Waka Flocka Makes A Dream Come True For A Teenage Girl In Atlanta

- By Bossip Staff

Waka trying hard as hell to shake that “ignorant-a** ni**a” label…

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame made a teen’s wish come true last week, when he surprised her during a Make-A-Wish Foundation trip to Atlanta.

Flocka found out that one of his top fans was in town and decided that he had to meet her.

When she arrived in Atlanta, Waka knocked on her hotel room door and surprised the 16-year-old with a visit and a quick chat with the young fan.

Play on playa, if you are this little girls favorite “rapper” then God bless both of you.

What do you think of the kinder, gentler, Waka Flocka??

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  • vina

    Two thumbs up! All else doesn’t matter as long as she was happy.

  • chimpout.com

    its every fat black sows dream to be impregnated by an equally ugly retard black thug. more kids = more gibs/gubmint chek

    • I Am Allergic to Space-Wasting, Self-Hating, Self-Loathing Racist Little Girls Like "Legend"

      Callin’ your mama ‘fat & black’, not to mention referring to your dad as a ‘retard black thug’? No respect for your elders!

  • Xzc

    Go F*cka Waka Dotta Fem!

  • Oooh Weee!!

    Between thiz and hiz support of PETA, I no longer have anything bad 2 say about Waka.

    I’m still no fan of hiz music, but at least he’z doing positive thingz az a by-product of hiz fame. It’z easy 2 talk sh!t, but u say more when u #DOsomething!

  • Kenedy

    It would be interesting to hear the conversation they were having….”yyyyea, oooo le do it….wacka…flocka…..yyyyeaaa” hahaha, ok let me get outta here & head to work…Peace out.

  • Daisy Jay

    *repeately blinks* Well, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this girl LOVES Waka. Why? We will never know.

    BUT I shall admit that it was nice of him to do that. His music is pure garbage, but him as a person… I guess he doesn’t seem that bad. He gained a couple brownie points with the PETA thing (I’m a huge animal person). I hope that he isn’t doing this just to look good to everybody. I hope that it’s from the goodness of his heart. Keep it up, sir…

  • D-Ruck

    Somebody should teach her to dream bigger…

  • #1 Bottom Bitch

    Its ok little kr@cker! We know Ur pain!




    • realprettychick

      yeah i agree and i was hoping!

  • Proud Black Woman

    @ chimpout get your facts straight, it’s the white men who f*** theire animals, their daughters and any thing they can stick their little d***s in. Black men & women are called ugly, yet you white mf’s wanna be like us & f*** us. Everything you rasist f****s say about us is really how you all are!

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