Stop The Violence: 9 Shot And 1 Killed In Shooting At A Birthday Party Outside Of Philadelphia

- By Bossip Staff

You know you’re a triflin’ piece of sh*t when you shoot up a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

Eight people were shot and another was killed in a shooting at birthday party at the Minaret Temple at about 11:30 p.m. in Chester Friday night, according to Chester police. Police have a suspect in custody.

All nine victims were taken to Crozer Chester Medical Center. Two remain in critical condition and six are in stable condition, police said.

As many as six people were shot in Chester at around 11:40 Friday night during a social gathering at a fraternal organization’s building on West 4th Street near Ward Street, according to Chester police.

Police said one victim was shot in the head, and two firearms were recovered from the scene.

Chester Mayor Wendell Butler Jr., reached at 1:45 Saturday morning, said he had visited the scene at Minaret Temple No. 174.

“There may be one fatality,” he said. Asked about the number injured, he said, “I think it was more than half a dozen.”

What led to the shootings was not immediately known, and early Saturday morning police said they were still investigating what unfolded at the temple in a residential neighborhood.

R.I.P. to the person who passed and a speedy recovery to those injured. Let’s do better people!


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  • Daisy Jay

    Can’t even sing Happy Birthday without getting filled with lead? Maaaaan…..

    • Truth

      Blacks are an endangered species and a lost cause beyond repair.

    • The Ugly Truth

      Unfortunately, Lead comes with the bday cake in the ‘hood. SMMFH

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  • Forreals

    Ninjas, rats & roaches. Sum one call the Orkin man SMH

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    How do we know they were black? I mean, they probably were but I think we should hold off with the “blacks ain’t shyt, we need to do better, kill all the monkeys” etc.

    You muthaphukkas is so thirsty to spew that vile that ya just can’t wait, can ya?


    • Vonn

      This took place in Chester, PA which is not Philadelphia.

    • Ummm...who gon check me boo?

      @-JM@gic..This is Chester,Pa not Philly.

  • Honey

    people thats talking all that ish about blacks what about them damn mexicans there killing there people by the thousands a day….

    • Chaka1

      And we want to be like them?

  • Jay

    1TruDiva we know they black because it smells like N1gger sh1t. Come on now, you and your dead grandma know its n1ggers or some spics. My question is how come there are more guns in the hands of n1ggers then books. Its hard enough for black men to get cabs, these n1ggers wont rest till black men cant show they face in public.

  • Mayoroftwincity

    Chester is NOT Philly. It’s a whole other city… Dumb a55e5

  • Joyce.Alexia.M

    It should have been one of those worthless negroes on this site lol lol

  • Nicole

    Chester is crazy, they should reinstate that curfew there.

  • shanita102

    It coulda been reckless n1ggas wit guns bought in from reckless cr@ckers gettin money…or it could be reckless mexicanos poppin headz wit gold-plated semi-automatic blicks…or betta yet, it could be crazy Rob Zombie redneck cr@ckas excersing their right to bare arms…POINT IS: Anybody can be a dummy with a gun…dumb ppl wit gunz do dumb isht. Ignorance knows no race/creed/color. FOH wit the racist accusations….while u up here commenting on what color a murderer is, another life is being lost to the game of IGNORANCE. pick a color…

  • KIKI

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  • sexylove

    We as people need to do better period. Cause all races cause violence! This is just sad to hear one minute your singing happy bday next minute your dead sad!

  • Mr. Watson

    We have enough problems in Philly. Keep that sh*t in chester! Lol … Chester is Chester! Not Philadelphia. O I’ll be at Harrahs in Chester (which by the way is next to the prison)next Sat. Lmao!

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  • WOW!

    BLACK PEOPLE! We need to help one another INSTEAD of always hurting one another. When will WE learn how to give to one another just to see that person prosper and that person after and so on.

    Whites are holding down this economy because WE blacks will not find it in our selfish hearts to care about one another. Wake up!

  • 0_o

    Chester is the new Camden, Nj.

  • brown suga

    I live about 15 mins from Chester & 30 mins from Philly & I don’t visit either city under ANY circumstances…..And this is NOTHING, just wait until the weather warms up…..smdh

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