Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Toya Carter & The Family Break A Ratings Record

- By Bossip Staff

Toya Carter’s life not based on being Weezy’s ex-wife is proving to be ratings gold for BET once again.

According to a statement released by BET, her new show “Toya: A Family Affair” debuted with 1.5 million viewers, making it the highest rated returning series in BET history.

This isn’t Toya’s first time breaking a BET record: the first season of “Tiny & Toya” brought in more 3.0 million viewers, which made it the highest rated series debut in the network’s history.

…And probably means there’s a Tiny show coming at some point.

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  • MsBossip

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  • Only1me

    Mike u a hater!

  • sue

    Thats yo damn buisness

  • Mrs. Rance

    That doesn’t make any sense. It isn’t a returning series. This is the first season of the show. Networks will say anything in a press release.

    Anywho, I really like the show and wish Miss Toya and her family all the success in the world.

    • Nik

      I was thinking the same thing. Its the first season, so how is it breaking records. LOL Tiny and Toya show is different then Toya show.LOL. And to keep it real the Tiny and Toya show premiere like 3 to 4 million …so really she took a hit on the ratings.-smh

    • shae shay


  • Mrs. Rance

    Its changed a lot in 10 years. Maybe you should take another look. Did you never expect the network to evolve?

  • why


  • wisdom

    The Cosby show is not a reality anymore. Recession, single motherhood, unemployment etc. Almost every black family has a member battling drugs or disfunctional. So I think more people can relate. Just like Keesha Cole’s show. I wish Tiny could have came back.

  • Jenny T.

    I LOVED the show. Yall are nuts, this was interesting and emotional. Toya is a cutie pie.

  • JaZzIe91

    Toya’s brother Rudy is so cute. LOL

  • d

    I like her, she comes across as every day person..and I totally respect she’s never seemed to try to ride of Lil Wayne’s success…I commend her for that, what ever she does it’s her own doing…coodles to her, wishing her much success…

    • maria

      I have to disgree with you. Toya can’t get through one episode without mentioning Wayne’s name starting from Tiny and Toyas show she was always saying Wayne, Wayne, Wayne!

  • d

    I agree it was difficult to understand them, Toya, did better than all of them…that southern drawl is like whew! I’ve never been to LA, but man they difinitely have that southern thing going on….
    In the south it does not matter white/blk they have that southern drawl…trust I know…it’s like what? Excuse me? Oh, later it finally registered what they said….

  • timeless10

    Congrats to Toya. I like her, she is so cute with that southern accents. I hope her family can get it together.

  • jsilk59

    Yeah the show is amoney maker for BET but come on people what is the show about?
    it is nothing but foolishness and ignorance glorified on tv.
    Toya is ok but her family why are we interestd and why do we care about them and what they have to say.I see them same type of people everyday on my block. I guess some of you see yourselves in them and that’s why you relate. Nothing to see here I think I’ll keep it moving like I do on my block.

    • dee

      I guess what bring in viewers are famous people with drug addicted mamas. For some reason people don’t think celebrities go through the kind of stuff we see everyday.

  • bae19

    Toya’s brother Walter is very cute….dont judge me.

    • YA KNOW

      LOL Girl i was thinkin the same thing, theres something about him thats cute

    • kimlo39

      GIRL STOP !!

  • Allie

    Am i the only one who couldn’t tell her two brothers apart, i didn’t see the premier, but looking up at the picture they look just like twins

  • it is what it is...

    the comments on here are ok, but i prefer to give “a MoFo” point of view on, where pun is intended…

  • teetee

    okay, let me put my two cents in.. while this show and the like may not be MY REALITY it is another’s reality . i can’t say it’s garbage or ghetto or whatever, that’s their life story and the conditions of their hood .. so, i appreciate the mother trying to go to rehab and i appreciate them not simply OVERACTING for the cameras .. they are being real and that is good for them .. unlike the braxtons or sinbad, who are simply trying to do TOO MUCH for the cameras

    • kimlo39

      Yeah, I was feeling the same way about the Braxtons. It seems like they are too Loud. Or maybe its that TAMAR. Sinbad show is just a little corny and boring.

  • teetee

    another thing, i like how they talk in the third fourth person type ..

  • Daisy Jay

    Yeah on BET. Which means not a d@mn thing.

  • Ummm yea...ok?

    I like this show…I am sorry ppl but I think it is great that she wants her family to change/evolve and is willing to share it with the viewers…Do you Toya! You have my support…lol…

  • Real

    Do not be deceived. Toya’s ‘career’ will ALWAYS be based on her being Wayne’s ex-wife. Even if she gets so famous that people forger that she was married to Wayne … hell, she will NEVER get that famous. Everyone will always remember. Not saying that is bad. It just is what it is. Even she knows that. That’s why she keeping his name … Just like Shaunie.

  • perfectlyme

    toya is great, and i’m glad she kept wayne’s name considering they have a child from their marriage. 1st wife is the only wife. love toya!!

  • StillaPC

    that’s a cot dayumn shame.

    I wonder if Toya would be gettin this much pub if she had an angela davis afro? Damn, we just keep white washing ourselves to the ultimate. Even on this ‘urban’ website…the attractive models they feature tend to be hispanics-the less black, more tan version of the negro.

  • Mak

    There wont be a Tiny show, bc TI dont want Tiny on tv or doing anything. Thats why there’s no more Tine and Toya.

  • C-Dot

    They still got Run’s House. 🙂

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