Details About Deadly Breakup Emerge — Victim Was Drawn To Abusers, Neighbors Suspected “He Was Going To Kill Her”

- By Bossip Staff

More details have emerged surrounding the grisly murder of a beautiful art student hacked to death by her boyfriend when she tried to leave him.

Friends, neighbors and former employers have all stepped forward, many who say Raul Barrera showed a violent controlling streak toward Sarah Coit for years before killing her.

24-year-old Colleen Carerir, who lived in the same East 33rd St. building as the couple before they moved to the Clinton St. address where Coit was killed, said she believed Barrera would kill Coit long before it happened:

“I knew he was going to kill her,” Carerir said. “His eyes were insane. He was a killer.”

“He wasn’t human,” she said. “He was a monster. He looked at me like I was a piece of meat. I worked at Bellevue with mental patients, and they had nothing on this guy.”

Earlier this year when the couple was still living on East 33rd, “I heard her violent screams,” said Carerir. In January, Carerir called cops one night “when I thought he was killing her.”

“He had her in the bathtub, and it sounded like he was filling it with water,” Carerir said. “I think he was strangling her. She was screaming a lot and coughing.”

Cops came, but did not arrest Barrera, she said.

Carerir said Barrera also “tried to hit on me. He was a ladies’ man.”

Coit’s best friend Jessica Blum said she had been trying to help her leave for some time and was relieved she finally planned a breakup.

“Sarah was trying to get away,” said Blum, who called the 33-year-old Barrera a freeloader and said he took advantage of Coit for years.

“He was awful. He gave you bad vibes instantly. He was horrible. He was controlling over her . . . He broke her computer when she wouldn’t let him use it. He would take her BlackBerry for a week at a time, saying she didn’t need to use it,” Blum said.

She also said Barrera would send BlackBerry messages to Coit’s friends from her phone, pretending to be her and cutting them off.

“He was an emotionally controlling person. It’s baffling that she stayed with him. She normally wouldn’t put up with that. He’s a real monster,” Blum said.

Another friend, Sophie Conti said Coit had a thing for bad boys who mistreated her, even back in Connecticut when they attended ritzy Greenwich High School.

“She had a history of mildly abusive boyfriends,” Conti said, noting that in high school, Coit dated a guy who was in jail.

“She could have had anyone, but she chose sketchy characters,” Conti said of Coit, whose father, Lynde Coit, is a Cornell-educated lawyer and adviser to the CEO of Plasco Energy Group.

“It’s beyond me how anyone from our background could be put in such a situation. It was just shocking. She was just so tall and statuesque and beautiful,” Conti said.

Barrera also had a shady past that included a record of seven domestic violence incidents with two former girlfriends from 2001 to 2004. SMH

More details have emerged about the stabbing that claimed Coit’s life. They are horribly graphic:

Barrera allegedly stabbed Coit over and over in the head and torso, rotating knives from a collection of eight that he had in the apartment, police sources said. Her head was also bashed in.

The attack was so grisly, it left a piece of a knife lodged in her head. When a blood-covered Barrera fled the 63 Clinton St. apartment, he allegedly left Coit on the floor clinging to life as her internal organs spilled out.

Part of the reason it took so long to get help to Coit was that many of the neighbors awakened by the fight believed the screaming was coming from the building next door. Three people living in a building next door called 911 and told operators the yelling was coming from their apartment building. Two others also called 911, and also mistakenly gave the wrong address.

Ironically it was Barrera who sent them to the right place. After hopping a cab to Penn Station he called his father, who convinced him to surrender. He directed the driver to take him to the Ninth Precinct because he knew where it was from his other arrests. Barrera told cops their final fight began because she was leaving him.

He told police, “I did something bad,” a source said.

He allegedly confessed, saying he had grabbed a knife out of Coit’s hands when she came at him with it, sources said.

But “there’s no excuse,” Barrera also admitted, sources said.

Officers rushed to the address Barrera gave them, where through the locked door, they asked Coit if she was capable of letting them in.

“No,” she responded.

It’s believed to have been her last word.

