Ladies Love La Flare: A History Of Women Linked To Gucci Mane

- By Bossip Staff

Before his recent arrest for throwing a woman out of a moving vehicle, there was something about Gucci Mane that made him a star attraction for a number of ladies.

Maybe it’s the ice cream cone tattooed on his face, his gaudy extravagant jewelry collection or the way he says things like “Brr” and “Gucci!”, that make him simply irresistible to women in modeling, singing and rapping.


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  • tommykimon

    No amount of money can sway me to chill with Gucci. He’s up there with Flavor Flav as the ugliest men ever.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Maybe its the way he jumps over dudes to punch a woman in the face.

  • Let it be Known

    People will sell they soul for money and fame. Nothing nor no one is worth my soul and eternity with the Lord. Whether they know it their leader the devil has a place for their souls to tourture for eternalty. Whether they know it or not if you not for God you are against him. Money is not everything build your riches where you will spend eternity!


    he was okkay before he got the cone on his face, now that he has a double scoop on his face i can rock with it…….its too much for sumbody over 35………….he played his self………on that one


    honestly……to me gucci just look crazy, he like that crazzzy cuzin u have that flairs up one in a while becuz they gave him season weeeed and he cant control his hed space….so we have to uhm inject him down…for him to kool it…well thats how gucci is for me….he makes that crazzzy music….we need ppl like him….”girls r like buses” lol his wordss not mine…gucccci….gucci

  • Janay

    Ladies love Gucci? Crusty lipped, special ed, terminal sinus infection Gucci? Stop it lol….. It’s faux articles like this that give ugly men false hope that they too can pull any chick. I wouldn’t touch Gucci with a ten foot pole. Um starting to think this website is updated by men.

  • I See Phonies from a Mile Away


    • Angie

      That sums up my thoughts exactly just gross that anyone finds him even mildly attractive

  • Janay

    Dilla I don’t know where they get this stuff…I swear. And people may actually buy into it. Ladies love la flare. No woman could have wrote that LOL

  • big c

    this is the difference between men and women . a women would date a sorry piece of shh like gucci. a man will not date a rat we would just hit and run . women now know what type of fool this man is but they will still run to his as- because he has a lil money.

  • JayJay Growlings

    there is a local saying in a ghanaian tribe that says “girls like stupid boys”

  • MisterTouch

    Who is Gucci Mane? That nigroid can make an onion cry. If woman that GETS into his car, he needs to HANDCUFF her to the seat instead of throwing her out. Looking at this joker is like looking at the sun……………It hurts !

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