Swirly Matrimony-Dom: Tamera Mowry And Fiancé Have A Pre-Marriage Photo Shoot

- By Bossip Staff

Tamera Mowry and her fiancé Adam Housley had a lil photo shoot in preparation for their upcoming nuptials. Despite all the rumors that Tamera’s family isn’t feeling ole boy, they still look in love and happy!

Congrats to them and peep more photos below:

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

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  • http://yahoo enough said

    So beautiful… god bless them

    • Truth

      She did a her homework properly.

    • loveyou1314``

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    • http://www.swirlsociety.com swirlsociety

      they look very happy together so good for them

  • bre

    man i loved sister sister back in the day!

    • AMBER

      lets be real. her man aint cute, but im glad she found love and happiness.

    • zenmeister


  • Nana

    Soooo Corny!

    • Daylite

      No,not corny Nana. See outside of the ghetto this is what couples do when they get married.

    • StillaPC

      LMBO@ Daylight! that had me rolling.

      Honestly, I just hope Tamera knows what she’s doing..because I think marriage should be forever. And I’d hate for her to just marry this dude because her sister got married and she doesn’t feel like she has any other options.

      But if this is really the guy for her, then the best to them. I am always leery of people who are 100% liberal or conservative (Politically)…plus, is he even a Christian?

  • Keep it Real

    If White, Hispanic & Asian ballers pursued, whined & dined single black women, 9 out of 10 of them would drop the draws, FACT! The few black women who are being pursued by non black men are taking advantage of some of those opportunities most of them are under 140/150 pounds, no kids & have no ghetto tendencies. The only reason Black women are complaining about black men dating non black women is because they are not being pursued by men of other races. The loudest complainers are 200+ pounders running around talking about they date black men exclusively. No shyt 😆 Black women are no more OR LESS loyal than women of other races. They just have less options. Step your game up ladies. It’s 2011. Anyone who wants to deny someone they don’t know love because of race does not deserve love.

    • bishop

      Totally agree. The good black women like Tamera Mowry aren’t checking for black men, only the overweight, can’t get a date outside her race, ghetto birds are the ones checking for us. Unless you’re a baller forget it. Women out here don’t know what they want from a black man, but what it really comes down to is money. Brothers do you, and look outside of your race…

      On another note…Latinas aren’t my thing. They more confused than us. I’ll date a Indian woman before I date a latina.

    • On Point

      I agree, i am a black woman who is in shape(i am a gym rat and a good college student, honestly, who cares what men are dating who, I am about doing doing me right now, my bf is white so who cares. The only people who complain about what everybody else is doing are the ones who do not have options themselves.

    • Hollywood Diva

      So it sounds like your saying the only type of black women that prefer black men are unattractive so they cant date out so in a way black men cant even get the attractive women of there own race as well as white women

  • YokoDMV

    super cute!!

  • http://http//www.bossip.com Maria Mierdos

    ^^^^^ Uh dude, please quit acting like black men are such a catch. Black men drool after me just because I’m a Latina so desperate to be different. I date few of U anyways cause most of have nothing going for yourselves.

    Anyways these pictures don’t seem genuine. When’s the wedding?

    • I'm ze true silver hare

      Maria! that was not nice! lol apologize. Anywho, for one I looove my black men, love them to death, I plan on marrying a black man. Oh and I am not overweight..I don’t really know how being overweight equates to only liking black men. I play college volleyball, I’m 19, 5’9″, and I would like to think I’m intelligent, and I still like black men.
      Maria I really love that name. One of my best friends from high school was Maria, I love saying her name. What nationality are you?

  • http://www.aol.com Ben

    Keep it Real get some pride and a reality check.There is no need to spew hate on black women because you are bitter.
    The fact is that black women with white partners are able to do what black men with white women cannot and that is have long term stable marriages.Stop talking rubbish it is black men who need to step there game up stay in school, to to college, get a solid education, stay out of gangs and stay out of prison.It is easier to attack the black women because it is harder to take on a racist society but there is no need to put down the sisters to feel better about yourself.If you actually knew anything you would know that most sisters are not ghetto but professional and with a better educational standard than the bruthas.


