When The Rap Checks Stop Coming In: Bow Wow Is Working On A Sitcom

- By Bossip Staff

We’ve gotta give it to Bow Wow: it takes a big man to admit it’s time to quit the bullsh*t that isn’t paying.

And Bow Wow hasn’t seen a rap check in a minute. So he’s turning to Ice Cube for some post-rap-check assistance.

The rapper, who also starred in two Ice Cube produced flicks (“All About the Benjamins” and “Lottery Ticket”) is re-teaming with the hit director on an upcoming, untitled sitcom.

Bow Wow told AllHipHop.com that longtime mentor/Atlanta mogul Jermaine Dupri will create the score for the series.

“I just spoke with JD yesterday and I got him doing the score and he is actually about to do the music for the TV show sitcom that I am doing with Ice Cube,” Bow Wow told AllHipHop.com.

“I partnered with Ice Cube and he is producing my sitcom,” the rapper continued. “I told JD when Will [Smith] had his own show [“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”], Quincy Jones did all the music so it’s only right that he does mine. So I got him doing all the scores to the TV show. I speak to JD daily.

The untitled sitcom is still in the early stages, so while details were scant, Bow Wow said the deal had just been signed and writers were currently being sought for the television show.

Hmmm…. No mention of Young Money/Cash Money at all on that one? Interesting.


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  • http://2centtab.blogspot.com Judah

    Its cool he branches out. He is a talented entertainer. His mixtape is sick too. Dont sleep on bow weezy.

  • DubCgal

    There ya go boo, play to your strengths!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Since when did checks stop rolling in for this man? The sitcom is just more checks.

  • Ronny

    He can actually act so this isn’t far fetched for him.

  • Christie_love

    I do believe that Shad Moss is still profiting good from his rap music,he better get in plenty of work as he can. He has a baby on the way,Miss Joie will make sure that their child will be providrd for. That is good that he is staying on his grind.

  • drizzy

    I really doubt that his rap checks stopped coming in. This man has been a multi-platinum selling artist since he was 14. Not to mention the countless sold out tours he’s performed on and headlined. Just because he’s exploring another avenue to make money doesn’t mean he’s strapped for cash.


    I believe he will do well… It’s only natural for someone who has been in the business for as long as he has to turn to other options… I wish him much success and our people need to support him

  • TennesseeTitan

    not a bow wow fan at all, neither r my kids but we do love Cube. Good luck wit that

  • kerry (doesn't walk in bullsh!t and doesn't eat fried ice cream)

    It soesn’t sound like the checks aren’t coming in. It sounds like the music is stopping.

    • kerry (doesn't walk in bullsh!t and doesn't eat fried ice cream)


  • Banks

    I barely wanted to see bow wow in the line with me at saks, so I def don’t wanna see him on tv confronting my viewing choices

  • Walt Davis

    Listen young brother. Stay focus on the hidden things that makes you, you inside my young brother. (You where made too be a leader). But the devil has been taking you on a roller coaster ride.

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