Mel B’s Body Is Still Bangin In A Kini….Baby Bump And All

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Mel B chillin with her husband Stephen Belafonte and daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown with her bikini swag on swole….(no pun intended).

Cakes still in full effect too…She’s looking great!

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  • Mrs. Rance

    Gorgeous pics. Miss Angel is oh so fly.

  • Lisa

    She looks great, what a cute little family, lots of love there.

  • jm@gic

    and thats hard to say with black women

  • Mrs. Rance

    Stephen appears to be most appreciative of the bootay. Love to see a man lusting after his wife. Beautiful.

  • U heard it here...

    Mmm mmm MMM! I love me a white man!

  • 7lady

    She look so pretty. All that love she got in her life. She is truly blessed. Mel always seems happy.

    On another note why are people on here doggin black women daily. This is a black site..if you love white women so much why are you here? I would be on their blogs looking at pics of them and telling them how beautiful. And then the troll azz sistas come on here sayn dumb sh*t too. Yall so gatdamn fake and wack it’s a shame. I bet ugly as f*ck too. Miserable azz…a white or black muhfugga don’t want your azz.

    • VHUFF


  • Ronny

    Yabbadabbadoo!!! This chick is fine!

  • lani3000

    Im in awe that womans body

  • Kanye West's Wifey

    He’s looking at her like Damn! & that’s all mine! lmfao

  • 7lady

    You psycho crazed pill poppin b*tch I really wasn’t referring to your azz it was toward the sistas that come on here doggin black men. Damn you an angry crazy b*tch. I can’t even really say anything back to you. Your hatred for me is insane. You one of those sistas that are so angry you would cut a b*tch face up. Or even kill one. You so f*ckin miserable. I feel sorry for yo azz. I’m gonna let your crazy azz have the last word trust sweetie. Don’t want you to pop a f*ckin blood vessel. I’ll come back and read it though. Try and have a good day.

  • Tcity

    Well damn,you need a hug.

  • Saralove

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  • Daisy Jay

    This may be odd, but I like her skin tone for some reason. Don’t ask why because I don’t know either……..

    • LongDikk

      Why is it odd to like someone’s skintone??#SMH

  • Bella

    She looks so cute. But I hope she’s having a boy this time…she has no idea of what to do with those girls’ hair.

  • nickyjay_justsayin

    She looks happy! and I’m glad that baby’s hair grew back!

  • sic of looking at naked preggers attention hoes

    Boo 7hoe! Ain’t nobody scared of online bullies! Check back 24/7 snake hips! Your not in charge of what sista can say about anyone! The blog isn’t yours! And they are free to say what they want about sorry azz man that has acted badly towards them percieved or otherwise! Thats a major problem with some females living in denial…he might be your prince and someone elses devil! Noway would I put my hands on anyone that not attempt to hit me. Your a blog bully angry s’not nose hoe!

  • prissa

    Little Angel is so cute. I tell ya, Eddie aint all that with his chicklet teeth but he makes cute kids.

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