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Who would have thought that an “institute of higher learning” would be the home of misogynists and a**holes? *side-eye*

Yale is an institution of higher lechery, female students complain.

The Ivy League university is under federal investigation for “its failure to eliminate a hostile sexual environment,” according to the US Department of Education’s office for civil rights.

Last October, frat boys with Delta Kappa Epsilon had pledges stand around a freshman dorm and demonstrate their high IQs with chants such as “No means yes! Yes means anal!”

Administrators have also come under fire for failing to address an annual grading of the attractiveness of female students known as the “preseason scouting report.”

A list of 53 students was circulated enumerating how many drinks the fraternity members said they would need before having sex with them.

A complaint from 16 students sent March 15 alleges the university essentially ignored incidents of harassment, resulting in the denial of equal opportunity, the Department of Education said.

The students also cite incidents in which fraternities held up a sign reading, “We love Yale sluts,” outside a women’s center.

The complaints include allegations that Yale failed to adequately respond to reports of sexual assault or attempted assault and stalking, said Alexandra Brodsky, a Yale junior who is one of the complainants.

Said Brodsky of the University’s lack of disciplinary action:

“(We are)really frustrated and disappointed that Yale again and again fails to respond to both public and private acts of sexual harassment and assaults which creates an environment in which women feel devalued.”

Looks like school administrators better hop on it before someone’s parents get pissed off and hire a lawyer on that a**. We know a university like Yale doesn’t want this kind of scandal to hit the courtroom.



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