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Yes, those are T-Pain’s real teeth. He was at Suzie Wong’s with Day 26 and what is left of Danity Kane. We know that T-Pain is around his mid 30’s, but he looks and acts just like your little brother’s goofy friend.

Pictures below of all three acts, Day 26, Danity Kane, and T-Pain.

A couple more pics when you pop that hood…

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  • Fashionista

    Actually…T-Pain is like 23!!!!

  • RaphaelK

    ugh! his breath must really really really really stink!

    But on the other hand

    Aubrey and D Woods just got kicked out of Danity Kane

    i saw it coming

  • kenken

    i saw him last night (by accident, i would never actually watch him on purpose) he was on that show “man and wife” which by the way is a dumb name for a show….anyway fatman scoop and his wife give sex advice…they had him on there reading viewer emails and this fool couldn’t even read the question…and when fatman snatched the laptop and read it without a problem he tried to play it off…here’s a thought to tpain….use some of that money and continue your education for the sake of your children!

  • davari

    This is what America thinks of when they think of young Black men. Nice,how proud our ancestors must be.

  • Katherine

    I dont know if u were joking but T-Pain just looks old as hell, but he’s actually 23

  • Ron

    T-Pain is only 23 or 24…

  • Black.Woman

    This is sad.

  • Ms. Toson

    I still don’t see what women see in this troll of a man. He can’t sing, can’t dance and far from Denzel Washington/Blair Underwood/Morris Chestnut in appearance.

  • CC

    hes funny but he brings up my lunch every daym time i look at him. If we was living in an Afrikan kingdom or something Id be lovin that Grill.

  • Ms. Toson


    Sad is an understatement but I commend you on having a more tactful description than what I was considering.

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    23?? That has to be his industry age. There is no way.

  • Huh?

    N!ggers sure are ridiculous, aren’t they? They are more and more like cartoons all the time.

  • ***

    Man! He looks like he got some funky ass breath!

  • Tinia

    Im am not proud of T pain and his circus themed profession, but unlike alot of celebs he leaves the foolishness on the stage. T pain the person, done wifed up his chick and is taking care of his family and I cant knock that.

  • Oshie - lay down on the floor, I want the Gs and the money or everybody gotta Go

    Is he replacing Aubrey?

    I say thumbs up!

  • D@ Pop3


  • D@ Pop3


  • BE

    No comment about T-Pain.

    I am glad Q could go somewhere without Dawn they were getting sickening

  • Yvette

    Mid 30?! We went to high school and middle school together he’s only 23

  • Naturelle

    Ewwwww…what is wrong with people

  • Kayla

    Day 26 got a hot song out calledsince you been gone. Their CD is fire. They are very talented and all of them can sing their behinds off. They bring Danity Kane to shame.

  • Dr. Kiti

    Yeah, he’s only 23, just like my little brother (and his dopey friends)

  • *MiSsUnd3rsto0d*

    i still cant believe tpain is only 23, but o well..yea, he aint the best lookn, but he b killin dem songz n remixes..gett itt..

  • Fine

    Forget him, think about how he feels no shame in reflecting the community this way. That shows how much standard we have, anything goes.

  • Niobe

    A “nappy boy” tattoo? If that don’t scream “class”.

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