      Same tired a$$ stats from an unofficial source I see, I guess you missed the report of why these relationship last slightly longer huh?? Because they are more likely to occur later in life for Black Woman/ White Man marriages

      and according to the Department of Education, 83% of Black females above age 25 dont possess a degree, 85 % of black males above age 25 dont possess a degree, when nearly 80 plus percent of a population dont own a degree its not time to start celebrating because one is slightly ahead of other, especially when the ones claiming to be doing the dayum thing have more people in their population percentage, ie; more women than men

      black man hating at its finest

    • Nicci007

      Couldn’t have said it better myself @ BEn– I was just reading the comments thinking to myself how did this turn to an anti-black woman convo?? lol I’m an educated, cute single multi-racial/black chick and I have dated the rainbow and have enjoyed it. It’s doubtful that I’ll end up with a black man just because of the ignorance that I see with black guys these days. If you find a black guy that’s educated chances are his mind is so f’d up he doesn’t want to date a black chick anyway, or has issues with skin tone, etc. I’m going where I am loved and where I can be fulfilled intellectually, emotionally and physically–simultaneously. Black guys don’t qualify like they used to. Oh and btw- for people on here who want to bash Black women, let’s be real here, white men have been checking us out since the beginning of time. Lets not forget Venus Hottentot or Sally Hemmings. #keepitrealsaturdays

  • http://www.bossip.com Maria Mierdos

    I know we Latinos have our own set up problems, but our men don’t bash us publically like black men. We will be the majority soon and our culture will reign. The black male prison population is a bigger problem than black womens’ weight. Girl power as Beyonce says. I get a good laugh at all of U everyday though.

    • bishop

      Bash you pubically where. If Latinos had the same interesting public forums as blacks or whites we would be reading of the same bashing. Just because we don’t read it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I can’t name you one public latino forum, but yet still you’re on a black one. Point made.

      Worry about that body count piling up south of the border.

    • WithAllHonesty

      LMAO you think Latinos will reign over USA you must be kidding. Population means nothing without power which is garnered through education, wealth, owning land, and achieving political power. Many of you refuse to learn English, many of you work minimum wage or below, most you rent, and the majority of you can’t vote or aren’t US citizens.

      Sorry to break it to you 😉

    • jm@gic

      As far as the constant Swirl use they know what there doing because they know blacks love ignorance and are attracted to foolishness,and who cares if Latinos will be the majority,when half of you cant read or speaka no inglis,or all illegal citizens

  • WithAllHonesty

    He or she is the biggest hypocrite. At least BoomBoomRoom goes in on both, but men more.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER Blaam Blaaam slavemaster!!

    Go back to school and study the cience of melanin, I bet that “half wht” shyt would be erased.

  • listen

    Tia and Tamara are really beautiful girls!

  • http://www.bossip.com Maria Mierdos

    That’s a Mexican problem and I’m not. Our CULTURE will reign. U ever heard of Lossip? Just because U don’t know any sites doesn’t mean they are not out there. Black men worship us the same reason some black women are intimidated by us: Our light skin, no naps, and we have butt. Out of all Diddy’s women, he only proposed to J.lo, who left him.

    • WithAllHonesty

      Yet you guys are the ones who are seen and NOT heard. You really think the U.S. could give a fvck about Latinos outside of the cheap labor and outside the Mexican population. Better learn the social ladder.

      As far as preferences are concerned Black men prefer Black women and White women for that all mighty “status” and it was once considered taboo. We smash and dash latinas, what use are most of you which is why your own men treat you like garbage LMAO. Diddy and many NY and FL Black men are the only ones stuck on stupid for Latinas.

    • bishop

      And Ben Affleck left J lo kicking rocks at the alter looking salty.

    • http://bossip GAT TURNER Blaam Blaaam slavemaster!!

      wtf LOL, SO LET ME GET THIS STR8……aLL BEAUTIFUL COLORS COME FROM BLACK…..You just entertained the thought of your LIGHT skin being more beautiful than BLACK skin?!?!? Melanin my dear is what is in your MOTHERS WOMB, while God is fashioning your genetics to match hers. OH! MELANIN is what makes BLACK peoples skin DARK. LOL, i don’t mean to go over your head, I’m Just confused as to how could you be so agianst that in which plays a big role in your EXISTENCE, or maybe your Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy is a bit rusty? All I am sayen is….show respect to your Mother Afrika, where all CIVILIZATION comes from 🙂 You dislike anything of BLACKNESS……….you dislike the EXACT NECESSARY ingrident in which ables you to LIVE….BLACK MELANIN.

      Now go sit down, and PONDER HARD very hard on what you can contribute to the UNIFICATION of the BLACK n BROWN people all over the WORLD! Brown may have the biggest population…..But Iam the TRUE CHILD OF ISREAL, IN WHICH YU READ IN YOUR BOOK AND THAT GOD IS COMING TO GET!

