Random Ridiculousness: Woman Kills Herself And 3 Babies While Her 10-Year-Old Watches

- By Bossip Staff

This is too sad for words:

An upstate mother drove her minivan straight into the Hudson River last night — killing herself and three of her young children in an apparent murder-suicide, authorities said. The woman, whose name was not released, had earlier been involved in a domestic dispute.

The tragic youngsters were 2- and 5-year-old boys and an 11-month-old girl. Moments before her shocking plunge, at around 8 p.m., the woman let her 10-year-old son exit the car. The boy watched in horror as the car went off a boat ramp into the river.

The child ran to a nearby fire station and alerted firefighters, Chief Michael Vatter said. Newburgh Police Chief Michael Ferrara said the tragedy took place 10 minutes after cops responded to the family’s home for a domestic incident, the Times Herald-Record said.

But when cops arrived at the William Street apartment — a few blocks from where the vehicle was later found — no one was home.

Those poor babies.


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  • :(

    That’s awful 😦

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  • itsbrittneybitch

    Rip, idk why she would take her kids with her, its selfish to take your own life but you’re gonna take the lives of your kids with you? I bet she was white.

  • kerry (B!TCH GET IN MY CAR)

    Legend I will take that bet. Something tells me she is lily white. She should have let all of her kids out first.

    • Getem

      Why even respond to ignorance?

  • oh snap

    Of course race is brought up now. If we find out she’s white, then posters here will talk about how white people kill their families. If we find out she’s black, then posters here will talk about how she must have been a victim of racism, blaming white people.

    How about this for a novel idea — whatever color she is, she was obviously mentally ill (possibly due to post partum depression or abuse by her husband). So enough of the race-baiting. This is a tragic story no matter what.

    • Tankmen

      People need to stop making excuses based on race. If she was black then somebody is going to blame the black man.

    • E

      Whatever happenned to plain ole Crazy?

      This lady was crazy, whether she was being abused by her husband , PPD , or otherwise

      Still very sad that murder was the result of this

  • viki

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  • Tankmen


  • JayJay Growlings

    there’s a section in hell two seats from the devil reserved for her!!

  • SoGee

    @Ohsnap actually if we find out she’s black both Black Men and White people will bring up her race for example, “Typical Black woman” or “Of course she’s black Black women are violent”, or “That’s why I don’t get with Black women, their violent and crazy”. No one will bring up race if it’s a white woman and you know that. Every time someone Black kills race is brung up and they blame the race as a whole. If a Black woman did something bad all Black women are blamed as a whole. You know this.

  • b-nice

    @ I am legend you have got to be the dumbest MF I have known to blog. You are high on crack who the hell gave you access to a computer. The entire racisit jawn you blowing your bad breath with allows the opportunity to understand the level of your ignorance. You just one of those people that has what we like to call “Diahrea of the mouth” …..I understand your mother and father never loved you that is the reason you hate. Why are you even on this blog site if you hate black people? You can hate black people all you want but you better believe your president is black……..LMAO

  • oh snap

    SoGee, not true. Read the comments all over this site. White people are blamed on everything just as blacks are.

  • vikkiejay

    She was a human being who took the lives of 3 INNOCENT human beings. (And tramatized one young boy for life). I don’t think God has separate lists for race. We are all on the same list.

  • vikkiejay

    She was a human being who took the lives of 3 INNOCENT human beings. (And traumatized one young boy for life). I don’t think God has separate lists for race. We are all on the same list.

  • rene

    @b-nice ,
    He sure is mean and heartess.

  • slntdbrwneyez

    Did we 4get abt the family here! Regardless of the race… someone is missing a 4 loved ones!

  • Soul Touch

    @Oh Snap

    You’re going to raise your blood pressure. People on this site insult blacks, whites, asians, latinos…what ever. Ignore it. If you take it all to heart you’re going to give yourself a coronary. People talk mess to talk mess…and to get a rise out of people.

    …back to the story at hand.

    Terrible. Just kill yourself and leave the children alone. Self b*tch.

    • oh snap

      You’re right, Soul Touch.

  • wisedome

    A billion problems,should not kill you,remember mind over matters,problems cannot kill you, you must kill the problems,problems comes to you to make you a better person, you must kill the problems, no matter how severe it looks and come at you,you must look at it and smile and said to the problems hey without me you would never exist, you must be the actor of your show,having faith in yahoshua thru yah the most high,read the bible the storys of believers and unbelievers, yes my people we must get ready for the fight like;;jobe in the bible..like joseph”like mandella”it does not matter how much degrees and money you have and what color you are”believe this a test its coming for all of us,and its going to base on what you love dearly in this world,, no one will escape;only the faithfull will make it, unplug from the matrix.www.hebrewisraelites.org shalom.

  • 0_o

    Why did she take the babies? This is just tragic!

  • oh snap

    Her name is Lashanda Armstrong. Her 10-year-old is Lashaun. The other kids are Landon Pierce, 5; Lance Pierre, 2; and 11-month-old Laianna.

  • prissa

    I’m with @Kerry n I’ll take the bet too @I am Legend. Sounds like a crakker move to me! And she should have let ALL the kids go. RIP to all of them. 😦

    • oh snap

      Actually, you’re wrong, it wasn’t a “crakker.” And you’re also very racist. Disgusting.



    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      I agree. I was just thinking of the child she left behind.

      I think that a person who commits suicide, although they’re at a place where they feel as if there is no answers to their pain; they commit one of the most selfish acts known to man.

      Just my opinion.

  • ProudLatina

    Poor little. God Bless yOU 😦 tHAT WOMan is so horrible for putting him through that horror estupida!

  • Your the Problem

    Lets see WHITE woman drives car in lake and drown her 3 babies and blamed it on a black man..Lets see WHITE woman drowned her 5 kids in a tube..Lets see WHITE woman kills 3 kids by strangulation..Guess they killed them off so they end up like YOU!!!

  • ting,ting

    She just make the kids to kill them. Whatever the race this a sad story. The 10 year child left behind will never forget that day. I really pray he is in good hands with family members who have his best interest at heart. IT was a selfish move on that mother. what ever she was going through have nothing to do with those kids, she never even given them the chance to life like how she got that chance.

  • G.M.

    women killin their kids again, what else is new SMDH…its hard as fucc to be a kid this day n age…its sad that surviving childhood is an accomplishment/milestone nowadays smh


      You get on my nerves with your comments. If these so-called MEN would step up, most of this stuff wouldn’t be happening.

      Even while married, most women are worn down because their useless husbands are somewhere screwing another skank and not helping the wife. I will never understand people having more than two children in this day and age. Obviously there was something very wrong, and the man in her life was probably hitting her instead of protecting her like he SHOULD HAVE BEEN! You must be gay because it’s obvious that you hate women.

  • The Voice of Reason

    She was Black as someone stated earlier.No matter her race she was seriously ill and her surviving son should be in our prayers.A young child just witnessed the death of his mother and siblings.He probably witnessed the domestic violence as well.Instead of judging this woman,we should be thankful we’ve never had to imagine the feeling of being so overwhelmed with life we’d kill ourselves and/or others.You never know what people are going through.

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