Police knocked the door down, but it was too late.

This is just chilling. If you know anybody in a domestic violence situation, please let them know their life is in danger. This dude needs to be put under a jail.


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  • Judah

    People say alot of things in hindsight. If they truly thought he was gonna do something perhaps they should have stepped in.

    • Sara

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      nice experience——-

    • Thaddious

      @Judah, stepped in and done what?

      I’ve been on the outside of that situation before.

      In a free country, all you can do is advise, you can’t force an adult to leave.

      He had 7 CDVs – sometimes this society fails-

  • Truth

    Sad,she was a beautiful woman.

    Blacks,stick with your own kind!

    • Thibau

      You just couldnt leave your racist agenda aside could you?

    • Truth

      Make my day.

  • if anything be noble

    This is sad beyond words. I’m not downplaying it but what’s with all this “beautiful,” “beauty,” “blond,” “statuesque,” “our background,” beauty,” “beautiful” talk. How many times can you count “beauty?” It would have been no less horrific had she been short, dark and dumpy. Horrendously sad. And awful journalistic bias based on appearances. Love and peace to her family.

  • Matix B

    It’s sad for anyone to die like this, no one deserves to be sliced like a piece of meat. What’s even sadder is the fact that she was drawn to abusers, she probably thought she couldn’t do better. Rest in Paradise.


      It sounds like she was mimicking something that she might’ve seen at home. I knew this jerk was a user! He’s been moving from woman to woman for the last ten years, I’d bet a million dollars on it! This girl was about to kick him out of the apartment that was in HER NAME and he would’ve had no place to go!

      Women PLEASE be careful, there are predators all over the place, but there are a lot of losers in many cities who prey on women because they have NOTHING!

      This girl had too many chances! She should’ve had here rich dad “take care” of Raul.

    • Matix B

      I agree, seems like he knew his gig was up and she was coming to her senses and getting ready to 86 him. It’s sad that she didn’t act faster, as she could have had a chance.

  • 7lady

    I can’t say what I wouldve did. But I just really wish one of those neighbors had called the police sooner. Just being mad that they are yelling and waking them up. And how could they not find her didn’t the one guy say he heard them above them? And for some reason I believe men kno who to beat and who not to beat. A wolf will prey on the weak. Im submissive to a man but still firm. You aint gone be doggin me and hittin on me hell naw. They kno who to try that sh*t with. He had the right one. I hate that girl lost her life like that. She didn’t deserve to die like that smh.


      DID you NOT READ the ARTICLE? It says she had a history of picking mildly abusive men. In this case she picked a KILLER!

      It is NOT the public’s responsibility to chase a grown woman and make her do right. Common sense would’ve told me to break up with this guy and have an AK-47 in hand because he would’ve never gone quietly.

      This is a sad situation all around, but it sounds like she should’ve given this guy the heave ho years ago. Thank god he’s going to jail.

  • speakthetruth

    Ok I normally don’t comment ..but one….he does not look as if he is fully from african american decent…it is sad that this happened to this young lady and my heart pours out for her family. Domestic violence knows no race, color nor nationality….speak up….


    off comment but, damn if ya gon cut and paste, at least edit the sh!t before you post it, come on get it together b-oss-ip

  • Matix B

    Yesterday was a cesspool of race baiting and impersonation, sadly some will continue to push the race envelope. The only sensational aspect of this story is the horrific manner this poor young lady was killed in and the seemingly lack of intervention from neighbors, and or family members. We all can learn a few things from this story, mainly how to identify domestic violence, and how not to stay silent as you never know what your personal inaction will bring.

  • Peppa

    This is horrific, and I agree with you the media uses race and appearance as a way of making the crime more horrible. Nothing can make it worse than it is. I do not care that the guy is Latino and the victim is white, any more than I’d care if the man was white, and the victim was Latina. At the very least, I am glad something reached his conscious. I just wish something reached it while he was killing her.

