You Can’t Be Serious: Another Drunk Baby Reported At An Olive Garden Near Orlando!

- By Bossip Staff

This makes the second one this week, people need to pay better attention.

LAKELAND, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – A Central Florida mother says her toddler got a little tipsy after accidentally being served alcohol at a popular chain restaurant. Jill Van Heest took her two and half year old son Nikolai to dinner at the Olive Garden on Highway 98 in Lakeland on March 31st.

The boy ordered orange juice and his mom says he drank most of what was in his child’s plastic cup when a waiter came to the table. “We’re eating our meals when the waiter came over and said there’s been a mistake, I need to get you a new one and took the glass and kind of scurried away,” Van Heest said.

She asked him what was in the cup and was told Tropical Sangria, a mixed drink of orange juice, pineapple juice and white wine. Van Heest spoke to the restaurant manager. “He was very sympathetic, very apologetic, but no real explanation as to how it happened, just that it was a mistake,” she said.

The mother says Niko was acting strangely and misbehaving throughout the dinner. “He was visibly drunk. His eyes were dilated, they were red. He was now getting loud.”

She decided to take him to the Emergency Room and Lakeland Regional Medical Center to get checked out. Doctors there told her they couldn’t immediately determine how much alcohol was in the boy’s system. The gave him an I.V. of fluids and released him after a couple hours. Van Heest doesn’t believe there will be any long term health affects and her son appears back to normal.

An Olive Garden rep, Rich Jeffers, issued this statement about the accident:

“We take the responsibility that comes with serving alcohol seriously. This was an extremely regrettable accident caused by the failure of an employee to follow our strict operating procedures. We take this situation very seriously, and we are especially grateful that the child involved was not seriously harmed. We have absolutely no tolerance for failure to follow our operating procedures and we took swift, appropriate action to deal with this situation. We are also taking immediate steps to reinforce our standards. We offer our sincerest apologies to the family of the child, and to all of our guests, whose trust we work so hard to earn. We recognize that trust has been jeopardized by this isolated event, and we are focused on ensuring our guests experience the high standards of service that they’ve come to expect from us.”

We still don’t get how you mix up alcohol and children’s drinks. It’s cool though a good lawsuit and someone going to jail should help make it clear. SMH


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  • Chitowninthehouse

    Parents…please exam your children’s drinks and food at restaurants now. It appears that restaurants are hiring folks who CAN”T READ…please be careful before we read about a DEATH due to this foolishness!

    • Greeneyez0712

      Hmmmm…. oooookay….another one….really…. Or is someone trynna get PAID!?!?? Just saying….

    • Used to You Ninjas Now

      Uh, we doubt that “someone is just trying to get paid” if in both instances the restaurants apologized and claimed responsibility….ugh. I can’t believe the waiter just broke out without initially telling the mother what was in the cup! What if she hadn’t of asked? Why did she have to go to the Manager on this? SMH!

      I agree, check the drinks now…apparently idiots are in high demand at these restaurants…

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    All of these large chain resturants should employ a new standard when serving any drinks to minors and just get those individual drink containers and have them be opened served at the table in front of the parents. If you order a bottled water, they bring it to you sealed, so why not do the same w/juice? But until that is done, parents need to take a sip of thier kid’s drink first as a safety measure.

  • these are all suspect

    Something is wrong with this picture!

  • shae

    The waiter noticed it was the wrong drink not the parents. We got to do better

  • marie

    Craziness!!! I think they should revoke restaurants liquor licenses when this happens…clearly children’s (i.e toddler’s) drinks are served in small cups clearly specified for kids. There is no reason why whom ever is working the bar area should confuse that cup & put sangria in it…SMH!

  • missy

    To all the people with the “how could this happen” comments, I work in a restaurant and it happens more often than you think. Most restaurants dont have fresh orange juice, fresh lemonade, or rita in cans. We have to make it on the daily, sometimes multiple times a day. After it is made, they are put in squeeze bottles behind the bar that are labled with what’s inside them. It is the bartender’s responsibility to make sure that they put the right thing in the right bottle. Rita and Lemonade look EXACTLY alike when put next to each other. As well as orange juice and tropical mixers. It is the server’s responsibility to make sure they are checking their ticket and grabbing the right drink. It’s the parents responsibility to check whatever is being given to their child. In no way am I excusing the restaurant or blaming the mother, just explaining how it could have happened. I’m sure it was an honest mistake. The bartenders and servers don’t have time to taste/smell every
    single drink they make, especially on a busy shift. So to be on the safe side, check all drinks that have to come from the bar before you give them to your kids!

  • monique



    I don’t like it when white people act like island Ricans it makes me uncomfortable.

  • seriously?

    I can tell you how it happened. The ppl probably ordered orange juice for the kid. (I work at an OG)…

    Tropical Sangria and OJ are very close in color and we keep them in identical containers but they have different colored lids. If you’ve got slowbutts behind the bar they mix the lids up and the sangria can end up in the wrong container.

    Now, I’m not defending, I’m just explaining. They should have caught it long before it got to the table…it’s happened at my location but I’ve never seen it actually get to the table before somebody noticed something was off..

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the servers fault it’s the bartenders. It’s the bartenders responsibility to give the server the orange juice. The oj is right next to lemonade sour mix and sangria. So it’s not the severs fault. I would no I work at olive garden.

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Those idiot waiters/servers need to SLOW DOWN & PAY ATTENTION & it will stop. I do think they should be fined or something, they won’t really take it seriously if you don’t take it to court.

  • seriously?

    The servers would slow down if we didn’t have people acting like the world revolved around them and their food when they come in. People have no respect and expect us to make stuff magically appear immediately after they ask.

    And calling us idiots is extremely rude. The majority of us are college students just trying to make ends meet while we’re in school. And the ones that aren’t students are honest people just trying to make a living. We deal with people from all walks of life and their crap on a daily basis to support ourselves, and it’s not easy work. Mistakes happen, yes somebody should be reprimanded for it, but that was uncalled for.

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