Wiz Khalifa Gives 5 Reasons Why Black Women Should Love Him

- By Bossip Staff

Oh, Wiz! Madame Noire caught up with rapper Wiz Khalifa in advance of his current cd “Rolling Papers.” He gave us five reasons why black women should love him and he talked a little bit about his other ummmm, favorite past time.

Click Here To Watch Wiz’s Video Interview On Madame Noire

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    • JustAshley

      Stop! LMAO!

  • Girll..

    I thought I liked wiz until I found out he was a lame..never gonna be a cudi or a lupe..he loves bein with amber rose bc he knows he never would have had a chance before kush n oj.


    He looks disgusting and he’s dating Amber Rose. That there is good enough reason why no black woman should date him

  • ReallyNotINterested

    This comment is a cut and paste from the Kanye West article from yesterday

  • Janay

    Yea it is. And your point is? I have no reasons to feel any kind of way about that so whatev. But anyways… my point is I’m not trying to diss this guy but I just think he should let these type of women support his music. He can make his music however but not at the support of black women. That really seems to run you the wrong way I guess.*Kanye shrug*

  • Daisy Jay

    He…gave reasons why black women should love him? That’s kinda strange in my opinion.

    So far, I think he’s okay. He may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but his music isn’t bad. I can honestly say that I like his song Roll Up (whatever it’s called…). I think he’ll be around for a while if he keeps up with what he’s doing and even gets better.

    He should stay away from Amber. She’s toxic. She’s a leech. Wiz, out of the goodness of my heart, RUN! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING YOURSELF INTO. DON’T BE KANYE’S, RICKY’S, EARL’S, CRAIG’S, SAM’S, BOB’S, JIM’S, MARK’S, TOM’S, *says a bunch of other names* SLOPPY SECONDS!

  • southern twist

    Um isn’t that amber rose black !?????? I mean I didn’t think white folks were claiming her

  • Dollars

    Really not impressed with this lame. His name is better than he is.

  • chimpout.com

    Amber’s mom is black and her dad is like Latino or something (I just googled it) but anywhoo guess who’s out the closet???? Me!!!! Wiz I want to be ur fairy prince. #1 head topper boo! Chimpout is out and proud 😉

  • #1 Bottom Bitch

    Wiz looks like Bustah Rhymes love child! Lmmfao child!

  • Allie

    To me he is just another pop sensation, that came up out of nowhere and now all these girls are in love with him, well sorry but i’m not hopping on the wiz train, i’m getting sick of these so called stars and for awhile i had no clue what he even looked like, but now that i do i’m like well it’s not like i was missing anything

  • dilla

    Amber isn’t black and her mother is Cape Verdian. there is.nothing black about her besides the men she dates

  • chimpout.com

    CAPE VERDE IS A WEST AFRICAN ISLAND COUNTRY! !! Her mom looks like the mom off the Cosby’s …so yes Amber is black and her daddy is Italian …u should of read all of it…

  • dilla

    Gwyneth Paltrow is also African, so there goes your theory. Cape Verde’s population is mostly mixed creole which would be her mother and her father is itallian. that doesn’t equal black, sorry!

  • dilla

    i meant Charlize Theron and secondly, u didn’t have to use another name to reply to me. this is the internet, not the block. don’t get mad at me. the pressed! i can’t

  • chimpout.com

    I was just in Senegal and I was with this beautiful black man. He was giving me the business 😀

  • LA

    LOL thank u @juicyjustiss

  • chimpout.com

    I didn’t create a new name boo, that’s just everybody disagreeing with u and ur statement…I logged off hrs ago! Lmao!!!! #let the chimp out!!!!!

  • chimpout.com

    ITS A CHIMPOUT CELEBRATION! Black balls for everyone…its on me! I’m ur prince and ur my king 😉

    • GoodLook

      It figure many of you racist weak white boys love the black dinga ling lol.

  • Huey Freeman

    He is a clown just like all his counterparts, love even though I show you no love. Are they serious? There are still goofy black women that will continue to support these boys. just like i’m sure there’s still goofy black women that support little wayne even though he has dissed black women several times in his music. smh

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