Bolitics: Uncle Luke Comin’! To Miami-Dade’s Mayoral Race…

- By Bossip Staff

After decades of influencing Miami’s young to “pop that thang baby!” Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell is making good on previous comments that he’d consider running for Mayor of Miami.

Campbell is one of nearly a dozen people who indicated they want to be Miami-Dade’s next mayor by filing the necessary paperwork to be placed on the May 24th special election ballot. The mayoral seat was left vacant after a March 15 recall election where 88 percent of voters said then Mayor Carlos Alvarez should be removed from office. The deadline to file was 5 p.m. Tuesday April 12th.

According to CBS reports:

Before filing his paperwork, Campbell addressed a group in Miami Beach.

“My major hurdle is people taking me seriously, a lot of people think this is a joke,” Campbell told the crowd who swore he’s serious about the mayor’s job. “I call it a banana republic and I’m serious about it. You look at the commission and they make their own rules as they go, regardless of what the county attorney says, they make their own rules, just do what they want. They have no respect for the people.”

Hmmm… “they make their own rules, just do what they want.” Sounds like someone else we know!

Here’s an excerpt from a press release Campbell issued yesterday:

Although many ask if he is serious, there is nothing funny about the issues that Miami-Dade County faces and Luther Campbell is extremely serious about the revitalization of Miami-Dade County. His platform focuses on four important issues: Economic Development, Public Safety, Community Revitalization and Affordable Housing. Campbell believes that Miami-Dade County government has a responsibility to ensure that every citizen has access to safe and affordable housing. He believes that it is important to restore public trust, build stronger bonds between law enforcement and community and enhance current public safety and crime prevention programs.

Additionally, in order to promote economic development, Campbell supports responsible growth and development, small business expansion, attraction of new businesses, generating new revenue sources for our county and job creation. Finally, if elected, Campbell will take the opportunity to enrich our landscape by refocusing, restructuring and rebuilding to achieve the ‘highest and best use’ of our commercial and residential resources by enhancing the “look and feel” of our neighborhoods and improving the visual impression of our county and instilling a sense of community and neighborhood pride.

If elected, will Luther Campbell be remembered for “Changin’ The Game”? Or will he leave the people of Miami-Dade “Scarred”???

Would you vote for Luke Skywalker?

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  • Judah

    Luke has a sincere love for his city. Its all through his music, tv shows, and his interviews I have heard before he stated he was going to run. I think it is refreshing to have someone love who sincerely wants to better his community.

    • chaka1

      Luke should run for Mayor of Miami Gardens…

      Dade County is a corrupt mess and way over his head…

  • Robert

    I would not elect that man to run a garbage truck route.

    • AMBER

      i agree. theres something hood about him.

  • wendy

    Is this article a joke? Hmm I’m glad he turned his life around but I really don’t see people voting him in as the mayor…

  • Nana

    Damn @Robert that was a little HARSH….! Smh and LOL

  • YokoDMV

    once again my mom is always right….this why you still have to be careful what you do when you’re young..i dunno if people can take him seriously..i can already imagine the smear campaign commercials with booty cheeks everywhere *shudder*

  • JayJay Growlings

    arnold schwar-whatever has set the stage for all idiots to run for office. smh. i hope californians are happy with their stupidity!!!

  • nikki

    lol go ahead Uncle Luke …. It’s your birthday get busy….. Pop that pu*#y pop pop that p*#y… Bend on over n touch them toes lol

  • sir nose devoid of funk

    face down, azz up, thats the way we like to fk . . . . will be his campaign rally chant.

  • italian kid

    Only hood nikkas and bytches would ever vote for somebody like this nig.

    • ladybug

      like uhmm for instance…your mother! Don’t dish out what you can’t take!

  • MsBossip

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • sha

    meh…stranger things have happened…

  • Ophelia

    He can’t be any worse than the crooks currently in city hall!

  • wisdom

    Lol….I can’t take anyone who used to rap “pop that coochie baby, pop that coochie baby” seriously. Stick to what you know. Open a chain of strip clubs or have a strip tour.. be the next black Hue Hefner or something…lol.

  • Boo Boo Boy

    Rap game, crack game, Mack game, Luke got it, a bonifide hustler from the day, this field of work is perfect for him, a higher level of crookery, Go head uncle Luke,

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