FBI Files Reveal Biggie May Have Been Murked By A Tupac-Obsessed Shady Cop!!!

- By Bossip Staff

As Voletta Wallace (and most of the rest of us) suspected, a crooked cop may really have killed Biggie. Which might explain why the LAPD have had such a hard time solving the crime.

The Freedom of Information Act has given the public access to the FBI file detailing the agency’s investigation of the 1997 fatal shooting of Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious B.I.G. and shady one-time officer David Mack is looking real suspect right now.

Six months after Tupac’s murder in Las Vegas, on March 9th, Biggie and his crew were leaving a party at L.A.’s Peterson Automotive Museum in a three-car caravan when a black Chevy SS Impala pulled up to his window and fired several shots, killing the rapper almost instantly.

According to the FBI investigation, the ammunition used was the extremely rare metal-piercing Gecko 9mm bullets, which are manufactured in Germany and only available in the U.S. through two distributors. Here’s where the shady police tie comes in. A corrupt LAPD officer named David Mack was arrested for masterminding a Bank of America heist of over $700,000 six months after Biggie’s death. When police raided his home they found Gecko ammunition and a shrine to Tupac. A black Chevy SS Impala was parked next to his house.

Mack also had ties to Suge Knight and Death Row Records.

If you’ve watched any of those Biggie documentaries you’ve probably heard some of this before — especially since Biggie’s family filed a wrongful death suit against Mack in 2007 — but the information about the ammo and the car only seems to confirm what most already suspected.

David Mack is currently behind bars serving a 14-year sentence for the Bank of America robbery, and claims he is innocent of the Wallace murder.

Do you believe him?


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  • Cypher

    Hell yeah he did that shit.

    • http://freddyo.com/ lena

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    • FindBooniGiovonni

      wht are they waiting on give him life ( i hate police!)

    • Sara

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  • Party & Bullshit

    Put that fool on Death Row (pun INTENDED)

    Oh and Suge was involved too!

  • kinglow

    Hell yeah… the got a name witness description a car and the bullets and they still.acting like the don’t have a clue…

  • jmagic

    thats has to be the oldest news,tell us something new like dude confessed to it

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I definitely believe there was some sort of cover-up. Now this information is old, so what is the next step. Have they done ballistics testing or are they still going to sit on this?

  • Mrs. Rance

    This is nothing new.

  • MacMoon

    I think he got out of jail last year.

  • Peppa

    5^ to you kinglow. This is a perfect example of even though we have way more evidence than is required to get a conviction-we are not going to prosecute you for this crime, because we hated that black gangsta rapper and his raps infultrating our precious white children, and making them the largest purchasers of hip hop music.

  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    I dont believe it ..They need to say someone murdered BIGGIE and since they already know this guy was in jail they just blame him…

  • sportstalk23

    That was on Behind the Music years ago and the Cop working the case quit because the LAPD gave him shade when he had found a serious link to Suge Knight

  • Ms ParKer

    SuGe KniGht FaT A$$ HaD SomeThing To Do With This

  • daboss912

    @ Phelaw STFU! So just because he was a gangster rapper we should just forget about tryin 2 solve his murder? Nobody deserves 2 die like that and the FBI shouldn’t stop tryin 2 find more evidence (eventho all the evidence is there). U sound plain out dumb.

  • http://bossip lnae

    I believe they same people are responsible for both the murders of Biggie & Pac, no matter who the actual trigger man was !

  • daboss912

    And I also agree that Suge had somethin 2 do with it. His and Pac’s murder that f*cka needs 2 b under the jail!

  • Party & Bullshit

    Suge had Pac set up and killed and also had Biggie killed to make it look like a retaliation hit.

  • XcluSive

    Mr Double CheeseBurger killed them both it doesn’t take a rocket science to figure that out

  • sportstalk23

    That was on Behind the Music years ago and the Cop working the case quit because the LAPD gave him shade when he had found a serious link to Suge Knight, the car described by witnesses was one that was found in one the hitman’s house, the guy who hired him was a crooked cop, whose Suge Knight best friend and godfather to each other kids.Dude got busted for bank robbery and had major ties to the bloods gang. Also for whoever said who cares, I think Ms Wallace deserves to know who murdered her only child,Faith, Biggy kids, friends and his fans. That cop investigating as mentioned had to quit the force because of all the stonewalling by the LAPD

  • phelaw

    @DA BOSS 912, if you read my message correctly, you would have understood what I said. But, since you don’t, let me break it down to you. I SAID, THAT THIS SHOULDN’T BE RELEVANT NEWS. There are many unsolved murders that remain that way. And, it’s a shame that the media have placed so much focus on this particular case. No one has anything to say about children who die every freaking day, and their murders remain unsolved. The majority of them have been killed due to a result of gun violence. If you READ, majority of statistics show that a lot of the murders are gang related, and stem from the influence of media outlets, such as gangsta rap. Unfortunately, Biggie was not a rapper that emphasized on the importance of an education, or anything of substance. I understand the importance of solving a murder, but I don’t understand the importance of constantly putting emphasis on someone who had absolutely NO positive influence through their music. With that being said, make sure when you come at me with some bullcrap, that you come correct!!!

    • MsLC78

      I agree with you 100%.



  • anon

    @phelaw I agree with you on somethings but to say Biggie had no positive influence through his music is incorrect. Biggie constantly rapped about how he struggled while selling drugs i.e, financially and with the law. And he also spoke about how rapping allowed him to care better for his family without the legal woes. So by expressing through his music how successful he was making a legal living using his talent he may have helped a young man struggling with the decision to either sell drugs for quick money or following his dreams.

  • Reds

    Hell yeah Suge had something to do with it. I think he feared his Death Row empire was coming down. First Dr. Dre left (which was his producer) and he thought if Snoop and Pac left, that’s it. He didn’t want to seem like a big failure (specially in the spotlight) AND he was competing w/ Bad Boy. He figured I rather have Pac DEAD before he make $$$ elsewhere. Alot ppl don’t know but Snoop was supposed to go to Vegas that night to. But his wife saved him and said DON’T GO.

  • von

    Old news


    LOVE TO MS WALLACE. FOR fighting for jsutice for her son. The CONSPIRACY of the 2 murders of PAC AND BIG deflect the truth and the purpose of their killings. No dry snitching BUT we could look to either camp for the CONSPIRATOR(S).eACH SIDE WAS AND IS DIRTY. The BIG MAC puff gave CLIVE says it all.


    There was a professional hit put out on Biggie by we all know who.

  • Daisy Jay

    You know what, I can believe that. And now I’m starting to believe that somebody close to Biggie wasn’t in on this either.

    Why do I feel this way?

    Because, heck, I don’t think Biggie was close to that many white guys. Therefore if the suspect was NOT a cop and the suspect was BLACK, he would’ve been locked up immediately. And do you realize who the victim is? Yeah, the suspect would’ve been caught within 5 minutes of the incident. Nobody’s THAT clever.

    And the reason why we haven’t found out is that there is usually a small “clan” of shady cops and their loyalty to each other is beyond comprehension to me. So they keep this stuff a secret. Perhaps the secret is out now? I hope so. Not knowing who the suspect is bothers me as well as all of you. Same for Tupac. We all need this…bizarre closure or something.

    • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

      Hey daisy!

      That “clan” of shady cops isn’t so small. To go against the “code of blue” is law enforcement suicide.

    • Daisy Jay

      Hey, sir!

      Ha, yeah you’re right. It’s bigger than we think…unfortunately. Whoever let the “secret” out will need to go into protective custody soon…

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