He’s Got A Big Ego… Enrique Iglesias Snubs Britney Spears Tour!

- By Bossip Staff

Let the attention whoring begin…

Let’s get ready to rumble! Enrique Iglesias’ ego fights for a top spot on Britney Spears tour, and when denied, calls it quits!

According to TMZ,

“Lawyers and agents for Britney and Enrique were hammering out an agreement for weeks, and the terms were finessed to make Enrique appear to be a co-headliner. We’re told both sides agreed to the deal and that’s why the announcement was made Tuesday.

But just hours before Britney’s camp went public, Enrique was burning up the phone lines and the Internet, engaging various people connected with the tour in lengthy conversations in which he made it clear — he was, in reality, Britney’s opening act and he wanted out.

One source says the deal was actually very favorable to Enrique … “great terms and great placement.” But we’re told it all came down to taking the stage before Brit — too much to handle.”

SMH! Don’t act like you don’t need the money Enrique…

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  • staytuned!

    Latin princessboy your such a bish!

    • Sally

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    • rockness monster

      Why would he OPEN for a washed up overmedicated zombie.
      He saw her recent “Performances” & said Hellz NO!!!
      Good for him for not going along with the stupidity machine

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  • FML504

    Um he dosnt need the money, he has been popular since the early 90’s and has euro bank 😀


    she doesnt need him anyway. she should tour with christina, i heard their friends now. Then maybe my childhood dream would come true : )

  • QueenLove

    He’s gotta car note…

    He can’t sing, dance or jam an instrument so what is he complaining about?

  • tommykimon

    He’s been out for a long time nothing wrong with him not wanting to be an opening act. That’s for the new jacks that’s just starting out in the business.


    Let’s be real now. As far as attracting fans for an international tour – Enrique has the appeal and the last name. He’s an Iglesias, son of Julio, brother of Julio Jr. That Latin following comes out in force.

    This is a man who in the late 1990s solidified a nearly $50 mln record deal. He has 2 #1 Billboard hits 8 #1 Dance hits and 22 #1 Spanish hits.

  • JustSaying

    Uh, his following is probably larger than Britney’s at this point. He’s highly successful.

    And why would he take second billing to a has been like Britney?

  • Nana

    Sometimes u have to say Fvck the money, am doing it MY way! Good 4 him………

  • RedBoi

    Yea right bigger following than Britney just saying is a retard Britney is way bigger

  • Cerious

    You wanna know why he should come on after Britney? BECAUSE IT’S HER TOUR!!!!! The nerve of people! Why was Enrique even touring with Brit? They have 2 different audiences. And actually, Enrique Iglesias does need the money. He hasn’t had a hit in how long? And he is just plain and simple not relevent. If she really wants to get under his skin, she should get El DeBarge to open. He is album is hottt! OUCH!!!

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