Bolitics: Barack Obama Kicks Off His 2012 Re-Election Campaign With Hopeful Video

- By Bossip Staff

Its on and popping for the 20-12!!

President Obama kicked off his re-election bid early Monday with a campaign video featuring “ordinary folks.”

Obama himself does not speak in the 2:10 minute clip, which shows people talking about his historic 2008 election and why another four years in the White House for him can’t be taken for granted.

The launch suggests Obama is not taking a 2012 win as a given – and that’s probably wise on his part.

Just as with many of his predecessors, Obama began his presidency on a high note, only to see public dissatisfaction increase as frustrated Americans struggled with unemployment, questions about his health-care reform program and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. The anger materialized in the form of a GOP takeover of the House in the midterm elections and a sense among Republicans that if they could just find the right candidate, which they’re still working on), Obama could be toppled.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. GET REGISTERED AND VOTE!! This is election will be exponentially more important than the 2008 election and President Obama will need even MORE support to stay in office!

For those that may feel that their criminal record will prevent them from voting, please check with your states laws about felons and voting. You may still have your right to vote and if so, you need to take your a** to the polls and press that button!


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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    He got my vote… Im sure he will win again the economy is getting better so thats definitely going to help

    • lovejoy

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  • capt. corny

    Obama is one of “them”…
    He funded , financed and controlled by the exact same people who controlled Bush , Clinton , Bush and Reagan…He just has a slick tongue and a brown face (a wolf in sheeps clothing)

    • Dread

      Glad I’m not the only person that seems to think this way..

    • lovely


  • capt. corny

    No more “lessers of two or threee evils…No more evil , PERIOD.


    i dont think many black people will vote. theyve already forgotten hes in office. these illumianiti talking thugs will talk everyone into not voting. And will ruin everything.

  • capt. corny

    Im a literate , well informed african american who is politically astute and professional thinker.

  • Los


    no more voting for anyone until I see that my vote means anything. Truth is Republican or Democrat its the same shit… outta touch people with no clue of how life is because they are not in the field dealing with the same hardships… I want ron paul to win to keep it real because he sounds sincere… Obama is too soft just like MLK was… we need a Malcolm X esque leader with a backbone…

  • Los

    but I will say… if he gets in this time… he can do whatever he feels right… because he doesnt need you to vote him back in… it goes from walkin on egg shells to this is how it is… we will see

  • capt. corny

    And the Tea Party may be a bunch a racist goons , but they are right about Obama being a phony….

    Just because they are racist , doesnt make them wrong about everything.

    I know , I know…Bush and the rest of them were no better , but black people were really vocal about their non-support of Bush and dont blame black people for that either…

    Lets keep shyt real people.
    Obama’s momma is white …Whe are people so quick to call a man who came out a white womans womb a “BLACKMAN”?

  • ???

    He damn sure NOT gettin my vote,all them lies wasn’t call for.

    • ???

      Obama is a joke and doesn’t know how to run a country period.

  • avec

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  • :)

    I am not voting for him AGAIN..

  • YoungCosby

    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

    The US Presidency was purchased for a high price a long time ago, so it doesn’t matter who is in office, they don’t work for the people.
    They work for the people who issue this country our line of credit.

  • barney

    dont be unrealistic about life…If a racist helps me fix my tire on the side of the road , then it would be childish to link his/her racism to the good deed they are doing….

    I dont particularly like white people , but if I see a white child or a white older person in trouble , I am going to suspend my dislike of white people to help that individual in need…Humans are complex beings.

  • Ben

    Will be voting for Obama it is only losers, rednecks and racists who will be supporting the Republicans and the Tea Party.

  • Bmoore

    He isn’t gonna win. Repub wants to take office so bad and I think it’s gonna happen.

  • jt

    1 term president! African american unemployment is the highest, yet over 90% of the sheep vote will vote for him!

  • jt

    ben only racist support republicans? that is ignorant and racist! How about rich billionaires that want tax cuts?

  • jt

    obama will have to raise close to 1b dollars to win therelection; he is not going to get it from regular americans. Corporate puppet for the rich and the biggest fraud ever!

  • Team Obama 200,000,000 STRONG!

    Obama will be re-elected. HATERS HATE ON!

  • Team Obama 200,000,000 STRONG!

    JT stop hating! Obama made sure your crazzy azz is still getting your disability checks!

  • Jay

    The guy is a puppet and a clown. He wont address any AA problems and is too much of a weakling to take on the right.

  • jay

    I Will not be voting for this cartoon again, might even vote for a damn republican over this idiot.

  • jt

    obama is corrupt and you have to be crazy not to see it. Look at the healthcare bill.( he killed the dorgan amendment that would of allowed us to import cheaper drugs)

  • BarGolf

    The american people and the world thank this man would bring about real change, but he did the same. He is another puppet on a string president. Rethug’s and demo’s are the same once in office. I’m out O-bom-more!

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