Beyonce And Her Cakes Bent Over For Her New Video

- By Bossip Staff

BeyBey and her bootylicious cakes were all bent over in the sand while shooting her new video “Til the End of The World”

We know you’ve seen enough of these photos, but here’s a few more to tease the stans a bit…


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    whatever, i like bey but im worried about this new album concept.

    • parris

      me too!

    • Saralove

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  • ebonyblonde

    She’s beautiful. Always will be. I seriously cannot wait. I hope this song gets leaked.

  • Real Issh

    Cool Breeze , Fuqk u b*tch . U r impressed , that’s why ur commenting . She is thee QUEEN , that’s the difference . & she needs to release this shyt .

    • Mic

      Hey what’s up with the homophobia??? Can’t you get him told without going there. You are so ignorant and evil. And you would be hopping mad if someone dogged you out because of your color, or anything else. Get a clue b***h!

  • Truth Teller

    I think these are photoshopped (and they still look bad) as those pix from yesterday were REAL and her arze was looking TERRIBLE!

  • Truth Teller

    That wig/weave looks awful, what is wrong with her and Tina?

    • sam

      That’s what I was thinking! lol

  • Matix B

    You may not call her Bootylicious any more, as she clearly has no shape minus her padding. Carry on.

    • Cool Breeze

      Finally somebody who knows something. I’ve been saying that to this fruitcake uptop. She is all hips, (wide but no azz-a-tall) so thanks for not believing the hype.

    • Matix B

      She’s a pretty girl, but that fact doesn’t make me “stan” for her like most people. I like artists for their talent not their looks, and she borrowed most of her talent and her looks are all smoke and mirrors. Everyone should buy 21 by Adele…it’s the BOMB!!

    • Matix B

      Umm STUPID YOU: Can you please blog to me in English, as I have no idea what point you are trying to convey. Thank you, carry on.

    • Matix B

      And why would I know anything about booty pads??? Do a Google search if you are interested! Carry on.

  • pmac

    lookin’ a lil flat there….camel be sitting on you?!?!

  • Royal Chocolate

    I don’t know…the azz resembles the flatness of a biscuit.

  • 1FoxyGeek

    Oh man I was soooo hoping she’d lose the blond and go with the black hair. Blond wigs are tired. I also was hoping that she’d have a more sophisticated & mature look since leaving behind the sasha fierce alter ego.

  • Soul Touch

    Pretty much. Most don’t own what they flaunt. Most are just self-proclaimed gangsta. Most have wives and children at home. It’s like acting, playing a role that pays.

  • Daisy Jay

    I could care less about what her body looks like.

    She is a singer. She sings.

    What does that mean folks?

    LISTEN to her! Singers SING, they don’t MODEL! All that matters is her SONG that you have to LISTEN to! Not very complex.


    i do hope that somewhere down the road (in the near future. please. GOD.) she reinvents herself. it would be refreshing, for sure. hey, tina did it and her fans (myself included), loved her for it.
    i’m afraid if bey doesn’t, she’ll become a parody of herself…kinda like charo or dolly. 😆

  • I Do It X10

    I really hope this turns out to be a good song. Although I’m not a Stan I really like Bey but I have a feeling that as she gets older the age group that she targets just won’t get her music or be into it. I am the same age as beyonce and I haven’t bought one of her albums since dangerously inlove. Pop music is not my thing and she has deffently gone that route. CAN WE PLEASE BRING BACK SOME GOOD R&B. I know she wants that worldly appeal (and money) but her music just doesn’t do anything for me anymore let’s hope she tones it down some one day.

    • clinique

      Thank you! Ever since she went pop I stopped listening to her.

  • jdmann

    The lord is my Shepard I see what I wants get between those legs for a hour or 2.


  • strawberry

    It’s like she never left the scene. She didn’t even change her look not one bit….Whatever happen to being creative. She has that same tired azz look as before. She looks awful in this pic. She looks old and tired. She looks like somebody’s mom. Damn! I couldn’t wait for her next CD either….I thought I was going to see smt way different than before. Why is she so damn scared to let go of that blond wig…what’s up wit the texture of the looks dirty….she look musty….I’m done.

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