Cry Me A River: Dirty Dog Tiger Woods Is Trying To Become A Better Person For His Kids

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Thang:

In his first print interview since his fall from grace, Live meets a sporting colossus still struggling to find the man he once was…’I’m not going to be doing this forever,’ says Tiger Woods. It takes a moment to realise what he’s saying. Great athletes can’t afford to contemplate failure, so they rarely admit that the end is in sight. But here is the most successful sportsman of our age returning my gaze with weary eyes and doing just that. ‘I may be playing with friends, family, whatever,’ he continues with a mournful note, ‘but at this level?’

‘I am trying to become a better person. I’m trying to become a better person with my kids, a better father. That’s very important to me.’ The famous passive beauty of his face has been shadowed by age and stress, and the bags under his eyes have dropped. His hair is receding and thinning. But Woods is still a handsome man – and one who has been working out a lot, to judge by the biceps bulging under his burgundy Nike shirt. As he tries to combine his role as a single dad with repairing his reputation, as a golfer and a man, Woods admits he’s finding life harder without his father.

‘He’s always in mind. There’s not a day goes by when I don’t think about him.’ Earl Woods died in 2006. Some say the removal of his firm hand is what caused Tiger to stumble; others claim it was Earl who tainted his attitude to women. ‘My dad and I were very, very, very close. I always miss him. Especially at certain moments – say, when Sam and Charlie are doing something. You know, experiences that you would wish any grandparent could see. My mum is still around, so she’s able to see it. I wish my dad was around to see it too. My dad has always been close to me and some of his life lessons resonate within me still.’


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    your kids will READ ABOUT your trifling a$$ in a few years, and KNOW what an over-rated piece of $HIT you always WERE —– BECKY OBSESSED SEMI-NIGGUH a$$hole

  • Whaaaat??

    it’s Sunday morning. Whatever happened to forgiveness. Congratulations Tiger on recognizing your flaws and seeking a better you.

    • eliteliberal

      I don’t give a crap about Tiger, he says he’s not black. He keep getting played by them Beckys. He’s a modern version of OJ. deuces!

  • BritishGirl

    I hate the way the dogs are so close to the babies in that picture. Yuck


    No, i think hes tryna become a better person for white media.

  • Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods!

    Tiger white folks mad at you lol and calling you a nicca to. You didn’t count on Ellin saying nicca gooooo dem hoes dont love you. “MAN DONT HAVE A FAMILY DONT HAVE SQUAT!” YOU LOST YOUR STATUS AND RESPECT WHEN YOU LOST THEM! Your just a rich trick now Tiger! The cheating on wifey stuff didn’t work like it did for your daddy…he should.have taught you better!

  • Shannon


  • barney

    why is his wife licking his face during a family photo?

  • barney

    this dummy gave a half a billion dollars to A MAID!

    What a dumb cablasian.

    • Pebblebeach

      I/2 Billion dollars….get your facts right…whatever she got, maid or otherwise….you will never make that in your life time…so get over it…

  • d

    Oh, people please! The man had an AFFAIR! His wife took action “if that was the case”…he did not do anything that a lot of men of many races has done. His ex-wife did what a lot of women of all races has done…So, what’s the big deal?
    No I do not believe in infidelity, but it happens; it destroys homes, families, trust, betrayl etc….

    I wish them both the best, and just be good parents too their children; nothing else matters…

  • BarGolf

    The real true is caucasian america has turned its back on a man who thank denouncing his on race was the way to set at the table. But just like O J they again have kicked your a$$ out of the room. You can have millions of dollars, marry caucasian women, denounce your natural born race, kiss the white a$$ every day and still be kicked out of the club because you are not them. Tiger is O J part two, he will never learn!

    • Tyrone

      I agree.

  • Huey Freeman

    who cares about tiger woods and what he wants to do or not do for his kids. why do black people give a crap about this guy still. he has made it perfectly that he wants nothing to do with the black race, yet black people like always keep claiming mixed breeds that do not claim them. He’s not black and has a real contempt for black people in general so why is he relevent, next!!!

    • Huey Freeman

      excuse me, perfectly clear

  • GOLDiE

    damn, even the dog is getting its freak on with t woods!

  • Princess07

    At least the guy is admitting that he has faults and is trying to make amends. What are you doing to correct your faults?

    I wish you best Tiger, you are still the greatest golfer in my book.

  • capt. corny

    why is his wife licking is face?
    weird family

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