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Let hO’Day tell it, this one is definitely true.

Aubrey O’ Day revealed (again) that none of the former Danity Kane members talk to Dawn Richard anymore, despite their attempts to reach out to her. (Really, girls? Still?) She also addressed the rumors (again) that she and Diddy were in a relationship, but she throws some good shade at her former boss this time around.

On if she’s still friends with the Danity Kane girls
“You’re gonna see Aundrea come on the show. You’re gonna see us reunite for the first time since me being fired. You’re gonna see us back in the studio again recording and there’s gonna be some drama that goes along with that. I’m meeting Shannon, we’re having a barbecue at my house, so we’re reuniting again for the first time. D. Woods and I have always been tight. And nobody talks to Dawn and we’ve all reached out.”

Aww! We know some of you would definitely support a Danity Kane reunion tour. But when Aubrey keeps saying stuff like this…

On having a relationship with Diddy:
“No, not at all. I always ask people when they say that, ‘Where do you get that from? Why are you thinking that?’ and they always say, ‘Well, the way you talked to him on the show, you really acted like you obviously had been in bed with him the night before, like you had some privilege or some right to be talking to Diddy like that.’ And I hear that a lot from females and it’s interesting to me because, as a woman, you should really applaud women that aren’t afraid of speaking their mind and that don’t cower in the likes of money and power.”

…It’s probably not happening…

Oh well! We’ll always have the memories. Take a look back at the days when it was all good with DK.



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