Who Is My Hollyweird Mom???

- By Bossip Staff

Devin Hervey

This cutie is the only son of a Hollyweird banger who has been doing the damn thing for decades now. Can you guess who his Mom is?

Kelly Rowland, Whoopi Goldberg, Vanessa Williams and her son Devin Hervey attend the 4/12 Knicks/Bulls game

Vanessa Williams brought her 18-year-old son Devin with her to last night’s Knicks vs. Bulls game at Madison Square Garden. He’s a handsome young guy!

More pictures from the game…

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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


    • Greeneyez0712

      Hmmm…dont he kinda look like Kidd from Kidd & Play?!?!?

    • niinacni8

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  • http://www.freewebs.com/atyourbest redcora

    he looks well-behaved

  • anon

    He’s cute but weird looking at the same time

  • Nana

    Dude looks like he scared of the crowd!

  • Palest Latina

    He is very handsome. Who is his father?


      Ramon Hervey is his dad, he was Vanessa’s first husband.

      I think this ugly kid needs a DNA test. He looks like Kid from Kid-N-Play.

  • DubCgal

    I’m feeling those cowboy boots! I’m tired of seeing EVERYONE in skinny jeans and heels!

    • Used to You Ninjas Now

      CoSign!!!! I’ve been rocking mine all winter!!! Actually, I keeps my cowgirl boots on blast:) Time for a new flavor….those stacks and skinny jeans are played out.

  • Jamie

    Look at Kellz!!!!!! Love her!!!!!

  • Just Laugh Sometimes

    He looks like Kid From Kid N Play.

    • MsLC78

      I was thinking the same thing, lol.

    • kkkittykat

      ha i thought the exact same thing too!

  • JustAshley

    Not impressed. He has no chin. It’s like he’s missing a chromosome or something.

  • sh

    You are killing me with your comments…..hehehehehehe

  • ProudLatina

    I dont think he’s cute at all.

  • Candid Canuck

    I luv Kelly Rowland.

  • angie

    I forgot she had a son. All of her children are beautiful.


    Funny looking little dude.

  • Redbonelicious

    Lmao at all the comments.. I agree hes cute but weird looking and resembles Kid frm kid n play lol lol

  • Allie

    OMG the last time I saw him he was so little on the cover of a magazine, i seriously can’t believe that’s him he has really grown up

  • JaZzIe91

    He’s cute

  • Get Real

    He is NOT cute, just light skin but to most blacks that enough to be labled FINE. At least he is not fat. All her daughters are chubby.

    • Delight23

      ugh. thank U. cute he is NOT.



  • currvalicious

    Kelly needs that short hair back, not feeling this long look on her.

  • WTF

    Leave the kid alone. He cleans up very well. That urban look makes him look generic.

  • DaTruthIsThaTruth

    Lmao He is NOT cute and I will not beat around the bush. Light skinned does not equal cute. He does kinda look like Kid tho.

  • Dude

    Come out again in a few years when you grow some muscles or the rest of your face. CUTE? IDKAT!

  • Candy Barr

    Isn’t he 15, not 18?

  • Commentator Unknown

    I thought that was Christopher Reids son! We would be a shoo in for a Kid N Play biopic

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