True Or False: That Dirty Money Dawn Still Doesn’t Fawk With Any Of Her Former Danity Kane ‘Sisters’

- By Bossip Staff

Let hO’Day tell it, this one is definitely true.

Aubrey O’ Day revealed (again) that none of the former Danity Kane members talk to Dawn Richard anymore, despite their attempts to reach out to her. (Really, girls? Still?) She also addressed the rumors (again) that she and Diddy were in a relationship, but she throws some good shade at her former boss this time around.

On if she’s still friends with the Danity Kane girls
“You’re gonna see Aundrea come on the show. You’re gonna see us reunite for the first time since me being fired. You’re gonna see us back in the studio again recording and there’s gonna be some drama that goes along with that. I’m meeting Shannon, we’re having a barbecue at my house, so we’re reuniting again for the first time. D. Woods and I have always been tight. And nobody talks to Dawn and we’ve all reached out.”

Aww! We know some of you would definitely support a Danity Kane reunion tour. But when Aubrey keeps saying stuff like this…

On having a relationship with Diddy:
“No, not at all. I always ask people when they say that, ‘Where do you get that from? Why are you thinking that?’ and they always say, ‘Well, the way you talked to him on the show, you really acted like you obviously had been in bed with him the night before, like you had some privilege or some right to be talking to Diddy like that.’ And I hear that a lot from females and it’s interesting to me because, as a woman, you should really applaud women that aren’t afraid of speaking their mind and that don’t cower in the likes of money and power.”

…It’s probably not happening…

Oh well! We’ll always have the memories. Take a look back at the days when it was all good with DK.

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  • Palest Latina

    The only way this group survived was because they had a gorgeous white latina and two pretty white girls in the group. Those other two black monkeys are ugly. Now they are with dirty money and no one checking for them.

    • Charli

      Um..only one of the girls in Dirty Money “Dawn”(which is the girl who is to the far left)(get your ducks in order before you move on to monkeys dear..)was in Danity Kane..the monkey comment…it a shame the world is still dealing with comments like this…

    • MJB's #1 Fan

      I was going to write something bad to you, but you’re obviously doing this for attention. Too bad you obviously don’t get attention at home or with friends (you’re probably a social misfit). Life must be really bad for you. You should find a sharp object in your kitchen and run your wrist across it.

    • Sara

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      nice experience——-

  • Proud Female

    God Bless you Palest Latina I am going to pray for you cause you really need it

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

    What is the purpose of this article. Who cares about any of this?

  • Cinderella

    LOL Busted!

  • vicious vixen

    Palest Latina’s children are going to grow up and find THE BLACKEST men/women to have children with… Her grandkids are going to come out looking like Dijmon Hounnsou (Kimora Lee’s hubby)… B*tch your kids aren’t going to be able to get enough of that dark chocolate forbidden fruit! Lol! All that mess you talk is going to come back to you times three…

  • leilani

    Danity Kane was more like Insanity Kane… Aubrey was a mess… the mom in the group didn’t know if she wanted the lifestyle change or not, due to being a wife and mom, D. Woods was more like Aubrey’s pet, the little one with the fat cheeks was too quiet at the wrong times, and Dawn is a get-in-where-ya-fit-in type of girl…that’s why she’s style singing for Diddy…. but, considering Diddy’s reputation, no one gets too famous at Bad Boy…. the buck stopped at Biggie…

    @Palest Latina… u really used your thinking skills for that dumb comment??? Lol… wow

  • Daisy Jay (L@SERS)

    The group was basically a fail. Yeah they had a couple catchy songs, but they were easily forgettable. I’m glad they broke up, she doesn’t need them.

    Dirty Money is probably the best idea Diddy has ever had. Kaleena and Dawn are an amazing pair to me. The songs on Last Train to Paris are all good. Diddy get brownie points for putting them together and giving these two girls a chance at success. They definitely got it and I wish the three of them nothing but the best.

    • WithAllHonesty

      I actually took a HUGE risk and bought the album and I have no regrets. Diddy is a genius for finding talent to keep himself relevant! I think I’ll actually buy tickets for the tour.

  • Daisy Jay (L@SERS)


  • Sa.s.sy24

    this group wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.

  • JaZzIe91

    I don’t blame Dawn for not talking to them. The rest of them (except for Aundrea)seemed like they could give two f*cks if they were in the group or not. I felt really bad for Aundrea because it seemed like she really wanted the group to work out. I hope she gets signed so she could pursue her dreams. I’ve always loved Dawn.

  • HoeSitDown

    Dawn is the business!! The group broke up because of Aubrey.

  • truthfully

    To me dawn was the only one who could sing I love dawn people will soon how amazing her voice is and aubrey she……….needs…………to ummmm I get back to you on that

  • Sir Nose DEVOIDofFUNK

    You guys have been fed sh*t for so long that todays sh*t taste normal !
    EnVogue, TLC etc they are NOT !

  • true

    @ pale latina, stfu with your dumb comment!!!

    This group failed bc of Aubrey, but thanks to her now we go dirty money which is the sh!t n yes dumb azz “pale latina” people are checking for Dawn, if you don’t believe check the record sales n the billboard charts!!!


    @ Viscous Vixen you sho right my home girl is Puerto Rican anger sisters daddyhated blacks no son all three married a brother lmao! Took him time but, he loves them babies now…

  • Raine

    Hmmm …. ok! first of all, no one heard of these girls until the they were presented on diddys show and even then, wth??? did anybody, somebody, one body even hear of one song before that short lived show? Not hatin, just sayin! 🙂

  • Sandra

    Why should Dawn reach out to them, when before they didnt want to talk to her? Now her career is going allright and now they wanna reach out? They didnt like Dawn anyway so #&$^@ them!

  • Iwannabemsharrisonsobad

    I loved danity kane all the members were sooo ccuteee loved there lst cd

  • SayWhat

    @Pale Latina– what planet do you live on? It’s 2011 you’re latina and you speak like that? It’s one thing for a white person to be so closed minded but a latina? Really? Grow up and open your mind to the world you live in

    I loved dk but let’s be honest Diddy wasn’t about to sign her solo so he let her be a back up singer. It’s Diddy and those two girls. She went from being apart of one of the biggest girl groups(on paper, record sales) to singing hooks & melodies for diddys album the only difference between her and another random backup singer is Diddy allowed her alittle spotlight. No sugar coating, that’s what it is

  • eliteliberal

    Aubrey thought she was all that and she was nothing. She was all about drama…wrong show, dear. She was insubordinate to Diddy and you can’t do that when you’re on the climb. Those other girls were silly to not stick with Diddy, if even to get the exposure until they could take their career to the next level.

  • eliteliberal

    You can’t allow other females to stop your grind. Dawn did the right thing when she cut them off, she was about business. The other black chick was stupid for following them white girls with that drama…she didn’t know where here bread could butter. White girls can get jobs easier blacks, don’t ever follow them.

  • tommykimon

    I liked the group was sad when they broke up. Aubrey was always my favorite. I wish her nothing but the best.

  • luvurself31

    I’m co-signing all of that!!!

  • mercury

    dawn looks like a man in that first picture with aubrey. actually she looks like this guy I know

  • traceybruno


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