Bolitics: Government Shutdown Narrowly Avoided As President Obama And Congress Reach Deal In The Final Hours

- By Bossip Staff

Thank God for that.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Perilously close to a government shutdown, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders reached a historic agreement late Friday night to cut about $38 billion in spending and avert the first federal closure in 15 years.

Obama hailed the deal as “the biggest annual spending cut in history.” House Speaker John Boehner said that over the next decade it would cut government spending by $500 billion – and won an ovation from his rank and file, tea party adherents among them.

“This is historic, what we’ve done,” agreed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., the third man involved in negotiations that ratified a new era of divided government.

They announced the agreement less than an hour before government funding was due to run out, instantly turning hundreds of thousands of furlough notices for federal workers into historical relics.

The shutdown would have closed national parks, tax-season help lines and other popular services, though the military would have stayed on duty and other essential efforts such as air traffic control would have continued in effect.

This is definitely a score for President Obama, but we’re sure some mark-a** Republican will try to discredit him.


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  • Kayy

    Even though I’m not his biggest supporter I knew he would come through. He wants to win that election next year(which I hope he does because those tea party Republicans are going raise hell)But he needs to withdraw the troops he claimed he was bringing home…I bet that’ll knock off a few million..

    • Sara

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  • Sa.s.sy24

    I knew they were going to reach a deal

    • My2Cent

      I knew too. Clinton went through this in 1995. No worries.

  • SpicyCreole

    I’m in the air force and we were all on pins and needles wondering if we would actually get paid, it’s really scary not knowing what’s gonna happen… thank goodness we saved and have money, but not everyone does. It just pisses me off that the military doesn’t get paid a lot as is and now they gonna take what little we do make and still make it mandatory to show up to work or face consequences…. good ol’ America!

  • sha

    Glok im manically laughing on the inside…you are so extreme but i guess that what makes you “you”

    • Glok ... She Simply Delicious!


  • Sa.s.sy24

    Isn’t Tupac dead? Do you know something I don’t

  • My2Cent

    He inherrited Iraq & Afghanistan. He didn’t get us into those two wars. And BTW, Tupac is dead; so you might as well stay home.

  • Getem

    I’m not getting my hopes up too high. Thank God I’m getting out of the military soon so I can focus on my own business. It never really occured to me how dependent I am on the military.

    I’ve sacrificed so much to serve this country and for them to even think about not paying us is absurd.

    • Getem

      Mean dependent on government, not military. ^^

  • yall be big pimping pimping


  • drenk

    i’d love to know what the real issue was, this whole budget crisis and gov’t shut down BS had to be just a front for something a lot worse

  • Glok please STFU

    Glok, there is no more of a puppet on this site then you. Just about everything you say is simple minded. Please get your lazy self off the internet and stop waiting for others to save you. I hate how lazy this generation of americans are.

  • http://bossip Glow

    The government needs to sit there washed up butts down…they was selling wolf tickets..trying to front like he aint doing his job…dont stress obama you got my vote…dont let ya BLOOD PRESSURE RISE…..

  • Asha

    In a way I know that some republicans would love for the shutdown to happen just so Obama would not be reelected. Like stated above someone will act like Obama had nothing to do with this and that the decision came about without his help. The government is so f up and corrupt.

    • ok

      There have been 18 government shutdowns in U.S. history. 3 during Reagan’s terms and 1 during President H.W. Bush’s term. This has little to do with President Obama, but a Congress that is clashing with each other. Please read a history book every once in a while.

  • TheWife

    THanks “ok” Most youngins didnt know that !!!

  • shanita102

    @Shelly and @Ok…spot on! GOBAMA

  • ruserious

    omg… obama didnt do isht!!

    make up ur mind! one minute he is trying to convince you that stimulus/printing fake money to spend is good for the country… now he flip flops to making the biggest cuts in the history of the country… o and dont forget that he EXTENDED THE ILLEGAL BUSH TAX CUTS FOR THE FILTHY RICH ON YOUR BACKS IDIOTS!!

    face it. he’s a POLITICIAN. if their lips move, they lying!!!

    u people are pathetic to blindly follow someone because he’s HALF BLACK.

    fools. you have the gov’t you DESERVE.

  • SayItLoudHD

    And the biggest fools r the ones who did not go out to vote in the midterm elections. That helped to make it easy for the obstructionists right wing republicans with the 87 tea party radicals who won last year to block Obamas promises from being delivered. So stay home next year lets c more teapublicans win.

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