    • Cindy

      The day is not even over and hands down GAt “Turner” has the best comment!!!

      As for Maria?…You might as well forget it, your speaking to the wind.The main agenda is to be in favor of white society. As person of colour we have so much more power…its all in the state of mind!

    • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

      Oooh Gat told you! You got served with a side of Manna!! 😛

    • I love love an Asian Man

      Carlos Santana ex-wife and current wife were African American with natural hair….

  • thesaneone

    cute pics! no comment on all the ignorant posts!

    • bishop

      You just did. Ignoramus!

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Half white, half black, full black, full white—WHO CARES?!!! They are in love and thats a beautiful thing!

  • bishop

    Oh please, you’re hater, no matter how much you try to hide it!

    You call calling black women out on their hypocrital behaviour insulting..please. The only thing the men on this post spoke about is black women’s hypocritical behaviour, and you have issues with us doing that. Typical woman response, can dish it out, but can’t take it.

    btw..People like Maria and pale latina don’t give eff about black women.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Can’t two people who are in love and happy enjoy thier lives w/it turning into a race issue? Love and marriage should be celebrated!

  • realwoman

    Hi BEN!!! Good post!

    As for this young lady? Ehhh? She is half white so if she dates/marries a white man I could really care less. Never thought she or her sister were attractive but they were pretty good at that sitcom acting I guess. Good luck to them.

  • realwoman

    Ben I truly believe that most of these posters who bash black women aren’t really black. WHY? Well I have never EVER met a Black man who felt like them in my life? Most Black men know that if they insult the women of their race they are insulting themself! I’ve never met a Black person who hated themself as much as these ‘brothers’ lol

    • Cindy

      These trolls can’t be be put into the same sentence as black man…that is an insult!
      No real man bottom line has time to go back and forth with women on a gossip site. Most men I know would ignore an annoying chick. You can tell the difference between a male blogger and a troll. My guy friends would punck these type of dudes for just that alone!!

    • Cindy

      As expected, the comments have steered of the topic *giggles and SMH*. I am elated to see that Tamera has found some one who makes her happy!! Congrats : )!

      keisha knight pulliam and even baller crazy Kim Kardashian…ladies your next!!

  • Hollywood Diva

    Hmmm Latina Women have alot of the same problems as black women my husband has a purtorican homeboy thats married to a white women we had them over for dinner one night and they were telling us how they met and the dude just went into this rant about how he always knew he would marry a white girl cause purtorican women ain’t ish and they don’t clean and just wanna pop out babies etc the dude sounded crazy and his wife just sat there with this nervous smile. I realized then that black women aren’t the only ones

  • Loveislove

    I believe it goes a little something like this. White, Hispanic then black women. At least that is what I’ve noticed.. I am Latina and yeah it’s true black men do find us attractive just like with any other women. If you got a nice body, nice hair, etc.. then yeah he will like you regardless of color come on they’re MEN!! I think we are giving way to much attention on black men and what they want I mean damn! from all colors of women on this post seem to speak on what black men are attracted to Stfu.

  • Loveislove

    And if you haven’t noticed people mistaken Kim Kardashian for hispanic all the damn time and it’s that same look latina women have that black men seem to love. I know plenty of black and white men who love Puerto rican, spanish, mexican women they just have to be attractive (as well as with any other race) I think it’s the skin tone and the hair and the shape some of us have. Exotic from personal expierence I’ve only dated black men and men mixed with black because they are the ones who mainly approach me as well as a lot of my latina friends.

  • Leandra

    I think the reason black men like latinas is cause they look like fat black women with a light skin. Its strange how black men are the only men who like their women fat and un healthy and then calling her packing. Yeah! She is packing..packing a ton of lard. Nobody even care what black men really want women to look like because women get skinnier by the day. And thats exactly what black men DONT WANT. Isn’t that the white mans standerd of beauty? Hmmm

  • http://www.bossip.com Maria Mierdos

    I do not think my skin color makes me superior, but with the skin bleaching some of U certainly do. Not to mention whites tanning to get our color. Im a Hispanic white Spaniard. My fat Latina friends will keep a Guy as long as black men are around lol.

  • wendy

    Nice pictures, they look like a cute couple. Good luck to them

  • http://www.aol.com Ben

    No offence Maria but Latinos are the bottom of any list.They have very little to offer and most men I know will use them for an easy ride and then marry black women.
    I think it is because it is hard to find well educated, professional latina women who make good, hardworking, long term partners.Just saying, as you will find most back men are with black women whereas many latino men are with white women.

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