Way to Teach Ashley Judd a Lesson! Now, How Are We Better For It?

- By Bossip Staff

It is painful to watch thousands of black women commit suicide everyday. I’m not talking about the quick, shoot yourself, or take some pills kind of suicide; I mean the slow, agonizing death that comes with allowing ourselves to be degraded, objectified, used and abused, then fighting so hard against our own best interest for the sake of members of our own race that mean us no good.

I’m speaking in this case about the majority of hip hop (c)rap music that poisons us with every line that says some black girl is a whore, b*tch, trick, sperm receptacle or nappy head. Our souls are stomped upon with every lyric that says dark girls are ugly, light-skin is superior, and thugs are the best that we can get because we’re worthless pieces of trash. And this isn’t said by white people. It’s coming from black men–our supposed brothers in the struggle, and justified by the music media machine, the NAACP and worst of all, we black women support it every day, every minute, and every weekend when we drop it like it’s hot to Lil Wayne, et al.

And if ANYONE DARE speak up against it–especially a white chick like Ashley Judd–that person gets pimp-slapped into apologizing for telling the damn truth. In just two lines of her book, All That Is Bitter & Sweet, she says “As far as I’m concerned, most rap and hip-hop music — with its rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as ‘ho’s’ — is the contemporary soundtrack of misogyny.”

Exactly what part of that statement is NOT true? What part of rap/rape culture actually makes black women feel worth a dang?

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    i didn’t say she was wrong but what she was wrong for was that apology…so not needed!

    • chaka1

      Agreed. The issue gets me very heated.

    • Getem

      I think this was the one time a white person didn’t need to apologize. Everything she stated was nothing but the truth.

    • niinacni8

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  • Daniel

    Preach, and if you notice there aren’t many comments on this and there won’t be…

    • super steph!

      @mac … she wasnt attacking black people, she was attacking MAINSTREAM hip hop. if you claim that as the sole culture of all black people, there is something seriously wrong with you (who’s generalizing here???). and you may want to look up the definition of misogynist. im sure she wrote things about other types of misogyny in pop culture in her book but why would a black site post that?

  • Shame

    Say it sister! I’ve never read the book by the way. ;D

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    *clap clap clap*

  • BayouSwampMan

    Everyone should take some of the blame for this. I as a Black male hate to see these girls degrade themselves & i dispise the men even worse for what they do to them.


    But yet Black Women will still tune into trash like Basketball Wives,Love & Hip Hop,Bad Girls Club and whatever other garbage that portrays them in a negative light.Young black Women will support the most negative and misogynistic music and imagery there is,and when called out on it,will protest like there is no tomorrow.

    • theBlackPocahontas

      last time I checked it’s two latin chicks on Love n Hip Hop

      I’m just sayin. Just because most rappers are black doesn’t mean that their only target is black women. They are talking about women in general that they deem are these things

  • 1king

    You are such a dog. Your probably not black. Just some loser racist thats plain bored. If your black you should be ashamed of your self for that statement you jus made. You make black babies idiot. You have the ability to make black sons dummie. So all that you said will be held against your kids by some stupid azz person just like you. So think about it when they go thru it and think back to that statement.

  • JustMyTwo

    My children are BIRACIAL and both are GIRLS. They are raised to embrace both sides of their culture. You couldn’t pay me to bring a black male into this world. As long as their father is non-black they won’t be black.

  • Dread

    Love to chop that down show her what I’ve learned from the rap culture over the yrs..

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    White people are responsible for rap music? O.K. I will take credit for jazz too. Quit stealing our music.

  • Forreals

    Good article! Ashley did nuthin but tell the truth n I’m pis sed off that she apologized. It’s time for blacks to see that (c)rap culture for what it iz n it iz destroying the black community. Ashley was rite n I’m sick of ninjas who would rather hate on the messenger instead of seeing the message. Y’all ninjas did the same thing to Bill Cosby who iz black n Barry O who iz biracial. The race of the messenger don’t matter to y’all ninjas. Y’all just hate to hear the truth.

  • http://patpsimon@yahoo.com Steelcitychick

    Ms. Judd speaks the truth….when are we as a black community gonna stand up for ourselves, like she has for us?…This women has done so much for minority women, here and abroad….I wish black women would actually give a f*ck about what these rap lyrics are about before running to the nearest store to buy that CD!…..Sheesh..Thank You Ms. Judd for putting the truth out there!

