Ladies Of The Playoffs: NBA Wives And Girlfriends We’ll See In The Post-Season

- By Bossip Staff

The NBA Playoffs are coming! It’s that time of the year when America’s eyes are glued to the television to watch Kobe, LeBron and the rest of NBA’s stars. Knowing this, the wives and girlfriends are sure to be in the front row basking in the glory of all the attention. Here are some of those famous ladies you’ll see on-screen and say “Hey, isn’t that…?”

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  • Hi HO!

    *Getting Her^^^

  • Meme

    Imma go wit Vanessa Bryant because her hubby has the most mulah and is the sexiest! She always has the girls on point too during the Finals!

    • frank white

      you think so? you’re wack!

  • JayJay Growlings

    “voldermort costumes” , “name one”

  • leilani

    Lol its funny how wives think they can keep other women from their husbands… the only difference between a basketball husband and a Walmart employee husband is the job…. if that man wants to cheat or be in the company of another woman, he will….

  • WHAT!

    Hoops outfit makes me sick! It’s cheap as all get out and her make-up is horrid. Makes me mad cause she’s a pretty girl! Photo shop gone all the way wrong!!!

  • WHAT!

    they coulda used a better pic of LA LA that one look terrible! Bad weave and all!

    • derek.d


      Weave? Does Lala even have a head? I was a bit distracted by those voluptuous sweater cows she had on display…

      Oh…and Dwight Howard? #winning That chick is gorgeous.

  • whodat

    No, that’s just the way Lala looks. She does not have a very nice shape. I don’t know if it was the baby or what but she fell apart.

  • YoungObama

    Eva Eva!! Damn Tony but hey I guess the saying is true “Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a man that’s tired of fu*king her”

  • ProudLatina

    I love Nessa! I just do.

  • 80's girl

    Wish I was Derrick Rose wife 🙂 …..Go Bulls!!!!!!

  • SayWhat

    Khloe K looks mixed in that picture. Gotta love her

  • true

    Vanessa B is my fav wife. The others are a joke. Since when is Hoepz Shacs wife?? These titles were all a mess.

  • ellegirl

    I thought this list was supposed to be full of white women? According to racist/sexist BW this list shouldn’t have anyh chocolate. All I saw was one mestiza and a half Armenian white girl in the non-blk crowd. Eva Longoria doesn’t count…

  • Real Issh

    Oh Naw , Dwight Howard has to drop that b*tch .

    • My2Cent

      Co-sign. She just looks immature in that photo.

      The only thing missing is her blowing a bubble with bubble-gum.

    • super steph!

      haha she played bball at my d9 college

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    38 I mean

  • JaZzIe91


  • frank white

    your list is wack. Tyra Banks and Eva. Whoever composed this list eat deeeeeez! Try again

  • Rayne

    How are yall gonna have dwight’s girl in this and then have him in the eligible bachelors post? smh.

  • Lynn

    Shaq is not Hoopz’s husband. They’re having fun “playing” house, but it’s not real. He’ll be her HUSBAND if/when they say their vows and sign on the dotted line…

  • msL

    wait why are khloe and lamar the laughing stock of the NBA? fill me in.. and since when were shap and hoopz married? idk about ciara and that dude, i’ve yet to see proof and eva shouldn’t be on this list period cuz her and tony called it quits mad long ago..

  • Miss Jackie M.

    Dang, How many jumpoffs does Dwight Howard have???

  • web cam model

    wow I like i’d hire her

  • MsBossip

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Speaker of The House

    Vanessa is the most beautiful lady shown in this post. Her and Kobe have the most positive image and marriage/relationship in this post along with Khloe and Lamar. Vanessa always, alwsys carries herself like a complete lady. I know Kobe has to feel great about that. Eva will not be at the games! She’s beautiful but will not be there. Her and Tony are over.
    Khloe is beautiful! I like seeing her and Lamar together. Khloe is soooo wife matrrial! She really tries hard at being a good wife and does a good job. She is the glue that could hold a family together.

    These other girls I don’t know. Gabby always comes off as very smart in her films and she’s pretty. Her stealing a husband? Some people don’t work hard at TRYING to keep their mate. You run the risk of losing what is yours when this happens. You can never ever steal what doesn’t want to be stolen. The other ladies are blah I guess.

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