Rumor Control: Teyana Taylor Denies Beating A Beeitch Down Over Chris Brown

- By Bossip Staff

Teyana Taylor took to Twitter yesterday to claim she is innocent of allegations she beat the dogsh*t out of a broad who was talking isht about her “brother” Breezy.

TMZ reported that the young entertainer was wanted for questioning by police after allegedly attacking a young woman at a Burbank recording studio after she made a comment about Brown.

Taylor reportedly fled the scene before police arrived but according to her, she’s being accused of something she didn’t do.

SMH. Now how are you gonna deny being a criminal in the same breath that you promote your next film — a Tyler Perry production at that?

You better be telling the truth ‘Yana, God don’t like liars.

Do you believe her?

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  • JaZzIe91

    I already knew this wasn’t true. Haters are always trying to bring someone down. And people on here was already convicting her as if they knew the story was 100% true. SMH

  • JaZzIe91

    ^^my point

  • Knowitall

    The use of the word winning gives it all a Charlie Sheenesque vibe.

  • kidrebelny

    She STILL hasn’t released an album, po thing gotta turn to acting to make a living….

  • Saralove

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  • Mrs. Rance

    I wonder if she has gone to the police station to clear it up since its not true.

    • Tee

      If it’s not true she have no reason to go to the police station , because she’s not wanted by the police , and she don’t need to go to police to clear up for the people who want it to be true.

  • Sa.s.sy24

    I knew this wasn’t true, if it was it would’ve been a dumb move on her part.Lol at her trying to be an actor.

  • R&B Singer

    Ok…. whatever. I don’t understand her relationship to Chris Brown. But i guess she has her reasons.

  • Chester

    Haters, last time I checked your idol was the wh0re. Rihanna has been around honey and even dresses like a damn stripper or a prostitute. Self Hatred Negros and Dog hairs please!


    I always wondered why every time I would see Chris Brown, I’d imagine him having the yuck mouth. Well this proves it. Look @ that white a.s.s tongue. You can tell he got that brussel sprout breath. Eeeew.


    and old cabbage..

  • in reality

    Im glad she didn’t do that a lady should never fight over a guy no matter who it is cb fans are crazy what’s he doing to them? Seriously?

  • TopNotchChich

    I didnt believe it anyway esp. when they said no charges had been filed

  • jb

    She need turn her seft in before be come a something else….

  • StillaPC

    man, chris brown could LITERALL lose his ish in front of her…kill a slew of japanese tourists, and admit to being Al-Qaeda and this chick would still defend him. IDK-something aint right about her… cuz that’s not being a friends, it’s just being a cheerleader.

    And I hope he’s paying her.

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