No Cents Resorts to Reality T.V.

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Posted by Bossip Staff

50 couldn’t resist the urge to jump on the reality show bandwagon:

Mogul 50 Cent is set to share his entrepreneurial skills next month with the debut of The Money and the Power, his first MTV reality series. The show will feature 14 aspiring moguls living together in a Brooklyn warehouse dubbed “Camp Curtis.” From there, the contestants must work together through a myriad of innovative challenges in hopes of honing their business acumen. Each week, 50 will eliminate a contestant based on how much knowledge they retained from the previous challenge. Viewers will also get to see the contestants interact with other music stars, as special appearances from LL Cool J, Aubry O’Day of Danity Kane, Lloyd Banks, and blogger Miss Info are highlights of the series. 50’s right hand man Tony Yayo will serve as the show’s “Underboss,” making sure the show’s contestants remain in line and focused on the tasks at hand. Even with the television’s wide variety of reality shows, 50 is confident that his series will transcend most shows and illuminate the hard work and sacrifice required to make in it the music business. “If it was just my image, I wouldn’t have made this much money,” 50 stated bluntly of his business acumen and taste.

You gotta give Bugsy his props because he does know how to make his money work for him but, this reality show sounds about as interesting as a G-Unit greatest hits album. Kinda makes you want to avoid paying your cable bill so you don’t even press the wrong channel by accident.


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  • bambiigal


  • Black British Girl

    No the hired professionals who work for 50 cent know and are expereienced in how to exploit a brand….50 cent just says yes or no…..

  • kenken

    i can’t knock his hustle, but come on is this another diddy wannabe?

  • davari

    What’s more pathetic? Him for doing this? Or the idiots that are going to watch it?

  • just jaded

    i really don’t see the necessity of this show, doesn’t he have like 100 other projects going as well? however i will be watching just becuz it has him in it.

  • blaq

    Sounds like “Who wants to work for Diddy”

    featuring Aubry O’Day of Danity Kane, not D.Woods of DK. Stupid ass girl, Aubry’s career is continuing and D.Woods will be forgotten by the end of the week, she better be begging Diddy for her spot back instead of trying to be hard, she is not a whorish blond white girl, her opportunities are limited.

  • sepia830

    Ugh, like I really want to be exposed to that grill in HDTV.

  • Black.Woman

    I will not watch it.

  • Ms. Toson

    The scene in “Righteous Kill” where Al Pacino gave him his last rites would be classic right about now…Shoot yourself, 50!

  • laughing808

    ROFL @ Kinda makes you want to avoid paying your cable bill so you don’t even press the wrong channel by accident.

  • General got you mad huh?

  • Oshie - lay down on the floor, I want the Gs and the money or everybody gotta Go

    My TV just broke itself when it heard this.

  • cocoa49

    i love it….the hate that is…it won’t stop him from making his money…..can’t wait to see it.

  • General


    It gets cold and dark out there…. LMAO

    d-woods i pray for you sista…..

    50 lets get the $$$… matter of fact shout to 50 for not promoting drugs sales and showing the youth how to really get it…

  • nyc1

    Its(To da haters)like u all that keep strong minded people focus.First Diddy is (WACK!!!!) he is da reason y BIGGIE isn’t with us.N this sight owner is da bigger hater but guess wat u given him da PUB dummy!!!!!!!!! HATE IT OR LOVE HE’ll always be on top because of HATERS LIKE YOU. WE ALL THANK U WE LOVE HATERS LIKE U ALL!! HATE ON !!! KEEP HATE ALIVE GGGGUNIT NY 4EVER.GET MONEY FIFTY LET EM HATE N WATCH DA MONEY PILE UP.

  • *MiSsUnd3rsto0d*

    wen i saw this afta or durin da makin the band finale i was like damnnn, ANOTHA show?? i dunno how much more i can take altho i am guily or watchin reality tv..seemz like a diddy knockoff if u ask me, but o well..i’ll b watchn! lol 😉

  • Willina

    Hey 50, we love you too.

  • Linnay

    Go! 50

  • Dan Poeter

    get off 50’s d**k and quit hatin’ on his hustle…BEYOTCH!!!!

  • Fine

    Anything to make money, until we understand that supporting hustling in our media damages our culture we will never succeed and anything will go within our culture.

  • Kompton's Kutie {{Suivez la Faveur}}

    I will not watch it……..

  • tiredofitall

    I watched the preview last nite…here is my 10 cents


    how the preview came on like a movie


    At Fifty trying to be Donald Trump


    Okay I can give it to 50 giving business advice but who in the hell let Tony Yayo get on the show and give anyone any advice…I guess he was there to wipe 50 ass like he normally does…

    But I will try to watch it but I think this one will be like the Paris Hilton show…DEAD




  • Miles Hardy

    So you can’t just look at Woods economy; you must look at two. The tasks in the hard work can be very intimidating.

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