EFF An Enrique Iglesias: Britney Spears Picks An Urban Artist To Join Her Tour

- By Bossip Staff

Now that Enrique Iglesias has made it clear that he’s a tad bit delusional about his popularity in the U.S., Britney Spears is working on bringing one of two urban acts in to fill his spot.

During a recent interview, Brit Brit said she would be interested in bringing Ursher out on the road with her:

[If] Spears has her way, she and the “OMG” singer could be hitting the road together.

When Spears sat down to talk with Sway Calloway for her “Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale” special — airing Sunday (April 3) at 9 p.m. ET on MTV — the singer revealed that Usher is first on her list of artists she’d like to join her on tour.

“Oh, I’m so excited. I’m really excited about going on tour, very,” she explained about her forthcoming summer trek, which happens to have a spot open on the bill now that Enrique Iglesias has pulled out of the gig. “I think Usher’s really great right now. I think he’s really hot right now. That would be cool [to tour with him].”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports Brit Brit is close to locking Nicki Nicki down as her opening supporting act for the tour instead.

We’re told it’s looking very good that Nicki and Britney will reach an agreement in the next day or so.

Nikki would take the place of Enrique Iglesias — who bailed at the last minute because his ego could not take opening for Britney.

Nicki is currently on tour with Lil Wayne — those concerts end on April 28. Britney’s tour begins June 17 in Sacramento.

Who do you think would be the better choice?

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    not really somethin I care for…but whatever works for them

    • Sara

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  • Geronimo Deuces-Champion

    good for her…….. go nicki

  • carebear

    Usher is not an opening act >_>

    • rich

      it would have to be a co headline tour, usher is as big as her and has way more hits and number 1 sigles, she wont sell tickets with nikki on her bill as she has no hits herself


    The tour is gonna be amazing. her new album is totally Hot.

    luv u Bit.

  • taj

    Brittany needs to start lip singing to Ballads and leave the up tempos alone because she can’t dance anymore. She needs to stand in one spot or sit on a stool. She also needs to practice lip singing, you would’ve thought after all these years of doing it she would have it down tight.

  • XOXO


  • tc4ever

    NICKI AND BRITNEY! Aaaahhh the greatness! Brit-Brit’s got to start really dancing again, though.

  • Nana

    Unless the money is right Nicki don’t do it……!

    Nicki is way hotter than Inglesias right now n she can fill a venue by herself…!

    • http://d Brit is smoking

      Usher sell out the Madison Square Garden everytime he there. He freaking tour is sold out in ARENA. Nicki is an opener. She can only do small venue. Usher packs out stadium by himself. Britney should open for usher.

  • Higher Than Jordan

    Enrique is feelin himself..His new song is called “Tonight I’m f*&^ing you” anybody on tour with her is going to make bread..For Nikki it owuld get her the real crossover fans she’s looking for..

  • confidently_ugly

    hard face and an aged body ..she look soggy

  • MrzLuckee

    Usher is NOT an opening act. .. LOL .. He’s a HEADLINER. .. Love Britney but she is crazy if she think Usher is opening for ANYBODY!!

  • Joyce.Alexia.M

    She is so old her and J-lo need to leave the pop music for people under 24..Usher too hes old

  • Joyce.Alexia.M

    Or why not have Willow Smith open it for her?? lol

  • ihateEnrique

    Britney should be glad Enrique said no, she didn’t need him anyway. I don’t like him, he comes off as a very arrogant fvck to me….

  • LoveME

    i dont know.. i love nicki, and i would rather her just do her own tour , even if its just small venues ..OR maybe shes making new fans from touring with others, and MAKING us WAIT for her TOUR, so it SELLS OUT!

  • fjh

    Nicki and Brit?
    Wow, can’t get any better then that!!!…

  • clow

    Usher open for brit! Why the hell would he?

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