  • BetaQueen

    this is sad in so many ways …i’m glad to see this story. it came right on time. I know what has to be done

    • Howudoing

      This is sad..Ladies just leave his a$$. No goodbyes, no why’s just leave. No reasoning with a psycho. Especially if your his meal ticket. Words are easy to say and people say whatever to get what they want. Like “I Love you”. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  • jco



    This is truly sad. This happened on my block. I Iive on Clinton street where this happened. This is insane. He’ll surely pay for what he has done once my boys get him up in Rikers Island. RIP


    This is truly sad. This happened on my block. I Iive on Clinton street where this happened. This is insane. He’ll surely pay for what he has done once my boys get him up in Rikers Island. RIP to that young lady

  • Youknowimright

    That girl was not cute, she was actually below average.

    • nikki6

      what is wrong with you??? smh have you ever heard the word KARMA ugh!!! save yourself

    • IknowyourShanaynay

      Kill yourself before you reproduce. Hurry.

  • tb

    Becky’s love of black d!ck was her demise. I hope thise happens to all swirling couples. I am tired of ppl not sticking with their own kind. Blacks and whites are not suppose to be together. Fire burn all you swirling couples. Burn in he ll.

    • eliteliberal

      And how do you explain the white men that kill their wives and girlfriends? this is not about color, fool. this is about control and abuse. She did not deserve that from anyone…I don’t care what color he his.

  • kerry (doesn't walk in bullsh!t and doesn't eat fried ice cream)

    “I did something bad”.

  • kerry (doesn't walk in bullsh!t and doesn't eat fried ice cream)

    “He tried to hit on me…he’s a ladies man”..?????? This is really too much.


      More like a ladykiller.

  • tb

    That’s an ugly white girl. There was nothing cute, beautiful or statuesque about her. I guess becasue she is white she is all those things and if it was a black girl killed by a white guy she would not even be in the news. Fu ck America!

  • SMH

    honestly, this is a tragic story…but what was she doing with him in the first place?!?!

  • Ben

    I do not like how this story is being reported in the press, it shows you that black people are treated with no respect.It is indeed a tragedy that happened but how many women die in New York yet this story is front page news because she is white and the killer is black.
    Black men need to deal with there emotional and anger issues and get real there are Black Dominicans.He clearly had long term issues with violence and self control.

  • Ryda4life

    I’ve seen too many stories about this kind of thing . Im getting to the point that I think that women like these type of guys because they wanna create their own bucket list.

    If not why do women continue to date these type of guys knowing the outcome …
    Either you have a brain or I have no sympathy …

  • Ryda4life

    What happened to make love not war . That’s winning…..
    If beating & killin your woman is cool then I’m square as hell & proud of it!!!!!

  • ReALiSt aka MiDdLe FiNgEr 2d NeGrO OBAMA

    He’ll also pazz for black before Drake and Chris Brown, just saying..

  • ProudLatina

    Well…If she came from that “ritzie backgroud” wonder why her friends and family didnt help her out I mean her dad is a lawyer? I dont think that was a real friend because I know my friends will bust a cap on any guy that will even try to hurt me and I would do the same for them. I feel bad for what happend and its a shame that neighboors arent neighboorly anymore but that is NY so it is what it is. 😦 RIP Ms. Coit

    • ZaZa

      To you and all who commented the same way with “why didn’t her friends and family help,” perhaps they did but she didn’t listen. That is possible. I’m not trying to take up for anyone I’m just being real. My older sister dated guys who were not right for her. One of them put his hands on her. And no matter how many times our mom suggested she leave him, she stayed and broke up with him when she felt it was ready. The same with my younger sister now. She is involved with a married man and I constantly tell her she needs to leave him but she doesn’t listen. She just says it’s easier said than done. I just hope his wife doesn’t do away with her.

  • Daisy Jay

    Drawn to abusers? Wow, sorry, but she brought this on herself. I mean…man, I don’t know. I hope this guy gets life behind bars because abusers will never belong in the free world. Keep them in cells with all the other scumbags.

    Girls need to stop this sh!t with getting with violent men. I’m not sure if it’s a psychological issue, but it needs to stop. There are too many girls just like her. Giving excuses for why their men beat them. Sad, just sad.

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