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Uh oh, “The Donald” done ran Bill hot!

Legendary actor-comedian Bill Cosby said that Donald Trump is “full of it” when it comes to his potential bid for the White House, telling TODAY’s Meredith Vieira Thursday that Trump should “run or shut up.”

Cosby was passionately talking about his work helping to further education in downtrodden urban neighborhoods, but he worked himself into a lather when Vieira asked him about Trump, who appeared in an earlier show segment.

Vieira mentioned her lengthy, pretaped interview with the business mogul in which he talked about the possibility of his running for president in 2012. Funnyman Cosby grimaced and said, “Oh, please, with Donald Trump, take him home with you!”

“Why do you say that?” Vieira asked. Cosby responded, “Because he’s full of it,” then sat silent with a chagrined look on his face for several seconds.

While Vieira pressed him on what prompted his attitude toward Trump, Cosby said that he is tired of Trump’s “will he or won’t he?” waffling about throwing his hat in the ring for the nation’s highest office. “You run or shut up,” Cosby said.

When Meredith implied that Trump would have to be “taken seriously” if he does decide to run, Cosby made it clear who’s side he was on.

While saying “I don’t care” as to whether Trump officially runs for president, Cosby bristled when Vieira said, “If he runs, you’ve got to take it seriously.”

“No, I don’t,”” Cosby replied. “Not him, not him. Look, people have run for president for any reason. Come on, open your mouth — run!”

The former 1980s sitcom star, who still continues to pack theaters with his stand-up comedy act, did use some of his trademark humor to show he is definitely with Team Obama when it comes to the current administration.

“I like him very, very much,”” he told Vieira. “I love his wife, I love his children, I love his mother-in-law. I think they have a dog — I love his dog.”

Bill can be as peaceful a man as he wants to be, but something about the tone of his voice suggests that he would love for Trump to catch his fade!




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