Get Your Life Together: Frankie Shows Up For A Probation Check-In With Crack In Her System

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday, the news broke that a recent visit to her probation officer’s office landed Keyshia Cole’s practically-disowned biological mother Frankie Lons in the clink.

The story was that, despite all of her promises to do better and Dr. Drew’s best efforts, Frankie failed an on-the-spot drug test and, having violated her probation, was taken instantly take into custody.

This morning, a little more of the story came to light. According to Atlanta’s V-103 FM, Frankie’s drug of choice this go ’round was crack… and lots of it. Not only that, but apparently, Frankie wasn’t the only person of interest to the public to be involved in this tale from the hood.

This most recent bit of drama could cost Frankie as much as two years behind bars.

No wonder Keyshia keeps her distance. SMH. More details as they emerge.

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  • jaylove-2011

    Crack must be one hard bi-otch to kick!

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  • ReallyNotINterested

    I wish the black media would ignore this sad woman. She is not famous, nor is she entertaining. I’ll be happy when she is no longer an issue of discussion.

  • Judah

    Dag…she needs to be a grandmother and stay home.

  • jm@gic

    black women do,with mothers day coming up what do you get the mother who has everything

  • Mrs. Rance

    That’s too bad. I wish Frankie luck with kicking her habit.

  • http://n/a 5 Star Chick

    More Money More Problems! Make the Money and don’t let it make you!

  • mama going to jail!

    Put that azz in JAIL!

  • b-nice

    This is sad. Here it is Keysha Cole a still up and coming singer goes all out her way to help a woman who is her mother that basically chose drugs over raising her. Keysha gives her an opportunity that most of us can only dream of and she runs around running her mouth sounding all incoherent doing drugs and now caught with crack in her system. This is just sad. I am so glad that Keysha cole has an adopted mother that cares so much about her and far as I’m concerned that mother is the only mother. Move on Keysha and do YOU…………..

    • Shelly

      I agree with what you said 100%. This is sad. I really thought Frankie was doing better.

  • if anything be noble

    Yall highlight these badgirl moms of Black celebs like the dads are pillars of virtue. Where the dads at? What they up to?

    • kerry (doesn't walk in bullsh!t and doesn't eat fried ice cream)


  • lele

    hmmmm….i don’t know why any one is surprised. This was long over due. smh Keyshia tried her best to keep her family on track.

  • kerry (doesn't walk in bullsh!t and doesn't eat fried ice cream)

    Just because your high behind mammy smoked rocks doesn’t mean all of us do.

  • kerry (doesn't walk in bullsh!t and doesn't eat fried ice cream)

    Frankie pisses me off.

  • Daisy Jay

    they don’t even*

  • Saralove

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  • Kay

    Sad story….. Some ppl just never get it together.

  • gross

    wow she’s trashy & fugly!



  • Ryda4life

    This is the reason Keshia seperated her new life from this old one . Some people just dont get it. She needs to be locked back up . it’s the only way she will get clean ,but for people to get second chances & ruin them is crazy…. That stuff is awfull…….



  • Queen R

    Life is hard indeed! We have choices! A lot of people come from broken familes, some achieve and unfortunately don’t! But a some point in your adult life change should be inevitable! There is nothing worst than these old crack-heads. Pleeze!

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Damn, this woman needs to be on 24/7 care if she wants to truly kick this habit…if she even wants to “kick” the habit.

  • if anything be noble

    Sidenote: This woman could be my aunt who died, btw. Same soup, different bowl. I have seen it in action.

  • deede

    LMAO. Look closely at the pic u can see a pipe in her pocket then.

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