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Clifford used to be a gangster, but is now reformed and does shows like The View:

Atlanta rapper and actor T.I. visited the ladies of “The View” live Monday morning on ABC. He was there to perform “Whatever You Like,” the hit single from his new No. 1 album, “Paper Trail.” But first, the rapper had to answer some pointed questions regarding that guilty plea on those pesky federal weapons charges stemming from his arrest a year ago as he tried to purchase machine guns and silencers in a Midtown Publix shopping center. The arrest occurred just hours before he was due to hit the red carpet down the street at the Atlanta Civic Center as the most nominated artist at the 2007 BET Hip-Hop Awards.“I can’t excuse it,” T.I. said. “When you’re in my line of work, more people want to kill you than congratulate you. I have a family to protect. It sways your judgment.” With sunglasses perched atop his head, the rapper legally named Clifford Harris Jr. said he’s learned a few things since the arrest. “You’ve got to walk with God instead of walking with the guys. It took me a while to learn that.” T.I. is awaiting sentencing in the case. As a convicted felon, jail time is almost a certainty. On another stint in stir, T.I. said: “I’m concerned, but I’m not scared. I’m not thrilled about it. I look forward to getting it over with.”

Man we get it. You’re walking with God, yatta, yatta, yatta. You’d better walk with God and a shank when you hit the pen. The man’s new single is out right now and he’s over here sh*ttin bricks becoming a jail house preacher. SMH


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  • Cockblocka

    ONE time got im!

  • Lacombe Redbone (...Awe, Tartersauce!)

    “You’ve got to walk with God instead of walking with the guys. It took me a while to learn that.”

    ….That is soooooo Sexi! So Humpable!!

  • Creole Baby Says Y'all Haters Betta Get On Ya Job

    the view? cha’mon clifford! you need to go back to being gangster — asap

  • CC

    Real Gangsters dont rap and go head with that walk with God and not guns crap. Keep your guns just be smart about it T.I.

  • Richard

    C’mom people, he has to seem contrite for the sentencing. This is his third strike. he ain’t scared of prison because he is an OLD con and everyone knows it.

  • sour grapes

    I got wovles in Atlanta Fed Penn waiting for duke to get in there, I heard the bidding wars have already started, its up to 25 cartons of newports, and 4 boxes of little debbie snacks

  • :) Dr. Carpenter



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    Yeah, I saw the whole thing with TI on the view and he wouldn’t get straight to the point when Whoopi asked him what happened with the whole gun charge. Sherri had to interrupt him and clarify what happened because he kept beating aroung the bush. My whole thing is, if he can’t even admit to what he did wrong, he didn’t learn a thing.





  • Mock Rock Star

    When TI finally goes to jail(?) I’m sending him a Bible.

  • KErry

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    Just email me at Kerry087@yahoo.com

  • QueenAtlantis

    “You’ve got to walk with God instead of walking with the guys. It took me a while to learn that.”

    when i watched the show it sounded like he said walk with God instead of walking with GUNS. and he also said that quote another time in another interview.

  • MissBlaze43

    Go ahead, T.I., do ya thang. Whatever you got to do to keep that fine ass out of jail, you do that.

  • MissBlaze43

    I got to holla at ya’ll in the PM when I’m at home. This new position has me in / out of meetings all day.

    I’ll holla


  • I'm Just Me-Buffalo Bills (4-1) WE GOT THE CHARGERS ON THE 19th!!!


  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign "The presence of the clock gave birth to the notion that time lies outside our bodies" When you study Egypt you'll see the truth written by the Masters)

    I know, I went over my grandmother house and I said grandma you watching TI?…lol

  • 100%

    You’d better walk with God and a shank when you hit the pen. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oshie - lay down on the floor, I want the Gs and the money or everybody gotta Go

    T.I. I love you! I will rub ointment on your butthole when you get out. Mama make it all better.

  • Oshie - lay down on the floor, I want the Gs and the money or everybody gotta Go

    @ A. Keys: You said it, gurl!!! 😀

  • SWAG-a-licious

    Real Gansters must walk with GOD – who do you think keeps them alive regardless of them living recklessly trying to kill themselves..

    The Game and Weezy got it right…God has the power to give life and take it away..it’s not your guns..T.I. is doing something right..plus the man’s baby girl is in heaven looking down on him…I think he just got really confused with more money/more problems and he thought (for a second) that he was the problem solver with a revolver…

    (I crack myself up sumtimes…now watch me walk away…push…push…fierce!!)

  • Its6amHoGetOut


    love 6am

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    See I will comment when the story is interesting

  • luise

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  • http://www.j.com noelle

    Not gonnalie, I was shocked when I heard this. I wa slike he tryin pull a Kanye and be on daytimeprimetime. Or maybe he is just rtying to expand his fanbase/get right with God before his stint in the slammner.

  • sharronj

    TI , my prayers are with you And you have the right idea about having God in your life wehther its now or when-ever you have his grace and mercy on you and around you just keep that on the forefront and trust GODs words cause the word don’t understand until they are facing adversity in they’re own life I believe you have always had God in your life stay down and your album is very nice I’m digging it you are the bomb God has a way of making things have peace and that is my prayer for you peace and no weapon formed against you will prosper in the name of GOD be blessed TI and much love

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