Did You Know: Biggie’s Best Friend Was Openly Gay?

- By Bossip Staff

Filmmaker and author dream hampton shed some interesting light on Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G. via Twitter. Late last night she posted the above photo of Biggie and his best friend Mann on her Twitter page.

Hampton also shared this interesting anecdote:

Damn… so not only is Biggie’s DJ, Mister Cee suspect, but his best friend was out the closet?

Dream’s tweets came shortly after BET.com posted her thoughts on the Mister Cee scandal humorously titled “Mister Cee What You Started.”

Hampton’s take recounted the scandalous revelations of the last week along with her brand of ‘radical thinking.’

I believe that Mister Cee’s sexuality is a personal matter, one he must reckon with himself and his wife. But Charlamagne’s co-host Angela Yee took the position widely held by heterosexual women—that closeted bisexual men are a health hazard, exposing trusting women to AIDS and more. While I’m not dismissive of those concerns, particularly in a marriage, where condom use is expected to be abandoned, I do know that we heterosexual Black women don’t exactly offer safe spaces for bisexual men to express their desires.

I’m also far more concerned that the transgendered 20-year-old who allegedly serviced him be safe, particularly if he is a sex worker. I wished aloud on my own Twitter feed that the discussion about Mister Cee would be one about decriminalizing sex work and focusing on harm reduction rather than speculating if Mister Cee is closeted.

All gay jokes aside, there are a lot of issues that aren’t being confronted. Homophobia in hip-hop is obscuring larger societal problems.

Still, decriminalizing sex work? Isn’t that like saying let the trannys suck d*ck in peace?

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    BIGGIE was a known bi sexual …

    • bre


    • Anti-believer

      Uh, HELLO! His other BFF was Puffy Daddy… clearly gay!

    • Cindy


  • Daniel

    All that matters is that he’s one of the greatest. And he’s dead now, so it don.’t matter

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Okay *shrugs*

  • tommykimon

    What’s wrong with that? I don’t see a problem with him being friends with a gay guy.

  • http://2centtab.blogspot.com Judah

    I mean I get the tweet but the guy getting head from the transexual is denying it. If u gay or like gay like men that is cool but it should not be in the closet. Be who ever u are. Being in the closet isnt good for anyone for social and health issues.

  • uku

    its only disrespectful if you boy brings it to you, he probably never brought it to big….

  • Queen R

    SO! What’s suppose to be the problem here? Because I don’t see one.

  • Mikayela

    Soon we’ll know that biggie was gay too and how he was Tupacs lover.!

  • Northern Cali Honey


  • MzBarbie

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Reality

    Why did she find it necessary to tell this information anyway? She speaks entirely too much about some things. Okay cool Biggie’s best friend was openly gay; but is it a must to tell everyone just to prove a point. What is the deal with her and Big? Was she a girlfriend or what?

    • Sugarbaby

      I agree she is saying way too much. I’m trying to figure out why is it black women’s duty to make bi-sexual men comfortable to induldge in their sexual desires. She needs to miss me with all that bullshit.

    • Dara Njeri

      Because, Sugarbaby…

      Sigh. It’s ridiculous that someone even needs to explain this simple ish to you.

      The fact is, if straight Black women (and straight Black men) DON’T drop their ridiculous holier-than-thou homophobic rhetoric – y’all will CONTINUALLY have to deal with men who are so scared of coming out the closet, that they’re willing to LIE TO YOU and PRETEND TO BE STRAIGHT, just so they won’t be banished from the rest of the Black community.

      I am in no way suggesting that lying to his wife/girlfriend is in any way ok – but I AM suggesting that homophobic straight folks CREATED A VERY HOSTILE COMMUNITY TOWARDS GAY PEOPLE – and so they should only expect that folks will be scared right into a closet that Y’ALL CREATED.

      How difficult is this to understand? Folks that want to pretend that they don’t understand something so simple, will continue to be shocked and surprised when they find out that someone is gay. Y’all really need to get over yourselves.

    • buggin_out

      Dara Njeri +1

    • Whatev


  • whatisthat

    ok, i don’t get it..is this person is trying to say that biggie was gay..ok, he might had a dude have oral on him..but we do not know..i don’t see nothing wrong for biggie having tolerance for homosexuals..but damn to put his name out there like that is bad…move on..it was not a question when he was alive and well,so move with this..

  • Pretty... #period

    of course he was. all the f@ggots come from ny. 84 percent of the gay population in atlanta are from new york. smh.. making my city look terrible, take that foolishness back up there please….

  • deesac

    So we all know gay ppl even have them in a family so does that make us gay. C’mon please that’s silly and desrepectiful to talk about the dead.

  • Shannon


  • Fl to Va chick

    Ok is she trying to make Mr. Cee feel comfortable enough to come out. Forget hip hop what about his wife!? Now that his cheating is known, I hope she protects herself because I’m sure she will stay.

  • Mayo

    So was his boy Tupac LOL!!!

  • Daisy Jay

    I don’t understand how this is news. Is the fact that Biggie was chill with a gay person supposed to be shocking? I think it’s somewhat commendable because many guys tend to feel alienated by them, but whatever. This is not anything worthy of a jaw drop.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    This is why the whole “keepin’ it real” facade in hip hop is so harmful. What’s real is that there are plenty of gay/bisexual men in hip hop that hide behind the bravado of a hyper-masculine front. Too bad so many of them are sleeping with women without telling them they are also sleeping with men.

    Good luck to him and his family.

  • Ohio chick

    The only problem I see with the whole Mr. Cee situation is not him being caught with a tranny ,but Mr. Cee probably has a wife or a significant other and kids with a woman who had no idea that she sleeps with a man who prefers men. This down low stuff has got to stop. Fellas you are killing us women with this deceit. Literally killing us.

    • SMH

      Yooo why woman say that? u insinuate everybody gay or bi-sexual has aids or disease… Stop Spreading harmful Stereotypes…

  • Othello

    Being born into a neighborhood can sometimes be like being born into a family. You can’t choose the people on your block, like you can’t choose who’s in your family. It is what it is. We all have that kid in the neighborhood or in our family that turned out different than the rest of us. Everybody around the way knows the gay kid because he’s been playing double dutch and dolls since he was 6 years old. Now, one of your boys coming out the closet at 25 or 30+ years old is a completely different story.

    • MR.MAKE.YA.FEELGOOD.(always read the fine print)

      yea. we all know 1 or 2 like that.

  • Ms. Sippi

    I been put the peices of the puzzle together that Bigg was prolly a homo and that him and Ditty were lovers. And if so J and Ditty are too.. if J then Ye and his crew.. Poor chick who has kids with Don c.. Lets just say they are all some crazy pooky chasers. As pretty as B is, she is sleeping in the same bed as a lot of women, loving a man who loves men. Time to take things for face value..

  • MR.MAKE.YA.FEELGOOD.(always read the fine print)

    acutally. that was a old richard pryer joke. he said that years ago.

  • MR.MAKE.YA.FEELGOOD.(always read the fine print)

    this story is what it is. what i don’t like is when ppl write outlandish stories about ppl who aren’t around to defend themselves. like this one and the one on brother malcom. yes i know that sometimes that can’t be helped. ie. if the person dies early in life. but don’t wait years to bring this out. she could of wrote a story on this when big was alive. if she really wanted to a write agood book, do one on the gay artist and actors that are alive now. and show some balls.

  • http://mcclure.danielle@yahoo.com Chester

    P.Diddy is still crying over his boyfriend and the reason he can’t marry his baby mamas.

    • Still_Laughing

      This was hilarious!! Thanks, I needed this!! 🙂

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