Funny And Fine: Comedians Who Catch Our Eye

- By Bossip Staff

When you think about the qualities you want in a man you usually think about the serious ones first. You know, is he honest, loyal, respectful and kind? But once you get past the ‘is he genuinely a good person’ part you’ll want to be sure he’s not BooorrRinng!! Because as many of you know there is nothing worse than a sweet, kind-natured man who has the personality of a dead sloth. (Yeah. Not just a sloth, a dead one.) You want somebody who you enjoy being around; and the best people to be around, are those that make you laugh.

So while you look for or enjoy the man who makes you slap your thighs and clutch your stomach check out this list of brothers who make us laugh in one breath and lick our lips in the next. (Continue…)

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    will smith and marlon waynes are cute. But id find it too hard to take chris tucker seriously tho.

  • TheGravatarWithNoName

    Where’s Mike Epps?I happen to think when he’s not doing that ‘chicken wang’ thing wit his arms he’s pretty handsome.

  • avec

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    nice experience——-

  • Fenomenal Black Woman

    Hamburgar,Jermerio,brien hooks

  • team nymphis


    What does a pizza and honkies have in common?
    They both need ovens to change color

  • lovely

    Where’s Brandon T. Jackson?

  • ByrdLady

    Agree w/ Sunnee! Deray is FOINE!!! He’s funny, too!

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