Quote Of The Day: Nick Cannon Is “Praying Dem Babies Don’t Pop Out Before Daddy Gets There”

- By Bossip Staff

Awww…Nicky Cannon-Carey is an anxious Daddy-to-be:

LMAO at “The Cornball Movement”….someone must be reading Bossip!! Congrats to him and MiMi.

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    nuttin wrong wit thatt

    • kalifa

      gold-diggers need to pay attention to nick’s strategy ….

      seriously, move up the social ladder from one hottie to the next until you land that super wealthy person to marry you and foot your bills for life…..give them babies as a reward.

      pay no attention to age or the hate emanating from onlookers …. keep ya eye on the prize 🙂

  • courtney

    I am legend I couldn’t agree with you more. there’s nothing wrong with Nick being Anxious that work commitments could make him miss the birth of his children particularly if he’s the Lamaze coach which the father usually is. he & Mariah have struggled lon and hard to have children so it’s understandable that he wants to be there when the time for their birth comes.


    Go Daddy Cornball!!!

  • I am....

    Go Nick and Mariah, healthy n happy babies!

  • Matix B

    Mad props to Nick… he actually is a PROUD STAND UP FATHER. Big up all men black/white/yellow/red/green raising their kids alone or in a partnership..FATHERS are the BEST!!!

  • Nana

    Glad u know and admit ur a goofy cornball! Lol

  • YokoDMV

    you know – i like nick. im happy for him and mariah, it was just a few years ago it seemed so “weird” and “fake” that they were together…now they seem to be one of the happiest couples in hollywood

  • TheBarberLady

    Nick Cannon appears to be a real man. I love him…and every rapper I can think of can take a lesson from him.

  • ProudLatina

    Aww He’s cute God Bless Mimi and Nick and their babies, hope everything goes well. I like a man that can laugh at himself!

  • b-nice

    Nick Cannon is one of the smartiest cornballiest dudes in the business….dont hate congratulate…….

  • MacMoon

    Real Stand-up Man.

  • duckk

    🙂 yay I’m so happy for them how could anyone not be. They tried so hard for this and they are so excited its cute.
    If being a good husband and bein excited bout his baby makes him a cornball then more men need to be them

  • britt

    well i’m glad he’s being a good dad

  • justsayin

    Happy for Nick and MiMi!!!!

  • Annette

    leave them alone..they are normal, you are not.

  • PrettyLady08

    I always liked nick cannon. He seems like a stand up guy. I know he will make a good father.

  • Daisy Jay

    I must say, they proved the whole world wrong about their relationship. Even I thought it wouldn’t last half a year. But it’s plain to see that they’re not leaving each other. This is REAL love and it’s very refreshing. A REAL marriage.

    Those children will be raised by wonderful parents. I wish people would leave Nick alone. Yeah he’s goofy, so what? I think he’s very real. And it’s normal for a man to be nervous about his first children being born. I bet he’s gonna cry in the delivery room lol. I can’t wait to see the babies!!!!

    They’re one of the best celebrity couples ever in my opinion.

  • exception to the rule

    Nick cannon is indeed the exception to the rule

  • http://! Smart23yroldBlackchick



  • courtney

    Daisy I’ve got to agree more Mariah & Nick are a great celeb couple that actually work on their relationship like couples used to in the old days. may she & the twins be healthy when they are born. Off course he’s going to cry in the delivery room seeing your fiance/wife give birth to your children is one of the most beautiful/gross things in the world. it’s only been the last 30 years or so that fathers were even allowed in the delivery room. in the last weeks of pregnancy babies can as much as double in weight

  • prissa

    I’m so happy 4 them and wish them all the best.

    Mimi is my girl but I’d LOVE to see a pic of her right about now. I know she’s as big as a house LOL.

    AND I’m sure she’ll have a c-section with the tummy tuck included. LOL 😉

  • courtney

    um I’ve said it before she has to have a c-section for medical reasons not by choice snf I doubt she’ll have a tummy tuck if her and Nick want another baby. what do you expect her to be tiny while pregnant like Gisele was 2 years ago your supposed to gain moe weight with a multiple pregnancy than you are with a singleton. so 65lbs as she’s gained as of her 33 week ultrasound the one nick missed 2 weeks ago and besides that her pre term labor on her birthday wasn’t the first time she’d had an episode she had one on valentines day that didn’t get reported at the time but Nick alluded to it in us magazine

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