Pure Comedy: Taye Diggs And Wife Dressed In Afros For 70’s Party

- By Bossip Staff

Here is everyone’s favorite actor, Taye Diggs, and his swirly wife Idina Menzel, were photographed having some old school fun at the 42 Below Vodka hosted 70’s glam bash to celebrate the success of Kate Walsh’s fragrance, BOYFRIEND in LA.

Tracee Ellis Ross was in the building as well, channeling her inner “My Mom Is A Legendary Disco Diva” steez…looks like it was a great time.

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  • Oooh Weee!!

    Those wigz r a #fail. Tracee lookz cute!

    re: the “swirl” factor –

    I am not a “swirl promoter” by any meanz, BUT… It haz more 2 do w the swirler’z motivez. I don’t condone “2 good 4 my own kind” swirling (a la Ochocinco or that chick Dallaz from ‘Rock of Love’), but some couplez r just MADE 4 each other & u can tell. Taye & Idina r one of those couplez. (So r Hank & Kendra, Paula & Robin, etc.)

  • Blue Moon

    Tracee looks good..Taye diggs used to be so FINE back in his “Brown Sugar” days. nw he’s just…

  • Sasha

    I never had a problem with the swirl. if u like the person then go for it. I hve a boyfriend who is white and he treats me very well but he also has his problems too, he’s not better because he isn’t black he’s better because he treats me like a queen, something that ive never experienced before

  • Juliemango

    Love t’s take on the side-sho bob look – take that ri ri. The name of the perfume “boyfriend” is a good1 it can be used to subconsciously magnatize a real boyfriend of choice!!!

  • MzBarbie

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • vicious vixen

    I was thinking the SAME thing Amber… But anyway… Tracee looks great!

  • 81million and still counting

    he look like escape baboon from the san diego zoo

  • niinacni8

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  • http://idontmakethenews.com/2011/04/04/pure-comedy-taye-diggs-and-wife-dressed-in-afros-for-70s-party-via-bossip-com-gossip-for-the-hardcore-entertainment-news-music-fashion-black-celebrity-music-vide Pure Comedy: Taye Diggs And Wife Dressed In Afros For 70's Party (via Bossip.com | Gossip for the Hardcore | Entertainment News | Music | Fashion | Black Celebrity | Music | Videos | Love and Relationships) « I Don't Make The News

    […] Here is everyone's favorite actor, Taye Diggs, and his swirly wife Idina Menzel, were photographed having some old school fun at the 42 Below Vodka hosted 70's glam bash to celebrate the success of Kate Walsh's fragrance, BOYFRIEND in LA. Tracee Ellis Ross was in the building as well, channeling her inner "My Mom Is A Legendary Disco Diva" steez…looks like it was a great time. … Read More […]

  • GHUK Flav

    He looks fab. It nice to see a black man who is not afraid of having fun… and looking looking a good joke. More of u should try it…how many black costume parties do you attend?

  • http://www.aol.com Ben

    Tyrone you always provide pure comedy due to the fact that you have no pride.The best black men in the world are President Obama, Nelson Mandela,Pastor TD Jakes, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Lord Paul Boateng, Samuel Jackson,Pastor Wintley Phipps all with sisters.
    Then you look at the mess and instability that is Wesley Snipes,OJ Simpson, the late Michael Jackson, Don Cornelius, David Allen Grier, Montell Willians,Tony Parker, Dennis Rodman, Wayne Brady, Alfonso Ribeario, Gary Coleman, Tiger Woods,Shaun Gayle,Terence Howard and sadly Steve Mcnair.
    Our sisters remain our shining light and real bruthas know they always have our back.

    • oh snap

      Just because those people you mentioned were married to white women means that they are a “mess” and filled with “instability?” You’re so racist, it’s disgusting.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      PREACH BEN>>> i hear you !!!

  • oh snap

    Can’t anyone on this site just look at a picture of two people and talk about them without referring to their race?

    • Tyrone

      No. This is a blog not a dinner party. You should state what you want to state.

  • tommykimon

    Tracee looks too cute like she belongs in the 70’s

  • capt'n corny

    The NAACP should investigate and fine hime for mocking black people and black genetic characteristics.

  • Jus Sayin'

    Gawd, let them be, already! Some people go IR and some people don’t. These shaming tactics have got to go!

  • Oooh Weee!!

    @ oh snap

    Here iz y u #fail yet again:

    Where iz ur ever-present righteouz indignation (usually against Blackz, I might add) n regardz 2 Tyrone’z commentz? Guezz u just chose 2 come @ Ben because he DARED defend Black love?

    LOL… Thiz site haz become a total MEZZ.

  • J-BYRD

    Why is is that blacks (men and women) are attacked when dating outside their race from both sides (their own culture which is us and the other opposing culture). Pure ugliness, especially with blacks, we should be proud that both men and women attract others….when are we going to realize that black is the thing to be and why we are the most hated and talked about. Why is it the Arabs treat me, a sista with love and even holla at me while they despise the white3 man but only tolerate them due to $$$$, we need to wake up. Besides, what other races do you know can mix and still have the dominant features in the child…..get over it, a good person doesn’t define you by your color and we all as black people should know that, just as rapist see no color, it’s the act!

  • oh snap

    Wow, now white people are “the enemy?” Do you folks hear yourselves? And @Ooh Weee!!, Ben was not “defending black love,” he was posting a very racist comment that black men married to white women have something wrong with them. If you don’t see that then you’re the one who FAILS.

    • oh snap

      No, those people to whom you’re referring are no longer alive. You cannot blame every single white person living today for something that they did not do and weren’t even born when those things occurred. Are you kidding me, man?

  • capt'n corny

    And any black person who would marry and reproduce with a white person while they still live in a global racist system of white criminal domination of their people, has to be a little insane and delusional..Yes, as long as global white racism exists and continues to exists , my position is that NO BLACK PERSON SHOULD ENGAGE IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH WHITE PEOPLE….period.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      AMEN!!! now stand up and take your bow!!!

  • Oooh Weee!!

    And u don’t see the absurdity of repeatedly defending white ppl on a Black website, especially when u ignore white racist attitudez like ‘Tyrone’ and specifically attack what u perceive az Black racism from posterz like Ben? XD XD

    R u retarded? Do urself a favor & be quiet. #epicFAIL

  • oh snap


  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    @Ben… im glad you see that with that @oh snap…. that troller needs to grab 3 snaps and get the h3ll outta here with that trolling… and not a good job of it either… fu-ked up and doing nothing about it!!

  • capt'n corny

    Let the Armenians worry about Kim K….Thats Armenian bidness…I stay out of white folks bidness.

  • capt'n corny

    Go to an Armenian website and see their thoughts on your buddy , Kim. k

  • rei

    I see what you’re saying. But I don’t get why so many people act like she’s full Armenian when she’s not. Oh well…

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