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Prison food is unhealthy??? You don’t say!

Leave it to OJ Simpson to be arrested behind bars…Cardiac arrested that is…According to the Enquirer, OJ Simpson’s family fears the former football legend is going to have a heart attack…”O.J. is turning into a butterball,” the source said. “If he doesn’t go on a diet, he’s going to die of a massive heart attack in jail. His kids are worried about him.” OJ is even very aware of his weight gain and has turned to eating as a form of comfort…”O.J. is so depressed over his weight that he can’t even take care of himself,” the source revealed. “He says, ‘I’m a heart attack waiting to happen. When I leave here, they’ll probably be taking me out in a pine box.’” OJ deserves a far worse punishment than eating himself to death…-TO

As much as it pains us to see another human being suffer, we’re almost positive that this is Karma coming in the form of a triple by-pass and we can’t say that he didn’t have it coming. Although he should get plenty of cardio running from all those inmate who probably want to kick his a**…




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