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As Voletta Wallace (and most of the rest of us) suspected, a crooked cop may really have killed Biggie. Which might explain why the LAPD have had such a hard time solving the crime.

The Freedom of Information Act has given the public access to the FBI file detailing the agency’s investigation of the 1997 fatal shooting of Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious B.I.G. and shady one-time officer David Mack is looking real suspect right now.

Six months after Tupac’s murder in Las Vegas, on March 9th, Biggie and his crew were leaving a party at L.A.’s Peterson Automotive Museum in a three-car caravan when a black Chevy SS Impala pulled up to his window and fired several shots, killing the rapper almost instantly.

According to the FBI investigation, the ammunition used was the extremely rare metal-piercing Gecko 9mm bullets, which are manufactured in Germany and only available in the U.S. through two distributors. Here’s where the shady police tie comes in. A corrupt LAPD officer named David Mack was arrested for masterminding a Bank of America heist of over $700,000 six months after Biggie’s death. When police raided his home they found Gecko ammunition and a shrine to Tupac. A black Chevy SS Impala was parked next to his house.

Mack also had ties to Suge Knight and Death Row Records.

If you’ve watched any of those Biggie documentaries you’ve probably heard some of this before — especially since Biggie’s family filed a wrongful death suit against Mack in 2007 — but the information about the ammo and the car only seems to confirm what most already suspected.

David Mack is currently behind bars serving a 14-year sentence for the Bank of America robbery, and claims he is innocent of the Wallace murder.

Do you believe him?




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