  • Pandora575

    It’s unfortunate but her statements are true. I was just saying the same thing the other day. I can barely listen to the radio, anymore. Hip Hop may be financed by white men but that doesn’t take away from the fact that black men are the face of the music and they make the choice to perform/write the lyrics in the songs. It’s really sad that they choose to perpetuate the stereotypes of black women for a dollar instead of using the power they have to make a positive difference in our community. And, I really wish people would stop supporting it because that’s the only reason it’s allowed to continue.

  • Bama Nygga- watermelon, fried chicken, 40's, fat bytches and BET is all a nygga needs, fukk a book!

    yall aint taught ashley shyt, all you did was give her $2,000,000 worth of free publicity for her book.

  • LynnFrederick

    My 8 y/o daughter refused to let her brother 5 y/o use her laptop. He likes to play Nick Jr games. This has been going on for about a year. We talk to her about the importance of sharing, about looking after her younger brother, do unto other all that stuff. Now I could set down a rule and make her share but this would not correct the behavior which is really what I want to change…so i’m giving it some time. I start to notice little changes like she will give him the laptop but her has to play outside her door ..just little stuff so she can maintain control over the laptop. I understand where she is coming from because he is after all 5. My point you ask How do you have a grown folks conversation with a bunch of kids.

  • Janay

    Thank you thank you thank you! My whole point. Black women support this genre of music. The creators of this music pride themselves on either of the two: 1. Not being seen with us but seen with a woman way lighter than us or a diluted version of us. 2. Degrading, sexualixing, oppressing us. what example are we setting for our kids when we have become so pa$$ive that this music is considered acceptable, mainstream and worth defending? Rap has become such a money making machine and superpower that many sources of power are afraid to speak out against it. After all, who is going to call out Wayne? Sadly, there should be a black man to check another black man. But theres not. And you have some men who love to see the degradation in rap because the music empowers men and gives them confidence that they can do what rappers do or attain what they have while simultaneously oppressing women and keeping them powerless and inferior. Black women are again left to fend themselves from this music. We have to have unity and boycotts oppressive music and uplift positive hip hop.

  • Janay

    If you’re an 80s baby or later you pretty much can not deny hip hop as a pivotal role in your life and musical choices. But it has to get to a point where you think beyond self gratification you get from a melody or beat. I love rap but I have made my own personal decision to not listen to certain rappers when they come on the radio or tv. And def I will not go to their shows. They won’t get a dime of my money if they have made it blatantly clear that they don’t give a dam about me. If more women did this We could see some changes.

  • WithAllHonesty

    I agree. There is no way in hell Black people, especially Black women, should be supporting some of todays Hip Hop acts.

  • keebler mf elf

    the white lie that black men

  • Soul Touch

    And This Chick is always making it about black men vs. black women. Let’s face it, the lyrics never get race specific they get character specific.

  • Soul Touch

    I get where you are coming from…after all, what is the face of corporate america? Exactly. Those people that are snickering at our downfall continue to do so…they push the artist and refuse to sign those that follow their mission. Again I ask, what is the face? Exactly.

    So, spare me on this BS. I’m not mad a Ashley Judd but let’s face it…rock and roll/grudge is not all about lifting up the woman.

    And in regards to feminism…bit us in the as.s.

  • Imboredwithmylife

    Ok, ok, ok. I’ve got the answer.

    Ashley is always going to Kentucky basketball games. And so she saw all of that black meat and got ticked cause she COULD NOT GET IT!

    Case solved! This craka is irrelevant!

  • Soul Touch

    I agree *clap* *clap* *clap*

    And yes, Madame is one in the same…she makes it her mission to pin black women against black men so it’s only natural she would make it a ‘black woman’ issue. Did Emenim talk about disposing of his wife’s body? I mean really.

  • Janay

    Wow I just don’t know why people are so mad at her for saying it. its very suspect. But I do agree with her that this seems to rub many men the wrong way when women discuss a boycott of this music due to its degradation of black women. Do you black men care that its hurtful to black women? Please answer. It’s a little odd in my opinion. And its a little pathetic if any real women who get offender by this.

  • LolaFloRida

    Ms. Judd is entitled to her opinion… In my opinion, Ms. Judd is ill-informed and ignorant for generalizing a complete genre. Her remarks were more harmful than helpful and she was right to apologize. If she’s going to tell the “rap story” then she should at least tell the whole story!

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