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Former “RHOA” star DeShawn Snow got her slimmy trimmy on!

There’s no better weight loss plan than a very public divorce. DeShawn opened up about dropping 30+ pounds after her triflin’ cheat of a husband Eric Snow walked out on her:

“I felt everything was out of my control,” Snow, 37, tells “I had no control over anything that was happening in my life and the weight and working out was something I could control.”

Snow credits her close friend and personal trainer, Trey Crump, with keeping her motivated.

“[When] Trey heard [of my divorce], he texted me and was like ‘Meet me at the gym at 6 a.m.’ He didn’t ask me any questions, we just worked out. That was his way of getting me out of bed and then once I started, I just got consistent.”

Snow works out two hours a day, but the key to her weight loss is eating in moderation.

“I supplement with protein shakes and I try to stay away from carbs. Sometimes I’ll have seafood or vegetables. Basically it’s portion size, a maintenance thing.”

In addition to wanting to lose 10 more pounds, she also wants to impart her wisdom on others.

“All of my projects are basically to empower and encourage young women. The hardest thing in life is to believe that things happen for a reason. You can’t be a victim, you have to be a victor — press through it — and know that success is the best revenge.”

Wonder if this weight loss has anything to do with her trying to get her own show?

SMH… these housewife broads will do anything to extend their 15 minutes…




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