Is This Lil Wayne’s Latest Victim Chop Down Experiment… The Amy Winehouse Project?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Lil’ Wayne has ran through so many chicks that we are not really alarmed when a new chick pops up… until now!!! This past weekend in Atlanta, Weezy’s “I Am Music II” tour passed through the city. At the after party, Weezy F. “Gotta-Lot-Of” Babies was seen with his arm wrapped around this Amy Winehouse looking chick—

Who Is She?!?!

Noooo!!! It’s not Amy Winehouse but she damn sure looks like her half-way cleaned up cousin. This chick, who is looking mighty comfortable with Wayne’s arm around her is his wardrobe stylist, Marisa Flores. Another story hit the net claiming that these two were a new couple and Marisa was hot about it because “IT’S NOT LIKE THAT”!!!

WEEEEEELLLLL, Marisa… It may not be like that but a picture and your body language speaks a thousand words. Maybe she’s just realllly into her work?!?!

Check out the Pics and Tell Us What You Think…:

Pics Courtesty of ATLPics.Net/Source

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  • leilani

    I still think Lil Wayne is just as gay as two openly gay men in a men’s locker room…any man who has more pictures on the internet of him kissing another man, and none shown kissing a woman, he is gay…. I don’t even see what women see in this frog… ugh…

  • kerry (doesn't walk in bullsh!t and doesn't eat fried ice cream)

    I love you Weezy!

  • Saralove

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  • Northern Cali Honey

    Do we really care who Weezy is choppin down every other day? Damn, get some real news please!

  • YokoDMV

    i think a stylist shouldnt wear seasonally confused outfits or shirts that looked like used toilet paper…her hair is cute tho.

  • Juliemango

    Amy is somewhat gross. This girls shirt is gross but her legs are hot!!!

  • Whoufeelin

    If she is a stylist, she needs to step her game up cuz that oufit is ugly.

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