already

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