Seen On The Scene: Auntie Latoya Brings Out Prince, Paris, And Blanket To Support The Red Cross

- By Bossip Staff

Latoya Jackson was on “Auntie Duty” earlier this week, taking her late brother’s kids out to the GBK Kid’s Choice Awards gift lounge at the SLS Hotel in L.A. to support the Red Cross Japanese Relief Fund.

SMH at Blanket looking like he’s ready to fawked somebody up!!!

More pics below:

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  • Shannon

    I think it is interesting Micheal LOVED white kids so much he went and bought some…while right down the street Black kids were starving!

    • smart24yroldblackchick

      I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE LATOYA!!! And the kids are sooooo adorable!!!

    • Michael's Son

      People need to open their eyes. If you look at the T-shirt that Paris is wearing with Michael’s face on it —->then look next to her at Blanket it’s like they’re damn twins.

      I don’t really”feel” anything towards the oldest two kids…like they aren’t really Mike’s but Blanket…trust and believe as a TRUE MJ fan thru and thru THAT BOY IS MICHAEL’S SON. Period point blank.

    • http://bossip GAT TURNER Blaam Blaaam slavemaster!!

      The Disease of ” Hating your Black Self” is A extremely sad epidemic….It kills us, it causes us to mirror something else.

      When Micheal Jackson was 6-9 yearsold, someone told him how ugly his black skin was….

      Psychologically that affects the child.


    The kids are cute, but the pics arethe whole thing looks tacky. LaToya is not to be trusted.

  • naWaimean

    Well they are his kids but them aint his kids…go head with that ish..

  • Just Bein' Real

    Michael Jackson = biggest sellout EVER. He HATED being Black.

    • Detroit

      As much as i loved Micheal’s music, I have to agree with u…being black obviously disturbed him

    • Dangerous Lee

      Mike had psychological issues, no doubt, but I think it was deeper than not wanting to be Black. Growing up in the ET business and being told he was ugly by people as he went through puberty has a lot to do with the cosmetic changes he made.

    • anais

      It’s one thing to adopt white kids, it’s quite another to lie to the world and say they are yours. And can you believe these kids actually tell people they are black? Liars, all of them

  • avec

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  • calista

    You can’t hold Michael responsible for anyone elses kids! He likes what he likes. Auntie Latoya excellent choice she won’t lose her mind over a willy wanger again….she is devoted.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

    Well that is nice of them, doing a charity event and all?

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

      I didn’t mean to type a question mark.

  • hopi

    no disrespect to the kids but just the fact that we are supposed to believe that they are MJ’s kids in an insult to every black person…self-hate is a MF…..

  • Team nymphis

    latoya looks like a Asian hampster

  • Team nymphis

    Michael was lost in the head.he got some white kids callin katherine grandma.that’s why I could never hit a pink panther.that’s like Chinese people livin wit puerto ricans.some things just don’t go together

  • basilia

    i findout that the same ppl bashing Mj and his kids are the same ppl bashing Beyonce and Jayz ,the first two comments are crazy cos the post is talkn abt them helping japan nt paternity wat have you done for japan ?those kids are nt gonna listen to you like prince was tellin someone one on twitter that he is Biracial so y’all back off. SMH blacks are full of controversy .#Roundiv .htt://

  • NYC Gal

    MJ’s white kids are soooo tall! LaToya looks like dwarf next to them.

  • basilia

    @NyGal cant you see that they are same shade as thier soo called Black Aunty,y’all should leave those kids alone the are biologically his there is nothing you can do about it haterrrz .

  • Fl to Va chick

    The kids are so cute and they look happy..From most of his pics,it seem like Blanket misses that mask!?

  • Blu Dottie


  • natasha

    Wow yall sound like butter black people, don’t give all balck people that rep. Michael did not hate being black, he had issues but not with his race and we all have issues his was jsut displayed in front of the world. Michael said that those are his kids biologically, biracial childre don’t have to look one way so don’t act like you know for a fact that those aren’t his biological kids.

  • Kathryn

    Good to see them following in their father’s foot-steps. He’d be proud to see them being involved in helping out those in need. It’s actually Paris’s 13th birthday today so happy birthday to Paris!

  • lala

    why with all the hate on whether its mjs kids or not leave that alone man whether biogical or not he loved them end of. And MJ hated being black? come correct what did he tell you that??? He had issues with his health. He preferred white women. So that makes him hate blacks. I’m black myself and I’ve got a white boyfriend but that must make me hate blacks and be a sell out …

    • natasha

      but michael also dated black women, blanket’s mother isn’t white. it so happend a white women who was his friend offered to have his kids after his wife wouldn’t.

    • lala

      My bad I meant to say he dated white women

  • natasha

    Also looks they’re the same color as their black aunty latoya. laotya has always been light so this isn’t a case of skin bleaching.

  • Bohwe

    mj kids aren’t white. look at paris hair, that girl has naturally curly hair that is pressed out. black folks are so amazing claiming how mj kids aren’t black, when clearly they look biracial. and let’s be real, when paris becomes older, all the black men that hated on her father calling him sellout, will be the first ones talking about how fine paris is, because of her complexion and long hair. mj just wanted to make it easier for his daughter to get a black man, cuz we all know yall are colorstruck.

    • brandy

      Paris has curly hair? In what world does that girl have curly hair? There are other white people with hair far curlier than Paris. You fail.

  • Team nymphis

    she says I am the one
    But the kid is not my son

  • cyndiann

    Many people adopt kids and/or raise kids; those kids are for the parent that raised them. If a black woman would have given MJ the time of day; maybe he would have gone Black. No one took him seriously until he was gone; his life was complicated and it’s too late now to change it. Those are his kids….!!

  • maru-chan

    Awww bless ’em, I hope their family is doing well. I still really miss Mike.

    Get well soon Japan!!!

  • Shelly

    In the few pictures I have seen of the kids Blanket ALWAYS looks like he’s sad or angry. One think they can do is stop calling him Blanket. He’s too old for that now. Paris looks totally different than the young lady I saw in another picture.

  • vicious vixen

    Latoya & Lil Kim are looking more and more alike as the surgeries progress o_O

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