Exclusive: Wiz Khalifa Hit Up An Atlanta Tattoo Parlor Yesterday And Walked Out With ___________ [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Wiz Khalifa was in Atlanta yesterday, kicking it with Gucci Mane at a video for a song they both appear on. So maybe that explains it.

Last night Wiz tweeted this:

Then followed his tattoo announcement with this picture:

And we thought the hand tattoo was bad!

We with Wiz late last night to ask him what motivated to take such a drastic measure to prove his love. Flip the page for the video.

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  • avec

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    • http://bossip.com LOL

      I hpe this is a April’s Fool Joke I knw he’s not tht crazy!!!

  • chimpout.com

    blacks should get tattoos in white ink

  • Do more reading

    LOL, yall need a better photoshop program,cuz u can tell thats fake…Looks 3D

    • chaperel

      same thing i was thinking the tat looks better then the damn pic lol

  • ReallyNotINterested

    I’ll be glad when he fades back into shadows where he belongs.

  • TheSource


  • phelaw


  • u love me


  • uknoitsromaro

    APRIL FOOLS I hope lmao but this stuff is just plain IGNORAN but hey, thats his face, he has to live wit it, not me

  • Ash

    Yawl got me 😦

  • vicious vixen

    everytime i see wiz i just wantto feed him…

    • vicious vixen

      * want to

  • Uhh Yeah Ok™

    Ew, ew, and ew.

  • Uhh Yeah Ok™

    How does his little twig body handle that woman?

  • D.

    Hepatitis C

  • T.G.O.D

    dis is so fake. he said he would never get anything big on his face. yall tried

  • Ray

    Wait so didnt get a tattoo on his face?

  • Ray

    Wait so he didnt get a tattoo on his face?

  • What Eb Uh

    w-DUH PAQ

  • SLS

    I’m sorry but the link gave this away. It said wiz khalifa not T.I.

  • http://bossip jmarie

    As soon as I clicked the link I thought about it ! Yah got me !

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