Mya Is Pretty In Pink In Vegas

- By Bossip Staff

Mya hosted a party at Haze Nightclub at Aria in Vegas this weekend looking like a banger in a lil pink one-shoulder number.

Peep more pics below:


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  • ReallyNotINterested

    I’m not feeling Mya. Then again, I don’t like yellow females!

    • Judah

      Going kinda hard there bruh… I understand your point but come on dude.

  • Judah

    She bad…


    i like her, but her 90s style doesn’t seem to ever change.

    • CoCo Muffen

      I agree she needs a stylist or a new one if she has one already she’s a pretty girl with a banging body. and that dress looks a lil cheap #justsaying

  • Glok ... She Simply Delicious!


  • Daisy Jay

    She always looks nice. Doesn’t seem to age either.

  • Nana

    More music less skin!

  • Truth

    Too bad she has too much mileage on her,what a waist of beauty,she’ll end just Pamela Anderson,Hitting 40’s unwed and picking up scrubs.

    **WOMEN WITH GOOD LOOKS SHOULD USE IT TO SECURE THEMSELVES GOOD,EDUCATED AND WEALTHY MEN** and not sleep around until their reputation is damage beyond repair.

  • chaka1

    I think she look s flawless. I would like to see her experiment with some new hairstyles…

  • Oooh Weee!!

    I’ve alwayz been a Mya fan… She’z not the best singer, but she’z one of the handful who can give Ci-error a run 4 the money when it comez 2 dancing…

    She lookz fab here!

  • Michael

    My first crush…..she’s still fine 🙂

  • Michael

    Why in the blue hell has this woman not been wifed up ?

    • Truth

      I guess you missed my 1st post,read it again.

    • Natalia

      @ TRUTH: Damn it sounds like you are talking about your mother right there. If you haven’t bagged Pam Anderson or Mya, then you need to STFU with this mess.

    • Truth

      @Natalia, i know the truth is hard to stomach,but hey…deal with it.

  • J-BYRD

    she is so pretty…wonder why rappers just want to bang and not put her on their lp’s….just saying

    • Truth

      Bcuz she’s part of the hoe club,just like Kim.K, Claudia.J and the list goes on. Good looking women with a damage reputation that only rappers,dumb pro athletes will date but NEVER wife up.

      Here some good example of good looking women doing their homeworks :Salma Hayek, Melania Trump, Katherine Zeta Jones,Elin.N and i may have missed a couple but you get the point.

  • Ejay

    The finest woman in R&B!

  • Michael

    @ Truth

    What mileage are you referring to? I don’t recall her being linked to anyone except Game(g-unit).

  • Michael

    LOL my bad i forgot about 50 Cent.

  • Truth

    And many more, do your research.

    There’s always a reason WHY a good looking woman can’t seem to be able to settle down. And it’s NOT because she has high standards.

  • good

    she is pretty what do you expect her mom is italian american n her dad is african american

  • Allie

    So beautiful

  • carmen

    Lol mya this ugly and stupid u kno better were are ur not like the back in 1999!

  • Allie

    @carmen: make sure you can put in a legible comment before attempting to criticize someone, thanks

  • Truth

    You do know about the double standard concerning men and women right? I didn’t make it up,it is very true.

    Women should know by now that messing around will backfire eventually.

  • thesaneone

    beautiful! she should update her style a bit…get some edge. but her beauty is timeless…she’s got a face like sade.

  • Truth

    True, but it’s a shame that a beautiful woman like a her turned that way.She will never find a man up to a beauty’s standard like those in previous post.

  • Truth

    LoL,you’re right mate,Blacks have very low standards,the’ll settle with anything as long as it looks good,regardless of their past.

    Look at that lost soul Darius McCrary with Karrine Steffans.SMH


    She needs to host a dance show because she can’t sing worth a dime.

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