All About The Benjamins: Club Promoters Give Diddy The Side-Eye For Demanding 45 Stacks To Host Afterparty

- By Bossip Staff

You know what they say, “scared money don’t make no money”

Diddy (a k a Sean Combs) wants cold, hard cash from a club to host the after-party for his Diddy Dirty Money tour date in New York later this month.

Sources say the rapper — who’s touring smaller venues in support of his “Last Train to Paris” release and will play the Hammerstein Ballroom on April 22 — has been asking for as much $45,000 from Manhattan clubs to host an after-party, with $25,000 payable to the artist when the venue signs on the dotted line and the rest three days before the party jumps off.

But those close to the club scene say Manhattan boites have been balking at that figure. “It’s unlikely that [a club] in New York would pay that amount,” said one top nightlife promoter.

“For that amount of money, Vegas makes sense. That’s normal for Vegas. New York doesn’t work like that.”

Sources said that Diddy’s team of promoters finally located a West Orange, NJ, venue willing to fork over the loot — but that when he heard the party wasn’t going to be in the Big Apple, he balked.

Additional items on Diddy’s rider include:

He’d also want a waitress assigned specifically to his posse, as well as 12 bottles of Ciroc vodka, 10 bottles of Moët rose Champagne, two bottles of Patron Platinum, five bottles of Hypnotiq and — we’re not sure what to make of it — ice that “must be clean.”

45 grand is a lot of money, but for what its worth there’s no telling which of Puff’s celebrity would bring with him and that could mean a big money night for any club.

Do you think that this money is too much even for a celebrity of Diddy’s status??


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  • Judah

    Puff is a global Icon. He wants to get paid for his services. Im not his biggest fan but I respect his hustle. Somebody will pay him his rate.

    • kalifa

      an artist is comparable to dog$hit when promoters stop calling them to do shows and make appearances….

      diddy is out his mind to be asking for 45k especially with that fail album and the fact that he HAS to perform to small crowds….

      he cannot fill large venues and thats a fact 😦

  • wendy

    Wow $45k is a hell of a lot of money but its diddy, people will show up from all states to party with him. The club promoter will get his money back, just pay the dude and promote the hell out of the event….

  • gigi

    Uhhh jay don’t get 45 and he want either last round of Paris album didn’t do so great so he can cancel get that type of money and also didn’t he snuff another club promoter.

  • Candid Canuck

    hell yes it alot of money.. man these club promoters stay on the stupid tip. I mean is that how y’all get down in the east? really? in toronto he would be booed. the only peeps that would show are the ginos and wannabes.. but then again it’s all about the status and prestige NOT the benji’s SMDH

  • Candid Canuck

    if you need a celebrity to rock ur party its time to choose another career.

  • Mrs. Rance

    The club owner needs to be able to make money too. Diddy or not, people are only willing to pay so much to get in a club. If he pay’s Diddy 45k, plus a 2k rider how much does he have to charge the patrons to make a profit? If the club has a capacity of 1000 people at $50 a head he would only make 50k. That’s not enough for him to pay the staff working that night. I personally wouldn’t pay $50 to be in the building with Diddy.

  • R&B Singer

    Wow. Diddy is obviously getting paid these days. These clubs make a lot of money.

  • Nana

    @Candid Canuck eerrmmm once in a while u need celebrities to rock ur the party at ur Club!

    Anyway its going DOWN in West Orange at Club 466 tonite..! Charlamagne, Angela yee n em r coming, ope I sEe diddy! Shots! Shots! Shots! Lol

  • Bama Nygga

    $45,000 to party with puffy? aww hell nah, now shortie low, silkk the shocker or BunB maybe, but puffy?

  • JayJay Growlings

    why did they expect him to say a free bottle of rose and some peanuts on the side would be good enough??
    dude is worth over 45o milli
    c’mon y’all!!

  • Sheri

    OK…LMAO@ that pic and how Puffy is looking at that dollar bill in his hand…like…”I haven’t seen a dollar in a long time…WTF is this?”

    • kalifa

      🙂 exactly!!!! 🙂

  • really?

    nope. puff lives in ny and you’ll have more interaction running into him on the street than in a club. he will be secluded behind a velvet rope with armed security. you will NOT party WITH puff at a nyc club and ny’ers know this. he will not get $45k in ny.

  • Truth

    I think someone will pay it. Not a promoter, this will have to be an marketing investment for a club to say they hosted a party with Diddy.

    That’s the only way he’s getting $45K.

  • Truth

    Or a club and a promoter would split the costs.

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