Trimmed Down Raven-Symoné Gets In Touch With Her Dark Side For New Photo Shoot

- By Bossip Staff

Here is the brand new slimmy-trimmy Raven-Symoné going all goth and stuff for a new photo shoot.

What do y’all think???

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  • Judah

    Shes a banger. I liked her since hanging wit Mr. Cooper.

    • kalifa

      after being a cheerful fat-a$$ raven is now doing the skinny devil darkness thing 😦

      next month we’ll probably see her vagina plastered across some stink magazine 😦

      i’m jealous….i weigh 110lb….i want to be 85lbs and raven beat me to it 😦

  • Big Cain

    She looks good.

  • Toy

    She looks great loved her as a big girl too but glad shes healthy!!!!

  • QueenLove

    To me, her nose looks different. Has the plastic surgeon fairy visited little Raven?
    Gawd, I hope she doesn’t end up like Toni…why do that to your d@mn self?

  • BritishGirl

    @QueenLove- when we loose weight our features automatically look smaller and more refined as there’s less fat. That’s why bigger people always have that piglet look.

  • XFactor

    Ravens the sh*t! Rich & Beautiful… She looks good… OLDER but good!… (alittle Botox in those frown/smile lines and she’ll be good to go!) 😀

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER Blaam Blaaam slavemaster!!

    Aye to all you Young Brothas……..She is worth $400 million….and you worried about what?? She is also single!

    We have to start building our confidence as men….That way beautiful blk women all over the world will fall at our feet.

    You gotta understand the SCIENCE of a black womens NATURE…..Black women are like shadows…..When you are faced towards the Light, they are surely to have yur back, but once you turn away….they are knowhere to be seen!

    It is a shame that allllll these young beautiful intelligent blk women are SINGLE and don’t have a Civilized NATURAL PARTNER in their corner.

    Has the Devils seperated us based on our LOWEST DESIRES??

  • Daniel

    She’s a regular Black Swan

  • Ray

    She look real good…she should maintain that image right there it is real befitting.

  • redcora

    dude.. I was just thinkin Black Swan myself..

  • Unico

    but I do wish she would cut her hair again… looks better in my opinion.

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