Sextra: Who’s In the Mood For Some Aries Lovin’?

- By Bossip Staff

Happy Saturday, Bossip fam! A few weeks back we fell into the Aries cycle of the zodiac. The fiery ram is the first astrological sign – often referred to as the “baby” of the astral rotation – this may explain why people are so drawn to them. They are quite like a giggling, carefree baby that you can’t help but stop and make silly faces with as you say, “Awe, so cute” and in that moment you are reminded of the feeling of joy. That’s the innocent, natural charm they have about them, they can grasp the attention of anyone in the room and seduce them with their wit and youthful perspective. The ram tends to have the “you make me feel like a teenager again” effect on people and possesses the ability to arouse the less jaded, rosy parts of the people surrounding them. Perhaps, it’s their fearlessness and the absence of worry that keep them so vibrant and full of life? Speaking of fearlessness … as children, the Aries is often the kid with countless bumps, bruises and battle scars and will almost always take more than a few hard knocks to the head … just ask one! Oh, and little ram girls are often the quintessential tomboy that grows into the woman who loves sports like one of the guys … just ask one! Anyone close to an Aries will tell you that the adventure is constant with them and you can almost expect the unexpected or some random encounter you won’t soon forget! Just like a ram an Aries is, more often than not, extremely headstrong – a cut to the chase, aim straight for the target type of person. This is a large part of what makes them successful in life and all its endeavors – be it business, personal or pleasurable. They are very direct and candid and leave no room for you to misunderstand what they can do for you and what they expect from you in return. They will always say what’s on their mind and their candor is often mistaken as being cold-hearted or harsh but, more often than not, their intentions are far from cruel. Most of them learn early in life to watch what they say to people and by adulthood they are seasoned poets and know how to use their words to get what they want.

Just as the Aries is likable, there are some things about them that are hard to bear. Let’s refer back to the baby that’s cute and cuddly and makes you smile. Well, just like a baby who doesn’t get what they want when they want it, a ram will throw a tantrum like you wouldn’t believe! They hate to be rejected or hear the word “no” and when things don’t go their way, the ram will buck in a fit a rage and destroy whatever or whoever is obstructing the path to getting what he/she wants. And Aries are notorious for being most destructive with their words. Shamelessly, they will take someone’s deepest, darkest secret and use it against them if it means they’ll gain some sort of emotional leverage in an argument or sometimes it may be just a “ha” moment for them. As childish as it seems, that’s how they are … remember they’re the baby! The Aries is often pegged as being selfish because they think of themselves and their needs first regardless of who it may inconvenience. But, in order to correct this, they have to recognize they have this tendency first, and work hard to place others before themselves. This is difficult for them because they have a hard time admitting when they’re wrong and if they do, in their eyes, the work is done. This astral sign is a late bloomer in terms if maturity but once they “grow up” they are very loyal, calm and discerning. Patience is what you’ll need and learn you have more of when dealing with them!

Sex with an Aries is nothing short of adventurous and primal. There is something about this sign that like things to be in their raw form – no pretense, no over the top lingerie, no extra toys, no make-up; just two sweaty, naked bodies! If you’re angry at the ram, he/she would love for you to punish him/her in the bedroom. If you’re feeling a little aggressive or in the mood for a little rough-play don’t hold back! Don’t forget this sign loves adventure and pushing boundaries. Even though the ram is a leader, they love to be dominated from time to time and they are turned on by a tussle over who will be in the driver’s seat during a steamy session! Though they’re not the most romantic people, they sure know how to make you feel special in those intimate moments! They’re highly instinctive in knowing what feels good to their partner and how to make sure their lover reaches their peak, and they will not stop until they have fulfilled that task! And when it’s all said and done, they are the best spooners … complete with the sweeping of fingertips over your body relishing in the afterglow of good love and all it’s splendor! So, if you have the pleasure of loving on an Aries, remember to keep things fun, fresh and natural – as they do bore easily – but if you keep them guessing, they will remain curious!

My best friend, favorite auntie and my ex-husband are all Aries and I’m a Libra. I’m really into astrology and we’re zodiac polarities so I think I might understand or be a more patient with them a little more than most. They really are good people but they make it hard to love them and once they love you, they love you for life and will go to war for you, no questions asked, regardless of if you’re right or wrong. It’s true! I love all the Aries in my life but I do not need another one because they are a lot of work and are quite demanding. I love them though and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them because there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for me. – Jaime, 33

I don’t have any Aries friends and I don’t like them. My mom’s best friend is an Aires and we used to go at it all the time. She used to act so hurt that I didn’t like her, cry the blues to my mom and be all surprised at what I had to say like she I wasn’t supposed to say what was on my mind but she could? I think Aries women are very manipulative, disloyal, selfish and I would never consider one of them a friend to me. I can’t stand an Aires and that’s coming from a Cancer. – Heather, 27

The love of my life was an Aries. Man, we had the most amazing, mind blowing sex, she blew me away! Wow. I know that if we had met in a different space and time we would be perfect for each other. She was just very consumed with scars from her past and she couldn’t see past them enough to receive the love I was offering up to her. Even though I wasn’t the source of her pain, she treated me like I was. I know deep down she’s a wonderful person but she couldn’t see it herself. She blamed everybody else for all her problems but never took the blame for her part in all the things that went wrong in her life … even still she can’t admit when she’s wrong. If she would grow up take responsibility for her sh*t, she would be a beautiful partner but I just don’t see it happening. – Trey, 29

We like to get our way. We’re very giving and good providers but we can be such brats. My husband is an Aries and so am I so it’s like looking in the mirror. He can be very immature and child-like. I can’t stand how bold he can be. We will say hurtful things, and it’ll be the truth, just to get a rise out of you and see what kind reaction we get from you. We don’t like to be questioned but we’ll question the hell out of you. We are the most sensitive and the most insensitive with others. We’ll procrastinate but rush you. We are demanding but, a lot of times, unwilling to give. But that man has my back! Whenever it comes down to it, and I don’t care how mad we are at each other, we are unified and that’s what I love about him. – Kira, 31

My opinion on Aries is they’re all passive aggressive as*holes and they can all pull the trigger. That’s why they’re the first sign, they’re the experimental first child that you have to work all the quirks out on before you can do anything constructive with them. I’ve yet to have a positive first experience with those selfish, hypersensitive yet most insensitive beings. Can’t stand them. – Erin, 26

Shouts out to all the Aries! Happy Birthday!

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